The “Soul Machine” show scheduled for this Friday at the Dog Bar has been regretfully canceled due to the critical injuries sustained by drummer and front man Neil Buckley.

Neil was leaving a gig at the Lynn Yacht Club last Saturday night when he was struck by another car.  Long time band mate and friend Joe Mac, along with the other members of Soul Machine, will be playing in his stead, as in impromptu benefit for Neil.  There will be numerous local musicians who have played with Neil over the years sitting in with Joe and Soul Machine in support of Neil and his family.  10% of all proceeds from the bar will got to Neil and his family.  Please come out and show your support for one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Popular local musician was Lynnway crash victim By Thor Jourgensen / The Daily Item

LYNN – As Neil Buckley walked out of the Lynn Yacht Club shortly before midnight last Saturday after performing there, bartender Cindy Maes told him, “You did a great job.”State Police said Buckley, a 58-year-old drummer and singer, was seriously injured minutes later when a car broadsided Buckley as he backed his van onto the Lynnway.

Buckley, of 44 High St., Marblehead, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with serious injuries following the collision and an explosion that Maes said ejected Buckley from the van.

“There was fire and glass flying everywhere. His car was totally in flames,” Maes said.

She said she handed Yacht Club member John Perry a fire extinguisher and Perry ran out to the roadway and sprayed fire retardant on Buckley.

“John was fabulous. If there was a hero, it was him,” she said.

Ronald McNeil heard the crash and the explosion and ran out of the Lynnway home he shares with his mother and went to the aid of the people in the vehicle that police said collided with Buckley’s van. His mother, Deborah, said her 17-year-old son pulled a woman from the Acura sedan after cutting her free from her seat belt.

“He was very scared,” Deborah McNeil said, “The heat was so intense he couldn’t believe it.”

State Police spokesman David Procopio identified the driver of the Acura sedan as Daniel E. Murillo-Robles, 21, of East Boston. Murillo-Robles was taken to Salem Hospital with serious injuries.

“Criminal charges against Murillo-Robles are possible,” Procopio wrote in an electronic mail statement on Monday.

Buckley is a well-known North Shore musician who has played with and taught fellow musicians for years, said Maes and friends like Victor Fitzgerald.

“He’s a great guy, an incredible musician. He’s been in 100 bands. He’s been down to Nashville,” said Fitzgerald, a Lynn resident who said Buckley’s skills include playing the drums and singing while standing up.

Porthole Pub General Manager Brian Gaudet said Buckley plays with other musicians in the Lynnway restaurant and bar every other month and was scheduled to perform at the Porthole in November. Buckley played last week at the Porthole and Maes said his appearance at the Lynn Yacht Club on Saturday with fellow Soul Machine band members was part of an evening marking the end of the club’s boating season.

“He is a great guy: He lived to do what he was doing,” said Porthole owner Robert Gaudet.

Fitzgerald said he spoke to Buckley about three months ago when Buckley invited him to stay temporarily in his Marblehead home.

From Dr. Nicole

I hope some fellow GMG fans can join us this Saturday in honor of my dear local friend and teacher Richard Boulter who sustained a life threatening spinal cord injury this past winter.  So much of the healer that I am today is because of his guidance and support. It is this Saturday at the St Peter’s Club from 7pm-midnight.  There will be music, food, raffles and a silent auction.  Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door.  Contact
Angela Corcoran at 617-320-9780 for more info or to reserve a ticket
Through the love of friends, family and community,  Richard is still with us and getting better every day and we are so appreciative of all fundraising support we have already received from the organizations below.    If you cannot join us but would like to make a tax
deductible donation in any amount we will gratefully pass it on.
Thanks again to everyone below for your love and help, hope to see you there!
Dr. Nicole K. Andrade
Chiropractic Family Physician, Holistic Healer, Public Speaker
p. 978.282.1191


T Max ~ Thea Hopkins ~ Dog Bar ~This Saturday

Friends, fans, and someone who mistakenly signed my list thinking it was a
petition to outlaw politicians from running for office,

I’ll be playing at the Dog Bar (61 Main St, Gloucester) on Saturday night (Oct 22, 9:00) with Thea Hopkins (accompanied by
Andy Hollinger).

Come by early for dinner–it’s a great place to eat and relax. The show is
sponsored by and The Noise—two of my favorite
music-related businesses.

Also, if you have a TV and live on Cape Ann–turn it on tonight (Monday) at 8:00 on channel 12, to
see an airing of the Rockport
Peace Festival.

T Max
PO Box 353
Gloucester MA

Janet Ruth Young, Author of The Babysitter Murders, to Read at Gloucester Bookstore Thursday October 20th

Babysitter cover

Gloucester author Janet Ruth Young will read from her novel The Babysitter Murders at The Bookstore of Gloucester, 61 Main Street, on Thursday, October 20, at 7 p.m.

The Babysitter Murders, published in July by Simon & Schuster, is a book for everyone who’s had a thought they’re afraid to say out loud. Seventeen-year-old Dani Solomon adores Alex, the little boy she babysits. But one day, Dani has a vision of harming Alex—an image so gruesome she can’t get it out of her mind. Dani becomes convinced that she may try to kill Alex. She confesses the thoughts to keep him safe, setting off a media frenzy that makes "Dani Death" the target of an extremist vigilante group.  Soon, everyone in town will have an opinion on Dani’s character, and those closest to her will have to choose loyalty or betrayal.

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly called the book a "provocative exploration of a community’s response to the mere possibility of a horrific crime" and "a realistic and disturbing look at our cultural response to mental illness."

Young has set the story in the fictional North Shore town of Hawthorne, Massachusetts. Cape Ann readers will spot variations on familiar places and events including a popular ice cream restaurant called Icey’s, a forest called Havenswood with a landmark known as Shark’s Jaw, a scandal that brings an unwanted media circus to town, and a slew of anonymous commentators who stir up trouble on the website of the town’s newspaper, The Hawthorne Beacon-Times.

For more information contact the bookstore at 978 281-1548 or go to

Janet Ruth Young Oct 2011

Can I Pass A Law?

The other day I run into someone I know and they are in a surprisingly chipper mood.

HUGE SMILE, I mean HUGE SMILE on her face.  So I ask what’s up and she tells me how she talked to the credit card company which she’d been ducking calls for months and told them that she wouldn’t be paying her bill. 

The person from the credit card company said that they would need some payment and she replied that she would pay them $8000 out of the $18,000 that she owed them OR ELSE she would file bankruptcy and they would get NOTHING.

They accepted her offer and she is going to walk away from OVER HALF of the money she borrowed.


So I asked her about her credit and wasn’t she worried that her credit would be ruined.

She turned and lifted up a stack of credit card applications telling me that she could get $100,000 in credit right there in her hands with all the credit cards that the companies are trying to give her even though they know she has horrible credit history. 

I sat there flabbergasted.

Now you can’t tell me that these credit card companies aren’t aware of the horrible credit score of my friend.  You can’t log onto the internet without some company offering you complete credit score information for like 29 cents.  It’s readily available.  This girl’s credit scores must have had a gazillion red flags.  Yet credit card companies are still willing to lend her money.

Can we pass a law that says if you can’t pay off the debt you already have and are in default for months that you are not allowed to sign up or receive more credit without putting up some hard assets to back it up?

…and a corollary law that says if you are a lending institution and you make credit available to someone who knowingly has more red ink on their credit statement than a Target Flyer then your lending institution gets ZERO an I MEAN ZERO help in a bail out.

Is this not a monumental failure to asses risk, especially given that this person’s credit scores and default information is readily available with a few strokes on a keyboard? For the cost of an $8 credit report you mean to tell me the credit card company looks at that brutal pattern of abuse of credit and are still willing to lend $20,000 on a signature?

Are these the same banks offering this credit that are going to get bailed out because they are too big to fail?


Read this-

Nice job on 20/20! I recently completed a year long collection of credit card applications. I have kept track of every offer from April 05 to April 06 and I received 141 of them. I regret not keeping more specific data but I’m attaching a couple of photos and a chart. Feel free to use this material in any manner you wish.

Yep She’s BAAAAACK- Check Out The Eurodam in Gloucester Harbor On’s Webcam RIGHT NOW!


Click to go to and see all the great Gloucester Webcams and the ones that will be coming in the next two weeks!


The Eurodam can be seen on the Cut Bridge Cam from Patty Knaggs

or on the DiscoverGloucester Dropcam-


As an aside we just heard from the 24th webcam to be featured- The Schooner Adventure

The cams should be arriving this week and Tim from will be busy installing them!

Photos from this Weekend’s Gloucester Letters To Annabelle Shoot

Producer Seng Varipath writes-

Hi Joey.  Just wanted to send you some pix I took during last weekends Letters to Annabelle shoot in Gloucester.  Thanx again for all your help and support.  Only 1 day left of shooting and it’s a wrap for LTA then it’s all Postproduction work until the end of November online premiere.

You might just recognize some of these set locations-

Cast of LTAPeek a BooRyan and Wood_2Ryan and Wood_LocationShooting at NightShooting at Night_2Teens of LTA

iPhone 4s Camera Photos From Charity Ciaramitaro

Charity writes-

Seize the day!  Recent events have reminded our family to be thankful for everyday, every minute.  It’s a difficult thought, to be able to experience great joy and beauty we must also experience great sorrow and pain.  I was having a hard time today finding that fair.  It was my 10 year old daughter that reminded me it’s not meant to be fair it just is what it is.  She said lets just go out and enjoy some beauty.  We went out to enjoy this beautiful fall day and I took the opportunity to try the camera on the 4s.  Not bad!  Charity

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4