41" striped bass fishing Gloucester MA rare top water for 2011 fall run big fish catch & release video from Brianmoc

Brian writes-

Fishing has been slow and big fish are rare to come by in the 2011 fall run. There have not been to many big fish taken from this fall run but they are around? Its still is a slow fall run but if you put your self in the right place at the right time big fish can be had in this sad fall run. the added fun was i had my friend Porter standing in my back why i was bring this fish in! yes skip its a 41 inch fish!

Beer Gut? I Got Your Answer Bro!

While searching eBay for some winter long underwear I found the answer men everywhere have been searching for since the beginning of time.  Anyone over 40 understands that as you get older it gets tougher and tougher to keep off that beer gut.

The answers to our prayers is here!  Drink away bros!  No one will know because the greatest invention of all time is right there under your nose and you probably didn’t even know about it-



Working out and staying fit is for dopes.  The same type of dopes that pay off their credit cards and mortgages!

Fuck that shit!  Drink up Bro!  You can just stock up on men’s slimming shirts and body shaper underwear.  Put it on you credit card and then stiff the credit card company- Double Win!!!!

For the low low price of $19.99 you can stock up here on eBay

Tenderloin With Fig Sauce Video With Sista Felicia On The GDT Taste of The Times


click here for the entire video and recipe

Figs are used extensively in Mediterranean and Middle East cooking. You may have heard of Italian sweets such as Fig and Ricotta Tarts, Fig and Pistachio Biscotti and of course Italian Fig Cookies. But they are also used for more savory foods, such as this Pork Tenderloin marinated in an onion and fig mixture and then served over couscous with an onion and fresh fig sauce.
If you can get them, there is nothing quite like the unique taste and texture of a fresh fig. They can be eaten whole, skin, seeds and flesh. Since fresh figs are one of the most perishable fruits, they should be purchased only a day or two in advance of when you are planning on eating them. Look for figs that have a rich, deep color and are plump and tender, but not mushy. Ripe figs should be kept in the refrigerator where they will stay fresh for about two days. California figs are available from June through September; while some European varieties are available through autumn.

You can click below to see a listing of all Felicia’s previous recipes on demand (for free!)


Support for CAP Act

Donna Gacek writes-

Hi Joe,
The interview was great! You are really amazing – do you ever sleep?
Anyway, I’m writing to say that we would appreciate your support in helping
to create awareness about the CAP Act and asking citizens to write to their
The Community Access Preservation Act (CAP Act), H.R. 1746 was introduced in
May 2011 by Congresswoman Baldwin of Wisconsin and Congressman LaTourette of
Ohio.  The passage of this Act is critical for the survival of local
Community Media Centers ­ and local communities.   Unlike public
broadcasting which receives a federal appropriation from Congress, community
media does not receive federal or state funding but relies on fees paid by
cable companies through franchise agreements.  Additionally, community media
is often the only source of local news and information in many communities.
The CAP Act responds to several immediate threats to public, educational and
governmental cable channels around the country:
It amends the Communications Act so that public, educational and
governmental access funding may be used to support basic operational costs,
including employee salaries;
It reaffirms the principles of the Communications Act that cable providers
should not discriminate, and should treat our members the same as other
local broadcast channels;
It promotes the preservation of public, educational and governmental
channels and ongoing funding from cable providers for local programming,
digital literacy training, public security and workforce development.  
Community media provides local programming and services not available by
broadcasters or cable companies.  High school basketball games, Board of
Selectman and School Committee meetings, worship services, workshops for
video production, youth programming and local news and information are
critical for our citizens.  On average, a local community media center
produces more than 1,100 hours of original local programming each year, with
some centers producing upward of 15,000 hours per year. 
Click this link to take action on this issue:
Thank you!

Cape Ann Forum on this Sunday, Oct. 23 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at City Hall

Cape Ann Forum on this Sunday, Oct. 23 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. 


The forum features internationally known sax player, author and music professor Mike Rossi for a free lecture and performance on the history of jazz in South Africa, and the controversial role it played during apartheid by bringing people of all races together despite official bans on multiracial gatherings.  The forum is co-sponsored by the North Shore Jazz Project, and also honors Mitch Cohen, a Forum founder, for his many contributions to the community with a free, catered reception immediately afterward, organized by the Cape Ann Area Therapists.

"Life In A Day" Featuring A Scene Of The Greasy Pole Today(Wednesday) and Thursday at 7:30pm At Cape Ann Community Cinema

SYNOPSIS ::: Veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott produced this ambitious look at one day in the life of Planet Earth, a dazzling 94-minute film culled from 80,000 clips comprising 4,500 hours from 140 countries. And Gloucester’s own Greasy Pole made the cut.

Gloucester Dog Park at Rockport Harvest Festival

A note from Mary Lou Maraganis of the Gloucester Dog Park and All Dog Rescue sharing her photos from Rockport Harvest Fest…

Hi Alicia,
Attached you will find pictures of the Friends of Gloucester Dog Park at our booth at the Rockport Harvest Festival.  Our 2 special guests, my foster dogs, Kobe and Zoey, both pit bull mixes stole the show.  Everyone enjoyed meeting them, learning about them, finding out more about the dog park and just talking ‘dog’.  It was a fun day.

I am sure it won’t take long for those dogs to find their forever home!


Trail Ride in Vermont

Fall Ride, South Woodstock, Vermont ©Fredrik D. Bodin
Only once have I seen fall foliage so brilliant that it was hard on my eyes. Driving north to Woodstock, Vermont, with the writer for Yankee, we preferred to keep the sunglasses on. Our destination was the Kedron Valley Inn in South Woodstock, built in 1793. The next day’s assignment was to photograph the Green Mountain Horse Association’s annual Fall Foliage Ride. This 14 mile long meandering trail ride offered great opportunities to photograph the horseback riders amidst the spectacular scenery. This is the image Yankee chose to run across two pages in the magazine.
Today, Woodstock and central Vermont are still recovering from the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. Although the Kedron Valley Inn was untouched, the Green Mountain Horse Association’s facilities were heavily damaged, and the headquarters of the Vermont Standard newspaper, located in Woodstock, were completely destroyed, In spite of this, Vermont’s oldest newspaper continues to publish. Send a little love their way and plan a vacation in beautiful Vermont.
Photographed on 35mm Kodachrome 64 transparency film. Image #FDB7835-002c
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Cindy Hendrickson Stops By The Dock With a Eurodam Tour From Israel

DSC00540Hey Joey,

Wow – what a great time we had at Joey C’s and Sons this morning.  My 18 passengers from the Eurodam came all the way to Gloucester from Israel and actually got to hold lobsters and be photographed with them!  They were good sports and loved walking everywhere; I promised to send them a copy of "The Perfect Storm" as only one person had heard of the movie.  I agree with Scott from Top Dog in Rockport.  He said, "Geez, they sound like they are speaking in French".  It was such a special treat to have them see a "real" lobster operation up close and personal and I thank you so very much for all that you do to make us proud to be from Gloucester. 

You’re the Best-Not like all the Rest!

Cindy Hendrickson

(Former runner-up Miss Low Tide 1976 as opposed to being a "Former" Wisconsin AppleFest Queen-however, thank you for posting our vacation photos on GMG)