In Case You Hadn’t Heard- It’s Cape Ann Restaurant Week 2011!!


Cape Ann Restaurant Week 2011 will feature a variety of menus from many different restaurants throughout Cape Ann.  Each participating restaurant will offer a prix fixe, three course dinner for the low price of $25.11 (price does not include beverage, tax, or gratuity).  Dinner will include an appetizer or salad, three entree choices, and dessert.  There are four days left so stop cooking and get to Cape Ann for dinner.   For restaurant and menu information, go to


Cape Ann Forum Covered By Kathy Chapman

Kathy Chapman writes-

The Cape Ann Forum hosted internationally known sax player, author and music professor Mike Rossi, for a lecture and performance on the history of jazz in South Africa at Gloucester City Hall yesterday.

The event honored the late Mitch Cohen, a Forum founder, a highly respected therapist and a founding board member of the Cape Ann Forum — for his many contributions to the community.

Photos of the event, Forum members and Mitch’s wife, Kate Seidman (below)


Kim Smith Makes Sista Felicia’s Pork Tenderloin (pics)

Kim writes-

Hi Felicia and Joey–I made your divine Pork Tenderloin with Fig sauce last night–my husband LOVED IT. Thank you!!! Served it with an herb couscous (using up remaining herbs from our garden-minced parsley, tarragon, and chives) and carmelized, pan-cooked sweet potatoes. All three recipes super, super easy and fun.

Quick question–the recipe says cook the pork for 25 minutes. I thought that seemed short for pork and had to cook ours for 45 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Also, was watching Julia Child on PBS Saturday afternoon while doing the dishes and was inspired to make her cheese souffle for dinner Saturday night. Came out perfectly and am inspired to experiment with adding fillings. Crab is a common filling–am thinking about trying lobster filling. What makes Julia so timeless is that she teaches technique–as do you!

_DSF6816Felicia's Pork Tenderloin with Fig Sauce _DSF6809

check out Kim’s blog here-

Kim Smith Designs

Caleb Clapp and the Murrays Represent

Caleb Clapp and camera shy Tracy Dixon moved to Gloucester in June from the South End.  Caleb loves the blog.  The house they moved into had a GMG sticker on it, so the prior occupants obviously did too.

Marcia and Al Murray from Peotone, IL (about 50 miles from Chicago) stopped in at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on their last day in Gloucester to get a Did You Know? Book and a sticker.  Marcia’s mom was from Gloucester and she spent many summers here growing up.  She comes back every year, and Al has been coming with her for the past 19 years.  They both love it here and are devoted FOB’s.

E.J. Lefavour

Ryan and Wood Distillery Webcam Goes Live On

Click the pic to check it out!


Ryan and Wood Distillery has set up their webcam so you can watch the distillery process live.   That’s 11 webcams live.

Also great news, is prod to announce yet another sign up- Gloucester Heritage!  So we now have 11 cams live and 16 to be installed within two weeks time!

Check them all out at


Cape Ann Figureskating Club Info

I just want to introduce our club to your news blog.  We skate out of the Talbott rink @ the O’Maley Middle School in Gloucester and @ The Pingree School in Hamilton.

We have a fantastic Learn-To-Skate Program as well as groups, clinics and private classes for all levels.  7 of our skaters, after qualifying @ the 2011 Bay State Games

traveled to San Diego to compete against athletes from across the country, they all came home with at least one medal!

Our Web site is:   and our FACEBOOK page is:

Next Saturday our skaters @ 12:00 our having a Halloween party, they are wearing their costumes and can bring a friend that can skate for free!

Let me know if I can give you anymore information about our club!!


Maryanne Askwyth

Halloween bring a friend

First Annual Magnolia Scarecrow Contest! October 30th

First Prize – $50
Second Prize – $25
Third Prize- $10
Scariest -$10
Most Inventive – $10

Judged by the Magnolia Lions Club and awarded from The Magnolia Historical Society
Bring your Scarecrow to the Magnolia Library Center on Sunday October 30 from 6-9pm.  You will receive a number. Scarecrows will be judged by members of the Magnolia Lions Club!


Scarecrows will remain as part of decorations for drop in Halloween Children’s Party at the Magnolia Library and Community Center on Halloween Night.  Magnolia Lions Club members will serve hot dogs, drinks and candy in the Jones Hall gym, decorated by The Magnolia Historical Society.

Winners will be posted at the Halloween Party!
This is a FREE EVENT and All are welcome to enter the scarecrow contest and come for the Halloween Party!

Rockport Music Bidding For Good

Hi Joey!  Can you please help Rockport Music spread the word that our online auction closes tomorrow at 5:00 but there is still time to bid! Check Out These Great Buys…
on our link to the auction page

Main Article Image

Thank you for all your help and all you do!

Judy Caulkett

Interim Development Assistant

Rockport Music

William Boyd (Bill) Watterson Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

“There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.”
William Boyd (Bill) Watterson (1932-   )


A graduate of Kenyon College with a degree in political science, Watterson was a political cartoonist and ad designer before creating his award winning comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in 1985. Named for the Protestant reformer John Calvin and the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the strip was hugely popular until 1995 when he stopped drawing it, maintaining he had said all he wanted to say. Famously reclusive, (hence no picture), he refused to allow the strip to be merchandised, and grants no interviews.

Bill Waterson had the Occupy Movement summed up decades ago in this strip-

(click for the larger version)


Off-duty Coast Guardsmen, good Samaritans rescue Gloucester fishermen

Posted: 23 Oct 2011 06:50 PM PDT

Coast Guard District 1 NewsBOSTON — Two Boston-based off-duty U.S. Coast Guardsmen on a fishing trip and good Samaritans aboard a fishing vessel rescued two Portsmouth, N.H., fishermen about 20 nautical miles east-southeast of Gloucester, Mass., Sunday.

The Coast Guard Sector Boston Command Center received a Mayday call at 9:06 a.m., from the 50-foot fishing boat Elizabeth Ann reporting their boat was on fire.

Coast Guard personnel soon lost communication with the fishing boat after smoke engulfed the pilothouse and forced the crew to evacuate the space where their marine radio was.

Two vessels in the area overheard the distress call and responded. The pleasure boat Mad Money with two Coast Guardsmen aboard, Chief Petty Officer George Bannon from the 1st Coast Guard District Command Center and Petty Officer 2nd Class Alex Waide from the Sector Boston Command Center, arrived on scene to render assistance.

“We heard the Mayday call come over the radio and we realized we weren’t too far away from them,” said Waide. “Sure enough we saw the boat about a half mile off our bow with a lot of black smoke.”

Waide said the crew was outside on the deck of the fishing vessel when they arrive due to the amount of smoke in the pilothouse.

Bannon and Waide began relaying vital information to command center personnel and passed two of their fire extinguishers to the fishing boat crew which allowed them to clear the way enough to reach their own fire extinguishers in the pilot house.

The other boat crew in the area who heard the Mayday call was the fishing vessel Lily Jean. They offered their fire extinguishers to help extinguish the fire. Bannon and Waide drove their boat approximately 800 yards to the Lily Jean and maneuvered their vessel around the boat’s lowered fishing gear to get the extra fire extinguishers to take to the Elizabeth Ann.

Using all of the fire extinguishers from the Coast Guardsmen and good Samaritans aboard the Lily Jean, the crew of the Elizabeth Ann was able to subdue the fire that originally began in the engine room.

After the fire was extinguished, a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew from Coast Guard Station Gloucester towed the Elizabeth Ann to Gloucester.

No injuries were reported.

“We were at the right place, at the right time, listening to the right channel,” said Waide. The Coast Guardsmen always leave their radio on Channel 16, the international hailing and distress channel, while out on their boat.

“We rely on good Samaritans all the time so it was nice to be on the other side and help out these fishermen,” said Bannon.

I still can’t believe J Lo married and had sex with the dude that looks like a rat




What the heck was she thinking?  I mean the guy is straight up hard to look at ugly.  Like a skinny little rat boy.

This will remain one of life’s greatest mysteries to me. 

It’s not like she didn’t have her own money.  It’s not like she had a hard time meeting men. 

Meeting Bob Potts at The Causeway Restaurant

Bob writes-

I enjoyed meeting you and Bill at Causeway, and eating my favorite bowl of fish chowder.
Those chance meetings while sitting at a bar are great.
From NM huh? Do you know Marty? You mean the guy on the dock in the fog?
Hey, you’re Joey!
Congratulations on winning the Most Valuable Blogger award.
The site is fresh and informative… thanks for all your time, energy, and
hard work.
And thanks for the GMG sticker, and Bill’s North Shore Kid info.
Thanks for making me feel so welcome in Gloucester.
Bob Potts