Lisa Ramos Represents! Down In Sanibel

Joey, I brought my GMG sticka to Sanibel last week to represent at Blind Pass.  Funny thing happened on the way back to get coffee.  I went into the Sanibel Bean shop.  They have great photos of people all over the world holding theirs too.  But then when I told the lady that I have just done the same with my Good Morning Gloucester sticka and showed it to her, and asked for a Sanibel bean bumpa sticka and I would take a pick in front of the fishermans statue for her, she could not understand what I was asking for.

Lady -"What is it you would like dear?"

Me- "A bumpa sicka"

Lady "A what?"


Lady – "what?"

Me-  pause   "Oh sorry a bumperrrr stickerrrr"

Then I got one of hers and gave her my GMG sticka.

Lisa Ramos


2 thoughts on “Lisa Ramos Represents! Down In Sanibel

  1. Just posted this on my facebook. I live on Sanibel now, but visit North at times. Fall, 2012 I am chairing a show & conference at NSAA for the ISEA ( the International Society of Experimental Artists). Can’t wait to show artists from all over the country what a real art community is like.


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