Double Bonus! Two Of Paulie Walnuts’Art Rocks! To Be Used As Free Tickets To The Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction

Dawn Gadow- Director at Art Haven Writes-

So, we’ve taken the two of Paul’s Art Rocks! he was wonderful enough to give us and we’ve hidden them, within walking distance of Art Haven.

Find one of these rocks, bring it to Art Haven next week, and you get a free ticket to the upcoming Buoy Auction fundraiser on January 28th! And, in case you didn’t see it a couple days ago – that ticket will give you a chance to win an "Art Rocks" buoy at the event. And remember, in all of this, you get to help support our after-school art programs!
The first rock is in a very artist-ey place, up on a hill with one of the best views of the harbor, and one of the coolest old houses I’ve seen on Cape Ann.
The second is in a very central downtown location, in front of a building near and dear to Maggie Rosa’s heart (as well as all of the rest of ours).
Thanks Joey and I’ll see you soon! Thanks for all you do as always!





2 thoughts on “Double Bonus! Two Of Paulie Walnuts’Art Rocks! To Be Used As Free Tickets To The Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction

  1. Not to be Vain, but….. do you think you can say maybe, Paulie “walnuts” Frontiero at least! Just because I’m of Sicilian Heritage, using a characters name from the racist TV Show the Sopranos is kind of and almost insulting! I, and my “family” has had nothing to do with any illegal activitiy that i’m aware of and would admit to. Please be careful of what you imply, or i’ll have to have your legs broken.


  2. I guess I must be out of the loop – I don’t even know who Paulie Walnuts is. However, I do know where Fitz Henry Lane’s statue is, and I trudged through the snow today with bated breath as I reached the top of the hill and realized there were no other footprints in the snow approaching the statue. These photos were obviously taken before the storm, as Paul’s paint factory Art Haven rock was well buried; but I got it! See you at the Art Haven Lobster Buoy auction.


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