Gloucester Based Ad Agency Bait and Tackle Has Entered A Couple Of Commercials Into The Superbowl Doritos Contest

Check ‘Em Out and Give Them As Many Stars As Possible!

Chad Carlberg writes-

We made a couple of commercials for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest. GRANDMA starring Taylor Fitzgerald. Lucked out and got her with waivers from SAG and AFTRA. Actually, like the star of PURITANS, Taylor’s my neighbor. She has no acting experience! Missed her calling.



PURITANS is currently ranked 6th in overall ratings. Good. Keep it up. Rate on, friends! Stars Erin Streeter, my OTHER neighbor. Unlike Taylor Erin has acted quite a bit, though not since the 8th grade play. But as a hungover tour guide for Syracuse as a student, she was well suited for the part. Mark Stevick and I wrote and directed this one together.



Chad & Co.

Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon Sarkin Interview At His Birdseye Building Studio Part I

Jon talks about his relationship with Chad Carlberg, gives us a tour of his workspace inside the Birdseye building, shows how some of the pieces for the Guster Music Video were made and how success breeds success.

Look for part II tomorrow

Jon Sarkin Interview Part I Coming Tonight

I had the honor of interviewing the great Jon Sarkin in his studio space at the Birdseye building.  Jon has been featured in GQ, Tom Cruise buys his life story with the intent of Tom playing Jon.  His work has also been purchased by many serious art collectors and he has shows all over the world.  Recently his work was featured in the latest music video for the band Guster which was produced by Chad Carlberg’s Gloucester based Production Blue studio.






From Jon’s Website


In 2006 Sarkin was nominated for a Wynn Newhouse Foundation award for artists with disabilities. As part of the application, he composed the below essay to describe his disability. Sarkin ended up receiving one of the runner-up prizes at the awards ceremony in New York in the spring of 2007.

There is no facet of my work that has not been profoundly impacted by my stroke. Because of this fact, any note of how my disability has influenced my art is very difficult. It is hard to describe this precisely because my disability has affected every aspect of my life so pervasively. It is extremely challenging to be objective about a thing as subjective as yourself.

Why am I unable to be reflective about how my stroke affected my work?

Our physicality and perception are how we access and negotiate and navigate our environment and surroundings.

When these were paradigmatically and physically altered, so too was my understanding of, and my relationship with, the outside world.

There exists a connection with the external world and my “internality” that is truly intimate. TRULY.

When this balance is disturbed, the resulting disequilibrium changes everything. EVERYTHING.

How this intimacy has been disquieted informs every aspect of my art. One of the things that is most apparent is its sheer abundance. I create in a fever, in a mad torrent of ideas and images. This directly relates to my inability to censor the floodgates of my imagination. Another part of my work is its stream-of-consciousness “texture.” This correlates with how my neural architecture has been scrambled by my stroke, resulting in an inability to think linearly and logically. Also, because my stroke has caused me to be obsessive, my art involves working with the same images over and over and over again. suffer from a syndrome I like to call “obsessive-compulsive-manic-depressive-creative-disorder.”

I see everything differently now. Much of this has to do with my double vision. When one’s vision is doubled, i.e., when one cannot focus on the same image with both eyes, one loses depth perception. I see objects quite differently now, and this is translated into how I draw them. My sense of color is changed, too. My perception of everything, including color and shape, and, come to think of it, sound and smell and the way things feel, has been cataclysmically and deeply altered.
This is why it’s hard to explain how my disability has influenced my work.

Here is a video the ABC did about Jon’s disability and how it has created the artist that he has become-

Look for part one of my interview with Jon tonight.

Local Ad Company Makes National Music Video For Guster

My childhood buddy Jonathan Cahill- AKA Abby Joy Cahill’s older brother writes-

Hey Joey,

Some breaking news for you:

Universal Republic Records has chosen Chad Carlberg, owner of Bait & Tackle Ad Company in Gloucester, MA,  and director with Production Blue, to create the new music video for Guster’s new single “Do You Love Me?” Chad Carlberg and Gloucester-based visual artist Jon Sarkin have begun collaboration on the project. Chad and Jon have been friends and have worked on a number of projects together for ten years. Chad and Guster drummer Brian Rosenworcel have been longtime friends as well.
Two months ago, Brian was talking to Chad about needing artwork for a new album (in two weeks!) and still had no artist. Chad suggested Jon Sarkin. Sarkin has work in the private collections of Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro and Diane Von Furstenberg. He has shown at Diane von Furstenberg, The DeCordova and others (see for more), has been featured in three BBC documnetary films, an ABC Medical Mysteries, articles in GQ, Vanity Fair, Readers Digest, etc. Brian loved the idea, and a few days later the band was on-board and Sarkin was off and running on the album cover and all art for album.
Shortly thereafter, Brian asked Chad to direct one of the 12 songs off the new album for a web video. Chad chose the single “Do You Love Me?” But Brian called back later and recommended picking another song because the single was getting a real budget and would be done only by a director with Universal’s approval. But Chad was up to the challenge and said, “Let me try.” He wrote five treatments, and created a video page for his pitch of demo work. Even though he had Brian in his corner, Brian had no influence over Universal, who held the purse strings.
As it turned out, Universal and the band members loved the idea that Chad pitched using Sarkin as part of the video. This pitch video was based on a test Chad previously made with Sarkin and noted musician, Sten Bowen who also co-directed with Chad on this project.
Under Chad Carlberg’s direction, this is the first major Production Blue project, (Bait & Tackle Ad Company’s new, high-end production partner). Chad is assisted by Emile Doucette, Bait & Tackle’s Technical Director and Tom Papows, Camera Operator.
See video here about the idea for the music video and the Carlberg/Sarkin/Guster relationship:

Congratulations To Gloucester’s Emile Doucette and Bait and Tackle

The Boys Once Again Took Home Filmaking Awards for the 48 Hour Filmaking Project

They Won The  Audience Award

Here is the film the boys submitted-

Crop Cops (episode#12: Diamond in the Roughage)

A View of Cape Ann Massachusetts Video Done By Bait and Tackle Ad Co For The Chamber of Commerce

My guess is you’ve probably never seen this so we may as well bring it to the masses.

How many of you check out the Chamber’s website regularly?  They keep a great local event calendar maintained by the professional staff.  Bookmark it if you haven’t already.  Ready-Set-Bookmark It!-

GGAP III Thank You

To those of you who saw yesterday’s presentations, a big thank you!

Rob Newton’s slideshow of his grandfather’s old postcards was beautifully set to music. My interview with Karen McCormack was highlighted by her dad’s arrival from Arizona just in time to see himself on the big screen. Mike Lindberg’s video of “Gloucester til the End” brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He commented that there would be a remake of the song and video when the band performs for the JJ Nicastro benefit at Capt. Carlo’s on June 25. Jay Albert included some interesting computer-generated music with his slideshow of gorgeous Gloucester photos including a shot of a tornado at last year’s Fiesta. And the show was wrapped up by the Bait and Tackle crew Tom Papows, Michael Pallazola, & Emile Doucette who will be traveling to Toronto for a film competition in May where they have been selected as one of 14 finalists for their Greasy Pole video.

Although it was a beautiful day, we are grateful for those who came to support the emerging talent of Gloucester Guerilla Art Project artists. Missed you, Joey!

GMG Q&A- Emile Doucette

Bait and Tackle
Bait and Tackle

Emile Doucette is one of the original Gloucester Guerillas.  He displayed some of the work from Bait and Tackle ad agency at the second Block Party and also the first GGAP presentation at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

Emile, Chad Carlberg and the Bait and Tackle crew recently won an award for the short picture film Daughters of Dogtown which we showed at the first GGAP officially sanctioned event.

He is an amazing videographer and editor and we’re gonna blow the roof off this summer with some big time Guerilla style Art projects (stay tuned)!

How long have you lived in Gloucester?

Since I was 2.

What is your favorite season in Gloucester?


Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get

The UMASS marine station at Hodgkins Cove.

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?


What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

Lat 43.

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester?

Pilot House.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?


What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?

Lanesville 4th of July Parade (

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?


Who is your favorite local artist?

John Sarkin.

Which is your favorite local beach?

Plum Cove.

Who has the best chowder in town?

Capt. Carlos.

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder?


What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?

Awesome, but lets have more live music.

What is your favorite local band?

Mine. (

Bait And Tackle Studio

Come by the block Party tonight at the corner of Center and Main Streets to check out their incredible footage of some of Gloucester’s finest events including The Lanesville Parade and The Greasy Pole In Hi Def and set to killer music!

Bait And Tackle Studio, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is Chad Carlberg’s Bait and Tackle Studio.

Its the top floor at Beacon Marine. Cool as hell and great space for creating!