Abbie Lundberg, Tony’s wife, writes: “Tony brought home a bunch of sand fleas yesterday and the seahorse was excited – hunting and catching some, but he then spit them back out. The aquarium never called back, so Tony decided to release him today, back in the same area he found him. (Of course the aquarium called after that happened ūüėě) Hopefully he’ll find his way back to warmer waters.”

Thank you to Abbie and Tony for sharing their seahorse capture and release story. Readers may have noticed in the comment section of the previous update that lobsterman Gary also came home with a seahorse, which he found off Plum Cove Beach. I never would have imagined that we have seahorses, even occasional ones, living in the cold waters of Cape Ann, but it is truly exciting to know they are here.

Here’s a short video of a Lined Seahorse that I shot at the aquarium in Cincinnati while visiting relatives about five years ago. Although the same species as Gloucester’s little seahorse, note the two wildly different colors. Lined Seahorses change color to blend with their environment, which aids in capturing prey.

This funny video came up  on my video feed, of male seahorses giving birth. FASCINATING!!!

Hot Ticket Lobsterman Shawn Pizzo

A lobsterman’s work is never done ~¬†

Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat ¬©Kim Smith 2014I couldn’t resist the title of the post–the name of Shawn’s boat is the “Hot Ticket.” Many thanks to Shawn for granting permission to photograph and post photos on GMG.

Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -2 ¬©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -3 ¬©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -9 ¬©Kim Smith 2014Shawn Pizzo Gloucester Lobsterman Hot Ticket Boat  -10 ¬©Kim Smith 2014See more photos here Continue reading “Hot Ticket Lobsterman Shawn Pizzo”

Nate Goes All Mr T On Us

You may remember Nate as one of the two insane backmen aboard Tuffy’s Degelyse.  Well Nate went and got himself a new Mohawk.  Nice!




Here are some videos with the boys from last season-

and here is when the greenhorn Adam filled in for Sean-

celebrating after the last trap comes out of the water for the 2009 season-

Moose knuckle madness

Susie Byrd Back On Track

After Susie’s little setback which you can read about by clicking this highlighted text, she has been nothing but the model of the perfect backman.¬† She’s been showing up on time and is back in gear.¬† I called her out as having strike one for being a no-show for work that day but her boss Johnny “Doc” Herrick called it a check swing.

Susie Byrd Back On Track, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Susie Byrd Strike Count -1

OK, here’s the story behind this picture.

Susie Byrd has been fishing out of Gloucester for 3 years now.¬† She has been one of the most consistent backmen on our lobsterboats and has been doing a great job of showing up on time and pushing her skipper Johnny “Doc” Herrick to fish harder.

Yesterday she had a little setback.

She was a no show for the first time.   Eventually she got down to the boat and they got the day in fishing but there was no way I was going to let her off easy.

This morning in the office with all the boys I gave her an option.¬† She could hold up the sign saying “Susie Byrd Strike Count 1” and let me take the picture or I would ride her about being a no show after I’ve been singer her praises to anyone who would listen about how great she has been as far as reliability and work ethic.

She chose to pose for the picture.

Susie Byrd Strike Count -1, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Joe Mondello Readies The Boat To Go Lobstering

You see how the traps are all set along the outside rail of the boat?  Joe is going to set out some gear today. This is a ten pot trawl and all those traps are connected by a ground line with buoys at each end to mark where the traps are set in the ocean so when he goes back out he can find them by looking for his specially painted buoys.

Touch of Grey Family Affair

Here Scotty Horne pulls away from the dock with two of his sons after a day of lobstering. Not sure if you can make it out but his little one is sitting up on the dash just to Scotty’s left.

Touch of Grey Family Affair, originally uploaded by captjoe06.