The Wedding Food Nazi Poll

Is it only Italian men that solely rate a wedding by how good the food is?

It always amazes me how much stock some people put into how good or bad the food is at a wedding.  How the food tastes is not going to make or break me having a good time at a wedding (although it is always nice to have something to eat if you are going to be in one place for an extended period of time).

Not wanting to alter the results of this poll any more than the opening statements we will further discuss this once we have people start to vote.

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Food Nazi Poll

  1. I’ve noticed in my job of Event Coordinator, that if the food is good, people are going to have a good time.. If the food sucks, then, generally, the people are going to be pissy, and bitchy, and get Cranky, and not have as good of a time.. I think it has to do with the sugar level in their blood dropping versus the alcohol consumption..


  2. I know for me it’s the people and music, for Mike it’s the Food and Open Bar! If there’s good food and open bar, I may just get him on the dance floor.


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