Well Look Who Competed In The Ironman In Kona Hawaii- Lone Gull’s Joe Borge!

You can watch it on NBC Saturday November 15th at 1:30PM



The Story From Daughter Sarah Borge-
My father has never been an average man. Whether it was building a snow fort for myself and my younger brother or building a masterpiece staircase, Joe Borge puts his heart and soul into every task put in front of him. Of course, training for a championship competition is no different.
Since I was young, my parents have competed in countless road races together; watching them train, and training with them was like being let into some sort of secret meeting. This was THEIR time. This was an opportunity for husband and wife to bond and shut out the constant intrusions from the deluge of every day life. The banter and jests they shared always kept the training light and enjoyable but their competitive natures always fed the intensity of the activity. Those who know my mother, know she is a formidable opponent on a race course and her talents are only strengthened by my father’s own athletic prowess. However, when you’ve spent over twenty years running marathons, you search for new ways of feeding your competitive spirit. For my father, it was triathlons; although, these competitions were not entirely new to him. You see, since he was a teenager, my father had a dream to compete in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. We as a family would sit down every November and watch the competition when it aired on television. I remember the look in my father’s eyes, the same look he had at the start of every race or the start of a new project: determination. There’s really nothing quite like it, seeing true determination in a person. What’s even more impressive is being able to witness the outcome. For years he has talked about racing at Kona and when he finished his first full Ironman in Florida, it looked like his dream was as close as it had ever been.
It was in April of this year when my phone rang with my mother on the other line telling, well screeching really, that my father had been picked to race in Kona, Hawaii. We as a family could not have been more excited and scared for him. The amount of training he needed to complete for this race was like no other training he had ever done and since our last name isn’t Vanderbilt, his 50+ hour/week work schedule wouldn’t be able to take a back seat in any way. But, because of the man he’s always been, he managed to balance his work and training quite well and when he was done with his 100 mile bike rides and 20 mile runs, he was always easily convinced to hit Mile Marker for a lobster roll and wine.
Those of you who know my father know he is an amazing individual and it was wonderful seeing the support he received while training; it is a true testament to his person. Dad, you’re the hardest working man I know and you bring everything you’ve got to the table (which you probably made yourself). I can’t ever tell you enough how proud you make me and how much I’ve loved being your daughter and your friend. You’ve been an Ironman long before this race; the rest of the city just knows it now.

Celebrate Gloucester Video Documentary

This is the documentary we made to Celebrate Gloucester at Latitude 43.  It features interviews with Mark McDonough , Fisherman Peter Libro , Nicole Duckworth- from Duckworth Bistrot, Debbie Clarke- artist, Dave Anderson from The Black Swan, Ashley From Lat 43, Lobsterman Joe Mondello, Joe and Mary Ellen Borge from The Lone Gull, Lobsterman Mark Ring, Chef Zach Sears, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rob Newton, Stephanie From Lat 43, Lobsterwoman Renee, Real Estate Tycoon Ruth Pino, Ryan and Wood Distiller Bobby Ryan.

I hope you enjoy it.  there are some pretty touching moments in here.

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Chickity Check It!- Your Favorite Ex

Y’all know I dig our local coffee shops.  Cape Ann Coffees, Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co, and the most regular of my stops in the heart of beautiful Downtown Gloucester -The Lone Gull.

Talking to Joe Borge, son of Lone Gull owner Joe Borge, he told me about a band he plays in- Your Favorite Ex.

Here’s the page where you can listen to some of their songs-

Your Favorite Ex

Joe is the Rocker in the right of the picture taken by Petey Photography

The Lone Gull 10K Video

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The Scene at Good Harbor Beach for The Lone Gull 10K.
The top finisher from Gloucester was a tenth place finish by John Barbour-
10 John Barbour 4 1/41 M5059 Gloucester MA GLRR 34:29 5:33
30 Nathan Hausman 366 8/68 M3039 Gloucester MA 38:38 6:13
The top place female finisher from Gloucester was Christina Robeson-
41 Christina Robeson 338 1/89 F3039 Gloucester MA TEAM PSYCH 40:46 6:34
Interviewees from the video results-
86 David Patterson 85 31/76 M4049 Salem MA WICKED 45:41 7:22

121 James Venza 323 19/38 M2029 Lynnfield MA 47:33 7:40

127 Anthony Reppucci 101 11/41 M5059 Gloucester MA 47:57 7:43
286 Paula Penta 448 31/70 F2029 Wellesley MA 56:23 9:05
Good Guy Bob Gillis Results-
59 Robert Gillis 462 4/41 M5059 Gloucester MA TEAM GLOU 42:47 6:54

Joe Borge Underwater Photography-Lobster

Joe Borge’s underwater photography can be seen at his Lone Gull Coffeehouse in the heart of downtown Gloucester. The colors are so vivid you would swear it was a painting but in fact they are photographs.