Salted Cod grand opening tomorrow, Sunday Feb 5th at 11:30am. We look forward to serving you.The Salted Cod Arthouse53 Rocky Neck AveGloucester, MA.

Salted Cod grand opening tomorrow, Sunday Feb 5th at 11:30am. We look forward to serving you.
The Salted Cod Arthouse
53 Rocky Neck Ave
Gloucester, MA. 01930


Serge (Alex Deroo, left) explains the finer points of art to his best friends Yvan (John Manning, center) and Marc (Christopher DeStefano) in rehearsal for ‘ART’ by Yasmina Reza. (Courtesy photo by Cynthia August).

Three Men and a Painting  

Just the Facts  

  • Castle Hill Productions presents the play ‘ART’ by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton  
  • March 10-26, Thursday/Friday/Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 6pm  
  • The Great House on Castle Hill, 290 Argilla Road, Ipswich  
  • Tickets: $28 for Trustees Members/$35 for Nonmembers, available at  

A witty comedy staged in the Great House Ballroom, ‘ART’ explores the relationship between three friends when one of them acquires an expensive piece of modern art. This acclaimed play challenges the idea of value — in art as well as in friends.  

 ‘ART’ is presented without intermission. Run time is approximately 90 minutes.  

 ASL interpretation will be available at the performance on Sunday, March 26 at 6PM.  

 Due to mature themes and language, this play is not recommended for children under 15 years of age.  

 A Little Bit More  

 What if your best friend told you what they really think about the art on your walls? Three friends face this seemingly inconsequential question with life-changing results in ‘ART’, the witty comedy being staged by Castle Hill Productions (CHP).  

While CHP is Ipswich-based — both actor Christopher DeStefano (playing Marc) and director Cynthia August hail from the North Shore town — the group has always drawn additional talent from the greater Boston area and New Hampshire. The cast of ‘ART’ is filled out by Alex Deroo (Serge) from Roslindale and John Manning (Yvan) from Westford.  


  • “Friendships are a vitally important part of our lives,” says CHP artistic director Kristina Grundmann. “This play exposes fault lines in the underlying scaffolding of the characters’ 15-year relationship. And although the events of the show are unique, the questions it raises are not. Why do friends stick together? What would you do to preserve a relationship? And how does a friendship alter our own identity? These are pretty deep questions for a comedy, but that’s why I chose the script.”  
  • “It’s a thoughtful, touching, and funny look at friendships,” says director Cynthia August. “Our cast is extraordinarily talented and doing great work.”  

Joey broadcasting from Cigar Paradise in St. Pete Florida #GloucesterCast podcast

Joey at work! Behind the Scenes and podcast host portraits on site from Meg Jarrett

Photos: Joey getting ready setting up and broadcasting GloucesterCast podcast from Cigar Paradise in St. Pete, FLA. ©Meg Jarrett, 2/4/2023

Wicked Cold: ice floe on Annisquam, icy crystal roadside Eastern Point, vessel looks like ghost ship in thick sea smoke #GloucesterMA Feb. 4, 2023

Feb. 4, 2023

wintry day photos: Amitie related vessel (see Pat Morss Curious Visitor post) was out all night, often eerily or completely occluded in the thick sea smoke until blue skies gained; direction of the storm wind left Eastern point roadside past Niles Beach ice blasted; alas skating on thin ice at Niles Pond tomorrow; and saw groups of frenetic robins feeding in every neighborhood. Imagine the rough condition for the crew involved with this 1905 rescue and lighthouse keepers.

Twin Lights 6:30AM (enlarge to see tower) vs. 7:30 vs. 11 AM

per request!

15 seconds of video sea smoke past Thacher Island Twin Lights 7:30AM Feb 4, 2023

GloucesterCast 626 Live From Cigar Paradise In St Pete 2/4/23 Link to Join


GloucesterCast 626 Live From Cigar Paradise In St Pete 2/4/23

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Barred Owl Celebrity

We have been fortunate enough to see a barred owl at a nature area a couple of times recently. And, since Scottie is always asking about my bird sightings, I’ll dedicate this one to him! Here you go Scottie. This one’s for you. “Barred from the Nest?” is Scottie’s question!! HAHA PS I am deliberately not disclosing its location at it has become a bit of an issue with interested onlookers disturbing the wildlife.

Brendan Pike Photography Exhibition

Cape Ann Home

Join us and Gloucester-native photographer, Brendan Pike for an evening on February 16th as he shows his series of works based in and around Cape Ann’s unique landscapes and seashores. Growing up on Cape Ann, Brendan was not immune to the beauty and charm of our island which has influenced so many in the world of art and photography.

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

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