Captain Jim Alvarez and His F/V Dogbar Are Registered For The Bluefin Blowout! Registration Is Open!!!

Welcome to the 2023 Bluefin Blowout!
Captain: James Alvarez
Boat: Dogbar

Registration is now open!

July 24 – Bluefin Bash Fundraiser
July 25-27 – Bluefin Blowout Tournament
*Tournament dates subject to change

remembering Early 20th C. Ukrainian American artists Hope, Art and Freedom

3/24/2023. Now/Then

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, remembering early 20th C. Ukrainian immigrant artists and Ukrainian American artists including Alexander Archipenko, David Burliuk, Jack Delano, Sonia Delaunay, Chaim Gross, Louis Lozowick, (Kazimir) Malevich, Jules Olitski, Louise Nevelson, Milton Resnick; also, New York’s first women dealer, Edith Halpert, who founded The Downtown Gallery. (Halpert represented Stuart Davis and dedicated several solo exhibitions for him despite lack of sales.)

A few traveled with or visited friends in Gloucester as they built their lives anew.

Reading The Holodomor Memorial 1932-33 at Grand Park in Los Angeles, CA.–dedicated in 1986, the first such tribute in the United States–is devastating, and through the lens of today’s war may fuel a greater understanding of the Ukrainian fight for freedom.

As of January 2021, the Senate and House or Representatives have recognized the famine as man made and an act of genocide. Timeline roundup of the US Senate here and current US House of Representatives resolution (excerpt below):

“…Whereas title V of the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1986 (Public Law 99–180; 99 Stat. 1157), signed into law on December 13, 1985, established the Commission on the Ukraine Famine to “conduct a study of the Ukrainian Famine of 1932–1933 in order to expand the world’s knowledge of the famine and provide the American public with a better understanding of the Soviet system by revealing the Soviet role” in it;

Whereas the Commission on the Ukraine Famine, Investigation of the Ukrainian Famine 1932–1933: Report to Congress, adopted by the Commission, April 19, 1988, and submitted to Congress April 22, 1988, found that in 1932 and 1933, the Government of the Soviet Union had committed genocide against the Ukrainian people;

Whereas with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, archival documents confirmed the premeditated nature of the famine and exposed the atrocities suffered by the Ukrainian people;…”

Magnolia Historical Society Event

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2023 AT 3 PM – 4:30 PM


46 Magnolia Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930-5132, United States
46 Magnolia Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930-5132, United States
Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
Join us at the Magnolia Historical Museum where local historian, Beth Welin, will present a lecture program, “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous in 20th Century Magnolia.” Images from Magnolia’s past will be shared as Beth leads a discussion about the former hotels and businesses frequented by the wealthy visitors to Magnolia during the “Gilded Age.” Utilizing old maps, postcards and photos, we will go back in time as we make our way down our village streets which formerly hosted elegant hotels and exclusive shops. Please come and join in the discussion by sharing your own memories of earlier Magnolia!
• Light refreshments served.
• $5 donation encouraged.
• Walk-ins welcome, but please RSVP to help with planning purposes!


Wine Tasting at Savour, Sat. Feb. 25, 2 – 5 pm.

THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 25, 2 -5 pm



The Masciarelli Wine Company is a family-owned business focused on importing and distributing only the finest quality limited-production wines. Their diverse portfolio of artisanal wines is distributed in 27 states to 31 wholesalers throughout the United States.

 Masciarelli Wine Company strives to deal directly with the winery whenever possible and seek out small estates producing high-quality wines that would be overlooked in larger brand-driven portfolios. Marc has many years of experience in the wine business and is both passionate and knowledgeable. He plans to stay an extra hour to pour wine for all and engage in great conversation on winter’s day.


Eifel-Pfeiffer Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Feinherb 2016, Mosel, Germany

Varietal: Riesling Alc.10.5%

Eifel-Pfeiffer has been dedicated to the cultivation of wine, especially Riesling, since 1642. The winery’s vines grow in an ideal microclimate in the steep slate slopes that slope down to the Moselle. The fine slate, mineral weathering soils offer wonderful conditions for the Riesling. Heinz Eifel’s decades of experience and the inspiration of oenologist Anne Eifel-Spohr combine to form a future-oriented family winemaking team. Rieslings with an individual character are the result of this philosophy. This almost golden colored Riesling from the Mosel opens with a gentle pineapple bouquet. On the palate, it is medium bodied, nicely balanced, round, and juicy. Flavors of Asian pear and lemon blend with hints of minerality and a dash of white pepper. The finish is off-dry and nicely refreshing.

Pairs well with Asian food, chicken, and cured meats. $21.99

Casale del Giglio Bellone, Lazio, Italy

Varietal: Bellone Alc.13.5%

Unlike other regions of Italy, the area between the towns of Aprilia and Latina in the Agro Pontino valley south of Rome, where Casale del Giglio lies, was still uncharted in viticultural terms when Berardino Santarelli and his son Antonio launched a research project in 1985 aimed at identifying and maximizing the territory’s potential for quality viticulture. They planted close to 60 different experimental vines in Casale del Giglio’s soil. Since the early 1990s, Antonio and enologist Paolo Tiefenthaler have achieved remarkable results from an intense program of research and experimentation. The Bellone grape is a variety cited by Pliny the Elder. Today the grape is cultivated from the Roman to the Lepini hills and flourishes at Casale del Giglio. Deep yellow flecked with gold, the wine evokes ripe tropical fruit such as mango and papaya, carefully balanced by a marked acidity which makes it suitable for long bottle aging. Rich, ample and lingering on the palate with light floral and spicy notes.

Pairs well with grilled fish, Italian fish stew. $17.99

Cantina Tollo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo,

Varietal: Montepulciano Alc. 13.5%

Cantina Tollo was founded in 1960, when the Abruzzo countryside had depopulated, and many Italians had left the country in search of a better future. Cantina Tollo’s founders, whose families had been winemakers for generations, decided to stay in the vineyards, creating Cantina Tollo. Cantina Tollo played an active part in helping to bring about a radical change in the local wine-growing landscape. Cantina Tollo has also had an important part to play in the process of regulation, initiatives for the protection of regional wines and quality improvement programs for grapes and winemaking techniques. The Tollo Montepulciano pours an intense ruby red with purple hues. On the nose, there are fragrances of ripe red fruit, with hints of vanilla, tobacco, cocoa and spicy notes. It is full-bodied, velvety, enveloping, and persistent in the mouth.

Pairs well with hamburgers, pizza, smoked meats. $21.99

Anna Maria Abbona “Sori dij But” Dolcetto 2020, Dogliani, Italy

Varietal: Dolcetto Alc.13.5%

The quality of Dolcetto from the village of Dogliani has been skyrocketing in the last few years, and Anna Maria Abbona’s work is a good example of this. Her oldest vines were planted by her grandfather in the ‘30s, and the vineyards are steep and perfectly exposed. More recently she has become a convert to the doctrine of low yields, and she has joined the elite of Dogliani. Producers in Dogliani take Dolcetto as seriously as producers in Barolo take Nebbiolo. Dolcetto is planted in all the best sites and vinified with great care, which is not always the case with Dolcetto d’Alba. Dolcetto di Dogliani ‘Sori dij But’ ‘Sori’ is Piedmontese dialect for the sunny south face of a hill. ‘But’ or Butti is the name of the hamlet where Anna Maria and her husband, Franco, have their house and cellar. This is classic Dogliani Dolcetto, fermented and aged in stainless steel. It shows great color, reddish purple and violet-tinged, aromas of blueberries and tealeaf, and some tea tannins to go with the abundant fruit on the palate.

Pairs well with bruschetta, pasta Bolognese, cioppino. $19.99

Punch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, Napa Valley, California,

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon Alc. 14.5%

Punch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is made by a small group of Napa Valley artisans whose careers were built producing top-rated wines for prestigious vintners. They came together to produce the best Cabernet Sauvignon they could for a reasonable price. Punch Vineyards’ wine has all the hallmarks of a luxury Cabernet Sauvignon: concentration, bold, structured, complex flavors of black cherry, blackberry, mocha, spice, toasty oak, softly assertive tannins, good structure, and a long finish.

Pairs well with lamb skewers, grilled steak, pepper-crusted tuna. $39.99

And don’t forget to check out what’s new in our beer case, including Rockport Brewing’s black lager, Steel Derrick, and their red lager, Perilous Voyage.

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Adding to this Saturday’s wine tasting with Marc is Savour’s Everyday Tech Tastings at the North Shore’s Only Digital Wine Machine. Fun to use and enjoy! Taste up to 20 wines with new selections regularly added…& yes, complimentary. Kathleen welcomes your questions for food pairings.

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Dinner At Bradford Tavern

We were fortunate enough to win a gift card to the Bradford Tavern on Haverill St in Rowley so we went for dinner a few days ago. It’s a little bit of a ride, but it was a nice day and we wanted to go back and visit them again. The atmosphere is rustic and we sat near the fireplace. We noticed young families as well as older couples so the menu and atmosphere pleases a wide range of diners. We had pretzel sticks for appetizers. I ordered French Onion soup which was nice and beefy the way I prefer. Jim had sushi (which I did not get a good picture of) and I had blackened Gloucester haddock tacos. I also treated myself to the “Boozy Coffee Flight” (yum!). It was an enjoyable dinner experience and we drove home happy and full.