Is Plymouth Rock The Most Underwhelming Landmark In The World?

From website:

The Real Story Behind Plymouth Rock

Explore the real history of the Pilgrims’ purported landing place—Plymouth Rock.

Two words inevitably cross the lips of first-time visitors to Plymouth Rock: “That’s it?”

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Cameron Beavers Rememberance

Our thoughts:   Cameron Beavers

On the 1 year anniversary of Cam’s passing, as his wife & family, we want to remember & honor him today. Cam is in our thoughts every day, and forever in our hearts. We miss him more than words can ever say. He was the gift of a lifetime.

We love you always, our dearest Cam / Dad / Papa.

Judy and Family

Gloucester’s Own Brown’s Yacht Yard With An Impressive Display Of Zodiacs for Sale At The Boston Boat Show

My Bud Dave Zingg With Brown’s

Brown’s has an impressive allocation of Zodiac’s for sale which I consider the best boat for local beach bums.

Contact Brown’s at

Phone: (978) 281-3200

139 E Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

Michael Ancevic
(probably telling this Everglades salesman more about the boat than the salesman knows)

An afternoon at Appleton Farms, Ipswich

On Saturday, Appleton Farms at Maple Sugar Day.  We were able to see the tapping of the trees and how they boil it.  It smelt wonderful.  Appleton Farms has beautiful trails as well.  Very enjoyable and do not forget to shop in the farm store.

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Tree Trimming at Cove HIll Cemetery

I guess this is how you maintain the trees at a well hidden cemetery! We came across this tree trimming project at Cove Hill Cemetery (AKA Lane’s Cove Cemetery) in Lanesville adjacent to Lane’s Cove a couple of days ago. A large crane facilitated the branch removal once it had been removed by the handy guy in the tree with his saw. Then the branch went into the wood cutter. I was very impressed by the whole process and am pleased to know care is being taken at this cemetery location.