Thank You Maria Cracchiolo For Your Incredible Hospitality At Caffe Sicilia.

If you haven’t heard about all the new offerings you gotta watch our video this evening.

Maria and her family have just kept reinventing this classic Gloucester Sicilian Bakery while retaining the authenticity of what made it so special in the first place.

We ran into Eileen from Gloucester Bites too!

Sunday Brunch At 525 Magnolia!

Friends from New York were visiting for the day so we met them at the 525 in Magnolia for their new brunch! It was a great excuse to relax, laugh and enjoy our meals served by Stella (thanks Stella!). We had the quiche, breakfast tacos, eggs benedict and French toast. Oh yes, and then there was the coffee ……. Great take on brunch. The regular menu is also available. The Jazz Brunch will be returning in early April, so stay tuned. PS: it’s super easy to make online reservations! Thanks Erin, Paul, Jake and Keirsten! According to them (and ourselves): 100% recommended.