Gloucester’s 60th Mayor, Greg Verga, has announced his bid for reelection this fall.

Mayor Greg Verga has announced he will seek a second term in November’s municipal elections. Having reached his 400th day in office earlier this month, the Mayor will obtain nomination papers on the day filing opens with the city clerk’s office, April 3, and will return to the official ballot in this fall’s election.

“Much has been done, but there’s much more to do,” said Verga. “I’m going to take my case to the voters again and ask them to help us continue that work. This is an important year for Gloucester as we celebrate our history, and it’s equally important to tap into that spirit as we lead this city into the future. Gloucester is my lifelong home. I made a promise to make this city a better place than when I took office, and that work has only just begun.” 

The Verga for Mayor campaign website,, has released an accounting of accomplishments by the administration since Verga took office on New Year’s Day of 2022. The list details substantive moves and measures regarding transportation, road repairs, beach parking, housing, fisheries, public schools, climate action and the disbursement of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. 

In his 2022 inaugural address, Verga said that Gloucester was in need of “transparent dialogue and deliberation, bold and thoughtful approaches, broad community engagement, a synthesis of many of the best ideas and strong leadership.” He says he wants to capitalize on advancements made in those areas during his first 400 days as his administration leverages assets, tackles issues and finds creative solutions related to zoning reforms, revitalizing the downtown, building a resilient Blue Economy network, finalizing the new Harbor Plan and continuing the administration’s work on a Comprehensive Planning Initiative to update the 20-year-old Master Plan for the city. 

Mayor Verga adds that he remains committed to strong support of coastal and cultural tourism, recreation and hospitality, performing and visual arts and marine-related construction and transportation, in addition to advancing seafood research and Gloucester’s fishing industry as the region adapts to a changing climate. 

According to the Mayor, the foundation of the Verga Administration is built on a belief in modern, measured, collaborative, community-driven progress and growth for Gloucester grounded in fairness, trust and plainspoken, open dialogue. As a challenger in 2021, he ran on a platform rooted in restoring integrity to City Hall—an aim he believes has been met.

“I stand for a practical, forward-thinking approach to municipal governance,” he said. “We have made significant progress in improving how this city reaches for and achieves the best possible outcomes for Gloucester. My vision and our work is about making this city an even better place to live, work and visit.”

The Verga Administration has released an update on the State of the City and Mayor Verga also intends to make personal appearances to deliver State of the Neighborhoods reports across the city starting this spring and continuing into the summer.

Boston accent ranked among ‘smartest sounding’ accents in America

Reblogged from Channel 25 Boston

Language learning platform Preply says it recently surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out which accents are viewed as the best, worst, sexiest, smartest sounding, and also most annoying.

Prebly noted that here are more than 7,100 languages spoken around the world and more than 30 dialects in the United States alone. With that said, Boston faired impressively, ranking inside the top 10 in all categories included in the survey.

The Boston accent had the following rankings:

  • #4 for smartest sounding
  • #1 for most annoying
  • #6 for the accent Americans like the most
  • #8 for most trustworthy accent
  • #8 for sexiest American accent

The Southern accent tied with Boston for the most annoying sounding accent in the country.

The Northeastern accent topped the category of smartest sounding accents.


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Update On Grandmother’s Kitchen House

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were fortunate enough to be able to get a little tour of the house my Dad grew up in on Haskell St. The current owner, Jeff Martin, had found a number of items in the attic walls when he did some renovations, including some old letters.

The family name on the letters is Goodwin and they were previous residents at the house around 1900. Since I have Goodwins in my family tree, he graciously allowed us to take them with us. The household in the 1900 census included father Charles, Mother Catherine, Daughters Ellen and Clara, Wm. Reed and his wife Mabel. A very loyal reader David Collins graciously provided the image of the census record as well as some background information to prove I am related to these Goodwins. THANKS DAVID!!!

They are a delightful example of sibling communications and I think could be compared to texting today. I thought you might enjoy the following transcription from one of the letters dated Aug 18 1896. It’s a treasure.

Gloucester Mass

Aug 18 1896

Dear Sister, I though I would write you a few lines to let you know we _______ your letter and ______ glad to hear from you.

Mamma says if you ain’t working if you had better come home.

We have just sent your dress to the laundry to have the spots taken out. Elena you send my dollar Sunday because I want to buy my dress next week.

I think I must close with love from your sister Gertrude.

Mamma says she doesn’t think it will pay to stay up there and pay board.

Most delightfully, this letter includes primitive drawings labeled The house where Ed lives and Chas house. Also figures labeled Pork, Margarita Ann, Charlie calling car for Ipswich and Mabel G. I cannot identify these for certain, but Mabel G is probably another sister. Elena married Frederic Riggs and perhaps that is Ed (?)

I also heard from Jeanette Marchant who lived near Elena “Gert” Gertrude Goodwin Riggs (husband Frederic) in later years. It’s lovely to hear from the readers, so thank you very much.

SAT Strategy Session and Practice Test

Cape Ann Community

SAT Strategy Session: Thursday, February 16 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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SAT Practice Test: Saturday, February 18 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

The Princeton Review will presents a free, virtual SAT Practice Test on Saturday, February 18 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Registrants will receive a link to an online classroom and further instructions upon registration to be able to take the test from the comfort of wherever you have internet! Be prepared with a calculator and scrap paper to work out the questions. A quiet space free of distraction is highly recommended.

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