Maybe the best and easiest comfort food- Pastina chicken soup.

Warm up a quart of chicken broth on the stove add salt pepper and a twirl of EVOO. Bring to boil, add chunks of rotisserie chicken and a cup of pastina with a tablespoon of butter and a clove of two of minced garlic. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Ladle into bowl and drizzle EVOO and top with grated cheese. Yummmo!

Anyone else think the Police Station/Court/Police Parking Lot would be better suited up by Market Basket and that space turned into a four story parking garage?

You could have entrances on Main and Rogers St. it’s in the middle of Downtown. It faces the Chamber of Commerce, looks down at the Harbormaster office and transient dockage, Maritime Gloucester. Total No-Brainer iMO.

GloucesterCast 628 Live From Source Bakery 2/12/23 Link to Join


GloucesterCast 628 Live From Source Bakery 2/12/23

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Three Sweet Peas Bakery in Rowley Is Worth the Ride

We often drive north to the Newburyport area and therefore find ourselves going through Rowley regularly. We’ve been curious about Three Sweet Peas Bakery on Main St in Rowley and so we stopped by yesterday. WOW! It’s a small shop just jammed with goodies of all sorts in nearly every cubby and corner. There are baked goods, sandwiches, prepared foods, frozen foods and more! There’s a small seating area in case you want to linger. The staff is friendly and helpful. You’re going to need to plan a little time just to look around and ponder your choices. We came home with a scone, sugar cookies and cheese ravioli! It is certain to become a normal stop on our trips in that direction.

News from your YMCA!

Cape Ann Wellness


Join our summer camp team! We’re looking for enthusiastic, fun, engaging people 16 years and older to be part of our amazing summer staff. Competitive pay for the summer with nights and weekends off, plus a free YMCA membership! Spend the days outdoors, add your impact and leadership skills to your college application, and most of all help local children have the best summer experience ever.

Sunday 2/12 10am-12pm
30 minute vinyasa yoga, 30 minute cycle, and 30 minute strength class, followed by fun & refreshments.

Celebrate health and support our community by donating to The Open Door. Non-perishable food donations will be collected at the door. *Registration Required*Register


See all the details below. For more information, please contact Austin…

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