Wicked Cold: ice floe on Annisquam, icy crystal roadside Eastern Point, vessel looks like ghost ship in thick sea smoke #GloucesterMA Feb. 4, 2023

Feb. 4, 2023

wintry day photos: Amitie related vessel (see Pat Morss Curious Visitor post) was out all night, often eerily or completely occluded in the thick sea smoke until blue skies gained; direction of the storm wind left Eastern point roadside past Niles Beach ice blasted; alas skating on thin ice at Niles Pond tomorrow; and saw groups of frenetic robins feeding in every neighborhood. Imagine the rough condition for the crew involved with this 1905 rescue and lighthouse keepers.

Twin Lights 6:30AM (enlarge to see tower) vs. 7:30 vs. 11 AM

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15 seconds of video sea smoke past Thacher Island Twin Lights 7:30AM Feb 4, 2023