Assorted Wildlife — pat morss

First, an update on Atlantic Merlin, our “Curious Visitor” last week – thanks to Catherine who yesterday posted photos of her in the sea smoke off Cape Ann, taken by C.Ryan who indicated Atlantic Merlin is working on a fiber optic cable from Lynn, MA to the UK and France. Early this afternoon Marine Traffic positioned her about 20 miles NE of the Cape. Here are a few mostly wildlife updates:

Not paying attention to the Wrong Way sign at dusk, …
… these turkeys nearly caused a traffic accident
A crow decided the weathervane at Beauport Museum wasn’t quite complete
A content Bufflehead on a Niles Pond rock that was exposed 3 feet during the summer drought
Eight of at least twenty seals hauled out on the rocks on this day at low tide, Brace Cove
“This your house? OK if we pass through?”
They said they wouldn’t eat anything, but we don’t trust them
Amazing how they can canter through the Audubon rocks
Maybe the sanctuary visitor wasn’t a threat after all
A Northern Harrier scouting low for small mammals, in the same area
My take on Saturday’s frigid sunrise with sea smoke
Later in the day, the Boston skyline filtered through the lingering sea smoke

Upcoming Boston Children’s Hospital Blood drive.

Hope you are staying warm and hope you can post our upcoming Boston Children’s Hospital Blood drive.

It was so successful last time we are doing a 2 day event.

As always, thank you for any help you can give on this 2 day event-see the attached flyer.Rockport HarbormastersScott Story and Rosemary Lesch

VHF Ch 9 or 16 Phone 978 546-9589

Boston Globe: Cape Ann Museum Edward Hopper hype!

A big save the date–July 22, 2023–in today’s paper!

“The exhibition, accompanied by a 225-page catalog, will include 65 paintings, drawings, and prints, 57 of them by Hopper, seven by Nivinson, and one by Robert Henri…”

John Laidler. “Strokes of genius: Edward Hopper, one of the foremost American painters of the 20th century, launched his fame by creating visions of Gloucester. Now the Cape Ann Museum is preparing to display his works.” Boston Globe. Metro Section. Sunday paper 2/5/2023 and 2 days prior online. Laidler has shared news from the museum, library’s building project, and the school consolidation in the past couple of years.

Step into Edward Hopper’s life in Gloucester with the web-based digital Google map I first created in 2010, Edward Hopper all around Gloucester, that reveals where scores of Hopper’s works of art were inspired in Gloucester beyond a well known core, and corrected several misidentifications possibly hinting at Maine or Cape Cod. By my last tally, there’s more than 120 in Gloucester! The exhibition at Cape Ann Museum will gather Gloucester originals together from public and private collections which is no small feat. What a thrill and opportunity to wander and wonder about art and ideas, and celebrate Gloucester.

Gloucester Fishermen vs Masconomet Chieftains Boys Varsity Hockey (Replay) 2/4/23 Grom Cape Ann Live

Gloucester Fishermen vs Masconomet Chieftains Boys Varsity Hockey (Replay) 2/4/23

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Top Slice Pizzeria St Petersburg Review

Soggy, greasy, total flop. I’m of the mind that bad pizza starts at 5 and goes down from there. I wouldn’t say it was bad pizza but with a little more care it could be decent to good pizza. It’s a 5.9 and I was left disappointed. Looked better than it ate.

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My Grandmother’s Kitchen Revisited

By happenstance, I recently met the owner of my Gloucester grandparents home and he graciously allowed us to visit. Jeff Martin lives in my grandparents home on Haskell Street. I have fond memories of my times there ALL those years ago. The urge to revisit the home was ramped up when Jeff shared that he’d found a number of items hidden away in the attic walls that I though might relate to my family’s history.

In the intervening years, Jeff and his family have made many changes to the house but its bones remain and I was overwhelmed with memories even though it looks very different today than it did when I was a child. Even GMG Jim has his own memories of visiting this house on our honeymoon which enriched the time we spent with Jeff recently. We are very grateful to Jeff for sharing the house with us as well as the trinkets he found.

I understand that people might hide things in the walls of a home to bring luck to future inhabitants, but I kind of doubt that a hidden corset was intended to bring luck! Of most interest to me were the letters written between 1895 and 1899, proving the house existed prior to the 1900 date built as stated in city records (Jeff tells us there was a fire–believe me, there was ALWAYS a fire–and records that were lost defaulted to 1900) so that was enlightening. These letters were primarily between sisters Mabel and Elena Gertrude Goodwin. We have Goodwins in our family tree so I am working to make a connection. I hope to share more about these letters soon.

Thank you very much Jeff for sharing your home and your interest in history. If you ever get the chance to revisit a home from your childhood, I think you should consider it. Your grandmother’s kitchen holds a special warmth that will flood back regardless of the years gone by. If you get the chance to share your home with a former resident, I also think you should consider allowing it. I think it brings perspective to your life that you might not have considered. Thank you very much Jeff for your graciousness and giving this grandchild some memories back.