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GloucesterCast 626 Live Witj Scottie Mac 2/6/23

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The link will tell you all about the fiber optic cable that is being laid from Europe to Lynn. The ship off the eastern shore of Thacher is the Atlantic Merlin, an ocean-going tug that is the “grapple” ship that clears the bottom from debris, old cables, wire, fishing nets, lobster traps


Paul St Germain submits:

Joey, Thought you might like to learn more about the fiber optic cable being laid to Lynn from Europe. Web site tells it all.

The Amitié Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Project is a planned subsea fiber optic cable system in the Atlantic Ocean to link the United States and Europe. The cable will land in Europe and Lynn, Massachusetts (USA). The proposed cable and appurtenances installed in the United States will stretch from the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to a utility manhole in the City of Lynn. The length of cable installed for the Project between the EEZ to the manhole is approximately 214 miles, of which approximately 33.7 miles will be in Massachusetts state waters, with additional length on shore. The proposed cable route includes offshore cable installation, installation within a proposed conduit between onshore and offshore, and onshore routing through existing conduits. Within Massachusetts waters, the proposed cable route crosses the waters of Rockport, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Beverly, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, and Lynn.

Read more at this link

Join Us For The LiveStream Of The GloucesterCast With Scottie Mac 5:30PM 2/6/23 Link to join here-

Join Us For The LiveStream Of The GloucesterCast With Scottie Mac 5:30PM 2/6/23

Link to join here-

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“Annisquam” At Gloucester Stage Next Month

Sharing information regarding a production of Annisquam at Gloucester Stage from Director Tiffany Bartholomew:

Happy Saturday! 

Attached is a summary for an upcoming theater production opening for one weekend only in March on the Gloucester Stage. Can you please advise on how we get this information posted on your events page? And, if there is any possibility for additional coverage please let us know as Nick Hennesssy (author) is available to discuss the piece in greater detail. 

Nick Hennessy 


I have also attached a copy of our production poster for reference. 


Gloucester Stage

March 10, 730pm

March 11, 730pm

March 12, 3pm 

Tickets for sale through

Thank you in advance for your time!


Tiffany Bartholomew

(Director and Stage Manager) 

Laurel Seaver and Rose

Some pics of Gloucester my sister Rose and I took in the 80’s. That is Rose blowing the kiss, she took the pic, and that is her and I standing on it. I guess back in the day you could do that. She is deceased now. I like to honor her memory by sharing her photos. Maybe you could post on GMG.

Laurel Seaver

1606 Restaurant & Oyster Bar Spanish Wine Dinner Thursday February 9 6 PM


Join us for an evening of exquisite cuisine and wines celebrating a modern twist on classic Spanish flavor pairings and dishes!
Join us for an evening of exquisite cuisine and wines celebrating a modern twist on classic Spanish flavor pairings and dishes, while showcasing the beauty of classic industries (concervas and Heritage (iberico jamon).

Each course will feature wine carefully thought out and picked to pair with the dish. These wines are indigenous old-world classics that show the true depth and complexity of Spain. A treat for all.


White wine poach pear, iberico ham, manchego

First Course
Marinated Razor Clams – stuffed piquillo pepper, lemon aioli, garlic chili oil

Paired with 2021 Ulacia Txocoli Lzaro

Second Course
Chipirones – crispy baby squid, new potatoes, confit garlic, chorizo herb salad, squid ink puree

Paired with 2019 Avaneil Ribero del Duero

Third Course
Confit Tuna Belly – blood orange, castelvetrano…

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Tonno Gloucester Wine Dinner Get Your Reservations


‘Searching for Italy’ Wine Dinner Series – Dinner 2

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 6:30 PM

Join us for a 3-dinner series as we explore, revisit the regions, replicate some of the dishes and taste the wine from those regions and the winemakers that Stanley Tucci showcased on his very successful miniseries. Puglia | Burrata, Olive Oil, ‘Assassin’s Pasta’ 2012 Copertino Negroamaro Riserva Venice | Squid Ink Risotto 2020 Pieropan Soave Calvarino Liguria | Pasta with Pesto a la Genoese, Potatoes, Beans 2020 Punta Crena Rossese Milan | Veal Osso Bucco, Risotto Milanese 2018 Ca’ del Bosco Maurizio Zanella

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Sea Smoke Saturday

By the time you see this post, the air should be considerably warmer than the recent frigid weekend. Despite the BITTER cold, the sea smoke was very impressive. I have to say I was a little bit surprised at how many others with cameras were braving the cold for shots like these (though likely better).