Lindsay Hale Is Mocking Me.

First off I need to say that I love the Hale family and consider them to be the cream of the crop and top 1 percenters of friends I want to hang with. Zero drama, full tilt fun 💯.

But I must defend my obsession with having ice cold beverages.

First off you should understand that I’ve been on the docks where I have lobstermen who legit will buy cases of Bud heavies and plop it down in the back of a 95 degree pickup truck in the middle of summer without a cooler and stand around with a couple of guys and drink til they’re gone. Savages. 😉

Any beer other than a stout should be as close to freezing temps as possible to enjoy to the fullest. As a matter of fact there is a place in Naples Florida that advertises on a HUGE sign on it’s building that they refrigerate their beer to 29 degrees and they serve it in a frosted mug and it has little beer ice crystals floating on top. It’s legit the best place on earth to drink beer on a 90 degree day bar none.

So yes, I take my beer and cooler refrigeration SERIOUSLY. An ice cold beer consumed can be a 10. A less than ice cold beer no matter what it is can never achieve a 10.

People should strive for beer drinking greatness. Beer drinking greatness does not occur at less than optimal temps.

I’ll stand behind my never more than $15 for a Yeti beer coozie purchase as one of the best investments ever made. Have had it for over three years, has been on trips with me and I’ve enjoyed hundreds if not a thousand beers that were held at a colder threshold because of that coozie.

“Strive for beer drinking greatness”- a motto we should all live by.

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