Now and Then on Atlantic Road

The April and June 1956 Gloucester Daily Times featured these advertisements for the Remick House and its accompanying restaurant Rockmont. It struck me that the current building retains most of the features from the 1956 version of the hotel, although the current Ocean House Hotel at Bass Rocks offers continental style breakfast only. The windows on the back side of the building seem to have come through the years fairly well. I love the detail offered in the ad regarding the chef and his training. I also love the 4 digit phone number!

I am having so much fun with this “Now and Then” segment and hope you enjoy them too.

2 thoughts on “Now and Then on Atlantic Road

  1. I remember it well. Worked there in the kitchen in 59’ along with Harry Miller, Bill Kyrouz and Brendon Densmore. Karl’s son Gerry ran it and it was then not a hotel but just a restaurant and a very good one too. He had an excellent chef, Phil Richard, who cooked winters at the Fountainblau Hotel in Miami.
    Jerry used to look at the empty lot between us and the newly built Atlantis Motel and say “Some day I’m going to build a Motel there” A couple of years later he did, adding it to the Rockmont property.
    Ken Joyce


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