Monday March 29 is the final $12 Burger & Craft Beer Night at Beauport and a brand new GMG burger will be featured!!!

The Whole Crew Is Going, Are You?

Since GMG had a presence every single Burger night (thanks Pat and Jimmy for keeping the streak alive when we were away) we requested that this final Burger night they make a special GMG Burger and teh awesome chefs at Beauport obliged!

If you haven’t been able to take advantage for one reason or another, it’s a stupid great deal and this will be your last opportunity for the season as it’s the last one. Come hang out with us and partake in one of the best deals on the North Shore one last time!

Lobster Trap Tags from Ryan Morris Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

Dear Joey,

I’ve been looking around the internet for more information about the small, rectangular lobster trap tags that I’ve been finding on the beach and found a few interesting articles on Good Morning Gloucester about tags that have been found all the way across the Atlantic in England. I’m not nearly so far away, just up the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia’s Advocate Harbour, but have become something of a hunter for these unusual little pieces of drift. In the past few years I’ve amassed a collection of 118 tags. It’s been interesting learning what these (to me) unusual orange rectangles are and tracing where some of them are from. Tags with phone numbers can be traced to other harbours in Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, and a great many in Maine. I thought I’d write to thank you for sharing your articles and show you a bit of what I’ve found here in Eastern Canada.

The harbour here in Advocate is perhaps a kilometer or so long and a kilometer or two wide. The village faces southward with high capes of land to the east and west. A long, narrow spit of sand and driftwood stretches out like a finger along the south end of the harbour with a narrow channel for fishing boats to enter and exit when the tide is high. This outer beach (the ‘Big Beach’ in local parlance) shelters our community a bit and is a wonderful place to beachcomb. I haven’t the smarts to explain why, but some combination of tides and currents and other bits of geography work in tandem filling our shore with driftwood and detritus. Beaches only a kilometer or two away don’t catch a fraction of what washes in here. It can be both a sad sight and a fascinating one. A walk on our beach will yield miles of rope that the sea has snagged into Gordian knots, bits of lobster traps, boots, buckets, lost toys, sporting equipment, and pieces of plastic broken into small and now unknowable bits. I first noticed one of these lobster tags a few summers ago. I was struck, I suppose, by the fact that it had an owner’s name stamped so plainly and deliberately in it and that it was not a broken piece of something, like so much that one finds in the drift.

I think the first tag I found sat on a shelf in the porch for a bit and was then tossed in the rubbish. But when a second and third found me on a beach walk I began to keep them, comparing names and wondering what they could be. By summer’s end I had perhaps two dozen and sufficient curiosity to find out what they were. The warning about theft made me assume they were from lobster traps and then I found two tags with phone numbers I could identify as being from Maine. Area code 207 has since then shown up on empty bait pails, escape hatches for lobster traps, and much else. 

I see fewer of these tags come winter. It may have to do with the seasonal nature of lobster fishing, it may have to do with seasonal changes in wind patterns and intensities. It may also have to do simply with me being outside less when Canadian winter sets in. Annually I wonder if I’ve found all I will find, and each spring I start to see more. I found my first two of the season earlier this week and just this morning a long walk yielded no fewer than seventeen orange tags.   

Two summers ago I opened a box of screws and began mounting my growing collection to a wall in my garage. Everyone who comes in notices them and asks what they are. When I tell them I found all of these here on the beach within walking distance of home they’re taken aback. Everyone says the same thing, shocked that I found all of these under our noses when they’ve never seen one before. It’s a case, I suppose, of needing to see something only once to then start seeing it nearly everywhere. Now neighbours will occasionally see one of these on their beach walks and save it for me. The threat now seems to be running out of wall space before running out of tags.

Thank you for sharing your interesting posts from UK beachcombers. I wonder if any names on these tags might be from your area. I’m always curious to know how far things have traveled, who once owned them, and how long they’ve been at sea before I brought them home. 

Happy beachcombing,

Ryan Morris

Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

Free Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda for the Week of March 29th Gershwin Routine. Restorative Yoga Mon. and Wed. 5 PM

Cape Ann Wellness

So many standards from the American Songbook were written by George Gershwin.  Embraceable You, Our Love is Here to Stay and more.  So many contemporary artists are revisiting and recording new versions of the old standards like Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt.  Why?  Because this music is so timeless.  And it’s great to dance to.  We will be dancing to new versions of the Gershwin standards.  Come join us at the Zoom Stardust Ballroom.  Well at least join me in my basement studio and we will have fun dancing to the Tunes of George Gershwin.

For Restorative Yoga, find some cushions, large books, yoga blocks, blankets, whatever you can use instead of bolsters and blocks.  We make it work.  For more information on Restorative yoga, check out my site,  It is a lovely passive practice that gives the participant relaxation and calm. Who couldn’t use that right now.

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Need Help Getting Your Vaccine Appointment?

If you live or work on Cape Ann and are eligible for a COVID vaccine but are having trouble securing an appointment, help is available. An informal group of caring people calling themselves the “COVID Angels” are working the keyboards in the overnight hours when new appointments are released to help people get their appointments. To get a name on the list the Angels will work from, email (that’s the zip code, so those are zeroes) with the following information:


Date of Birth

Cell contact number



Insurance carrier and Policy number (not required to get a vaccine, but you will be asked)

Please also indicate if vaccine is for a male or female. (some of the appointment sights require this choice, sorry)

Please understand the Angels will do the best they can but nothing is guaranteed. Most (all ) current vaccine sights are out of town, so be aware. You should expect to hear back by email from the appointment sight within a few days.

These wonderful volunteers set alarms to get up in the middle of the night to help with this effort. They have their own families and jobs during the day so it’s a terrific service they are offering. Questions can also be submitted to So, check your eligibility and ask for help if needed.

GloucesterCast 487: With Warren Waugh, Karen Hanson, Cidalia Schwatrz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/28/21

GloucesterCast 487: With Warren Waugh, Karen Hanson, Cidalia Schwatrz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/28/21

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Topics Include:
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The Tipsy Seagull sold out AGAIN!!  Thanks again to everyone for their donations to Alzheimer’s Association and NAMI Cape Ann, as well as to Joe Higgins for the cornhole games.


Making the donation (minus Nichole’s because she spent it all on pretzels)


Catherine drove from Lynnfield to get the last pint of Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream.


Burger Night Monday night at the Beauport will be the last one and it will feature a special GMG burger…… 


John Popper From Blues Traveler On Podcast next Wednesday at 3:30PM.


Went Into the new  Cape Ann Chamber Building For The First Time and I Was Blown Away


Doggie DNA test needed to determine who isn’t picking up their dog’s poop (Chris) 


March is National Peanut Butter month. Other than jelly/jam, what else do you put on your peanut butter sandwich? (Chris)


What would it impact your willingness to go to a bar if all they require is the purchase of a cheap appetizer split up between 4 or more people adding $1 to the cost of each person’s bar tab ultimately? (Joey)


2121 New Floral Beautification initiatives for downtown.  Generous Gardner’s was the recipient of the most recent award from the 100 Women Who Care Cape Ann organization.  Congrats to Generous  Gardeners! 

           The $11,500 donation will support a new hanging basket program on Main Street with self-watering baskets that can hold 2 gallons of water with each watering.  The group has also purchased self-watering inserts for the existing ground planters, with the addition of four new ground planters for the upper end of Main Street.  New watering tanks will allow volunteers to water the baskets from their vehicles.  The plan this year is to  install 27 baskets from Tonno to Sage Floral.  


The donation is still not enough to cover the cost of the Beautification Initiatives for 2021.  We are asking our fellow business owners to help out with a donation to the program.  Gloucester and downtown are very  fortunate to have a group like Generous Gardner’s volunteering to make Gloucester more welcoming with the beauty of flowers.  Please contact Susan Kelly at to make a donation.


  1. Parson Street.  As you know Parson Street is a small street in between  the Dress Code and the Mermaid shop.  The city has won a grant to make Parson Street a more walking friendly, ADA approved entrance to Main Street from Rogers Street.  Plans call for new street paving and sidewalks, new lighting, and possible a pedestrian sign that lights up on Rogers Street.  Parson Street will become a pedestrian  connector from I4C2 parking and downtown.  Completion is expected before May 31 of 2021.  A great improvement for downtown.  Thank you to our Mayor and Jill Cahill from Community development for making the grant possible.  
  1. The city is in the process of permitting outside dining once again this year.  

If you have suggestions on how outdoor dining can be improved on Main Street now is the time to add to the conversation.  


  1. Sidewalk Bazaar.  Hoping to have it once again in some form in August.  If the state opens up events like ours than we will move forward.  For now we are in a wait and see mode

Now and Then at 279 East Main Street

We stopped at Dogtown Books on Main Street recently to drop off a new GMG sticker and, of course, I had to take a peek at what was being offered in the Local History section. Lucas very nicely showed me 2 large bound volumes of the Gloucester Daily Times, each covering 3 months of 1956. I immediately snatched them up and dragged them home (they are big and bulky). I am including a shot of me hauling my bounty back to the car.

So we got them home and started going through them page by page, day by day. This story came to our attention right away. The Grand Opening of the Yankee General Store at 279 East Main Street. This store ran from 1956-1974 and even made note in the Boston Globe of its penny candy availability in a Feb 22 1960 column, a portion of which you see here. Some of you surely have memories of this place! Share them in the comments for all to enjoy.

Today, the store front looks nearly the same though it currently houses a medical practice. More stories from 1956 Gloucester forthcoming……

How to Choose Your Kitchen Hardware From Grand Banks Building Products

Cape Ann Home

Whether you are looking for a quick refresh, or starting from scratch, choosing your hardware can help you complete the look in your kitchen. With so many decisions to be made, there is a tendency to overlook the hardware decision. But it’s an opportunity to make a big impression. Sometimes, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. Like most of the decisions in your kitchen, there are no right and wrong answers. The best answer is the one that feels right to you, the one you feel completes the space in the best way for you and your family.

Here’s a step by step guide to get there.

Cabinetry Hardware Knobs and Pulls


The first choice you have is knobs or pulls. You can go with all knobs, all pulls, or a mixture of both.Knobshave a smaller profile, and can be used on either doors or…

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