Mostly Feathers and Fur — pat morss

But, a few other photos first.

Servicing Eastern Point nun buoy “N4”
Heading out on a calm spring morning
Easter ornaments replace Christmas on Fort Hill Ave
Beauport Museum chimneys
Last “ice flower” dipping in Niles Pond
Lonely Canada Goose
Mallard pair and Merganser sharing rocks
Merganser races
Grackles fighting for feeder rights
Deer were eating our azaleas; Anne-Lise used the air horn
Is it safe to return?
Turkeys are following the same evening routine
Not too graceful
At least they don’t eat the bushes and flowers
Final strut to the trees

Fishing industry folks- thoughts on stuck ship at Suez Canal, and off our shore where there’s smoke…

Where there’s smoke, is there processing right on board the ship? Can someone help describe this boat, what’s happening and where it’s headed to and from?

photo caption: Vessel off Gloucester 3/23/2021 visible from the shore. Binoculars held up to phone for “zoom”

“The Ever Given, a container ship longer than the Eiffel Tower,…” Suez Canal snarled by Giant Ship

Article mentions a first such incident there. What happened?

GloucesterCast 485: With Jane Noble, Lisa Zellenka, Drew Hale, Joe Fish Printer, Rachel Refalo, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/24/21

GloucesterCast 485: With Jane Noble, Lisa Zellenka, Joe Fish Printer, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/24/21

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Topics Include:
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Shout Out To Mom’s Kitchen For Tuning Us Up With Coffee rolls
Jane and Lisa Making Soup Coozies. Hand-made, washable, microwavable. $5. each.  All net profits donated to Open Door.  Novelty prints plus home decor fabrics. can be ordered by email:
Joe Higgins Fish printer Donating Corn Hole Boards
Collecting checks today and tomorrow.
Dinner at Passports Steak Au Poivre
John Popper On Podcast next Wednesday at 3:30PM. 
Annie Brobst Podcast Friday at 9:30- Country Singer That Went Viral On TIK TOK singing for a bartender at Beauport

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Backyard Growers hosts online Lunch & Learn, “Frontyard Growers: Algonquian Farmers of Cape Ann”

Cape Ann Community

Join Backyard Growers and local historian & anthropologist Mary Ellen Lepionka on April 8 at 12 pm for a FREE online Lunch & Learn, Frontyard Growers: Algonquian Farmers of Cape Ann, comparing the practices of indigenous and colonial farmers on Cape Ann during the 17th century. Click here to register for this event and discover:

Who were the indigenous and colonial farmers of Cape Ann? How and where did they plant? What did they grow? How did land pass from Algonquians to colonists on Cape Ann? What role did enslaved people and freed slaves play in the Cape Ann farm economy? Was Dogtown farmed? What can we learn from indigenous growers about conserving land, managing trees, using our soil and water, cultivating crops for food and medicine, preserving harvests, and saving seed? What inspiration can we draw from Algonquian garden designs and community feasting?

Mary Ellen Lepionka of Gloucester…

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