GloucesterCast 487: With Warren Waugh, Karen Hanson, Cidalia Schwatrz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/28/21

GloucesterCast 487: With Warren Waugh, Karen Hanson, Cidalia Schwatrz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jimmy D and Joey C Taped 3/28/21

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Topics Include:
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The Tipsy Seagull sold out AGAIN!!  Thanks again to everyone for their donations to Alzheimer’s Association and NAMI Cape Ann, as well as to Joe Higgins for the cornhole games.


Making the donation (minus Nichole’s because she spent it all on pretzels)


Catherine drove from Lynnfield to get the last pint of Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream.


Burger Night Monday night at the Beauport will be the last one and it will feature a special GMG burger…… 


John Popper From Blues Traveler On Podcast next Wednesday at 3:30PM.


Went Into the new  Cape Ann Chamber Building For The First Time and I Was Blown Away


Doggie DNA test needed to determine who isn’t picking up their dog’s poop (Chris) 


March is National Peanut Butter month. Other than jelly/jam, what else do you put on your peanut butter sandwich? (Chris)


What would it impact your willingness to go to a bar if all they require is the purchase of a cheap appetizer split up between 4 or more people adding $1 to the cost of each person’s bar tab ultimately? (Joey)


2121 New Floral Beautification initiatives for downtown.  Generous Gardner’s was the recipient of the most recent award from the 100 Women Who Care Cape Ann organization.  Congrats to Generous  Gardeners! 

           The $11,500 donation will support a new hanging basket program on Main Street with self-watering baskets that can hold 2 gallons of water with each watering.  The group has also purchased self-watering inserts for the existing ground planters, with the addition of four new ground planters for the upper end of Main Street.  New watering tanks will allow volunteers to water the baskets from their vehicles.  The plan this year is to  install 27 baskets from Tonno to Sage Floral.  


The donation is still not enough to cover the cost of the Beautification Initiatives for 2021.  We are asking our fellow business owners to help out with a donation to the program.  Gloucester and downtown are very  fortunate to have a group like Generous Gardner’s volunteering to make Gloucester more welcoming with the beauty of flowers.  Please contact Susan Kelly at to make a donation.


  1. Parson Street.  As you know Parson Street is a small street in between  the Dress Code and the Mermaid shop.  The city has won a grant to make Parson Street a more walking friendly, ADA approved entrance to Main Street from Rogers Street.  Plans call for new street paving and sidewalks, new lighting, and possible a pedestrian sign that lights up on Rogers Street.  Parson Street will become a pedestrian  connector from I4C2 parking and downtown.  Completion is expected before May 31 of 2021.  A great improvement for downtown.  Thank you to our Mayor and Jill Cahill from Community development for making the grant possible.  
  1. The city is in the process of permitting outside dining once again this year.  

If you have suggestions on how outdoor dining can be improved on Main Street now is the time to add to the conversation.  


  1. Sidewalk Bazaar.  Hoping to have it once again in some form in August.  If the state opens up events like ours than we will move forward.  For now we are in a wait and see mode

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