Please Submit Your Nomination For The GMG Gloucester’s Best Tuna Sub Challenge. Nomination Period Will Run Through Sunday at 8AM

Top four nominations for best Gloucester Tuna Sub as submitted in the comments on this post.

To submit a nomination you click the title of this post and then under the post where it says “Leave a comment”, click that and write the name of the sub joint who you consider makes the best Tuna Sub in Gloucester.

You can only vote once and anonymous votes don’t count.

Judges should not submit a nomination.  It shows bias and I want the most impartial judges possible. Thank You.

There will also be voting on Facebook which will be added. If you vote twice both of your votes will be removed.

Nomination period runs through Sunday at 8AM (or until Joey deems four joints clear runaways).

Once we tally up the top four sub shops according to your nominations, 4 GMG contributors independently and at the same time order the exact same subs to go from the nominated sub shops.  We pick them up and bring them back to the dock.

Then we place them on the digital scale for the Weigh-In.  We will divide the weight into the price and come up with the best value weight wise. Then we cut it in half and then in quarters to look at the cross section for the equal distribution of tuna.  If a place loads up the sub in the middle and leaves the ends empty they will be exposed.  Packaging and Sogginess Factor will be a new category which will be scored as well.

Then we each take a quarter of the sub and grade based on taste.

We will present the findings in a post to the readership.

I’m pumped for this challenge!

So start sending in your nominations now in the comment section of this post (again if you don’t see words that say leave a comment directly below this post then click on the title of the post and you should see where you can submit a nomination).

Also please share the link through Facebook or twitter using the buttons below the post to get the most nominations as possible.




Dear Bluefin Blowout enthusiasts:

Today’s warm weather and SW wind help get the adrenaline going from my vantage point on Mussel Point as you enter Gloucester Harbor.  With the longer days approaching, the interest level and communication to our Facebook page and website have us charged up for a tournament.  Not just any tournament, but the best one in the Northeast…..The Bluefin Blowout.  It might be because some of the relaxing restrictions of the Covid-19 lockdown, the weather, boats getting ready to be dipped or maybe the new season of Wicked Tuna.  All that said, we are still in a holding pattern.  The best way I can describe our situation is that the state and the city of Gloucester still have guidelines that must be adhered to.  The last thing we need is for all the good that is the Bluefin Blowout be tarnished by us jumping to a schedule that we really can’t promise.  We know that our friends at Cape Ann’s Marina want to put on the tournament; we sure have the most outstanding fleet of competitive captains and crews; and the best Bluefin Tuna fishery in the Northeast just miles from the Annisquam. We also know that the city still has St. Peter’s Fiesta on hold as well as many of the 5k road races that take place on spring and summer weekends.  So we have a challenge and that challenge is for me to continue to work with Cidalia, Drew, and Kruti as we wait patiently for more news that restrictions will continue to be lifted. It may take as long as Memorial Day to make a decision.  The scheduled dates of the tournament are 7/29 to 7/31.  We would hope to hold our second ever Bluefin Bash on Monday, 7/26.  This Alzheimer’s benefit dinner and auction raised over $200,000 when we last put it on in 2019.  The total charitable donations were $366,000 that year breaking all records of the past.  I guess I could have simply written “we still don’t know,” but I really want all our teams, spectators, and sponsors to know that we will do everything we can to put on the Bluefin Blowout in the best fishing community in New England….Glosta!

Warren Waugh

Construction progress along Thatcher Road and off Washington Street #GloucesterMA

March 2021 construction status. Two projects near Good Harbor Beach at the four corners of Thatcher and Witham, and two projects in Riverdale off Washington Street.

pinch and zoom or double click to enlarge photos

Thatcher Road and Witham – 6 townhouses “Brier Cliff by the Beach”

Between Thatcher and Cliff Road

Thatcher Road and Witham – 12 condos “Ocean View at Good Harbor Beach”

*formerly Brier Neck shores

Between Washington Street by Piraino Street and Thornhill Way

(before Willow Rest)

Washington Street past Willow Rest – Sea Glass Lane

Your Next Home By the Sea – Halyard

Cape Ann Home

Your search for your next apartment home in Gloucester just got a lot easier. Halyard is conveniently located within minutes to local area beaches, downtown and area shopping. We are a pet friendly apartment community with top notch amenities. Offering studio, one and two bedroom apartment homes beginning April 2021.

To book your personalized tour or to inquire about your next home, give us a call 978-515-2500 or email

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GloucesterCast 477 with Corinne Lippie, Susan Kelly, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 3/10/21


GloucesterCast 477 with Corinne Lippie, Susan Kelly, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 3/10/21

Press play to watch and listen (video)-

Press play to listen (audio)-

When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast or GMG in your email.  So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get them via email subscription.

 img_1312-1       img_1312      img_1312-2

Topics Include:
Please share the podcast! If you share the podcast while we are taping we will write down your name and you will be entered into a drawing to win a prize that we will choose about 2/3 the way through the podcast.
Generous Gardener Initiatives:
  • Our GrowBag initiative which we piloted in spring 2020 to help households overcome traditional barriers to growing healthy food that so many people face, including space constraints and homeownership. We are expanding the program this year following the success of the pilot program and finding new ways to also get kids involved through Grow Bag kits.  
  • Our upcoming spring programming of vegetable gardening workshops  
  • The public art project we are developing at Willowood Community Garden this year in partnership with Gloucester Housing Authority and Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce  

Hopefully a segment on all the great growing that’s happening on Cape Ann this year will brighten some gray March days! 🙂


The Cape Ann Museum pays tribute to local pandemic victims with new COVID-19 Memorial

Cape Ann Community

Virtual Dedication Ceremony: March 10 at 6 p.m.

Rendition of COVID-19 Memorial at Cape Ann Museum (CAM) Green by artist Pamela Hersch.

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (March 2021) – Nearly one year ago, the coronavirus pandemic forced the state to shut down and declare a state of emergency. To commemorate the community’s profound loss, the Cape Ann Museum is creating a temporary art installation to pay tribute to those who died from the deadly virus including at least 41 people in Gloucester, 61 people from Cape Ann, and more than 2,000 people from Essex County. The COVID-19 Memorial will be dedicated at CAM Green during a virtual online ceremony on March 10 and will be open to the public through March 14.

In partnership with the City of Gloucester and LuminArtz, the Cape Ann Museum COVID-19 Memorial is comprised of three parts: a video art installation from LuminArtz, the Cape Ann Cairns…

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