Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 483 At 9AM Sunday March 21, 2021

Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 483 At 9AM Sunday March 21, 2021


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Sampling mad mix during March Madness! GMG Tipsy Seagull @ Holy Cow ice cream #GloucesterMA

Holy Cow Ice Cream +1 978-281-0313

Mad dash to the Holy trinity corner – St. Ann’s Church, Holy Cow Ice Cream, Yellow Sub, on Pleasant street :),

aka Burnham’s or bust. Yummy! Go scoop some up!

Creighton won

Good Morning Gloucester Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream Saturday Update

Holy Cow has been working overtime to keep up with the demand which is awesome. We have a few new donations that have been pledged, I’ll add the new ones to the bottom of the list as they keep coming in-

Joey and Chris $200

Carlton Campbell: $250

Warren Waugh $2000

Lyon Waugh Auto Group $2000

Mike Codair $100

Nichole Schrafft $100

Rachel Refalo $100

Paul Gamber $500

Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz $200

Chris and Kiley Doe $100

Alicia Cox $100

Zach Sears $100

Drew Hale $200

Kerry McKenna $100

Brenda Grimes Davis and John $100

Carla Bejamin $100

Karen Hanson $200

Lynn and Phil Scannell $100

Jane Gagliardi ?

Catherine Ryan $100

Charleen Delaney $100

Please let me know if I missed anyone.



Hawks or Eagles? Who Wins the Nest?

The first day of spring seems like a good time for this. There’s an interesting story developing in our backyard tree here in Magnolia. There’s a hawk nest that wasn’t used last year that the eagles AND hawks have been showing interest in these past several weeks. With nesting season upon them, the interest has grown recently. About a week ago, a hawk screeched into the nest while an eagle was there but the hawk left quickly. A few days ago, I was able to capture the eagle in the nest around 9 AM and a hawk in there around noontime (see green circles).

We do not know how this is going to pan out. The eagles are clearly building a nest somewhere nearby as we see them carrying sticks into the tree. I contacted Mass Audubon about the situation and this is their intriguing response: Bald Eagles will occasionally upgrade a Red-tail nest for their own use, but it’s fairly uncommon, and I think your speculation is right about the eagle using it as a source for sticks. If the eagle is there fairly regularly, I suspect the Red-tail will abandon it, as the eagles are essentially the enemy. The other thing that’s unusual is that the nest wasn’t used last year, and I’ve never heard of a Red-tail re-using a nest that hasn’t been used in two years.

It is our suspicion that the eagles are taking the nest apart for their own nesting material as fast as the hawks are rebuilding their nest for upcoming use. A selection of “our” hawks and eagles in or near the nesting area. I will keep you posted!