The GMG Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream From Holy Cow Is Being Crafted As We Speak Pre-Ordering Starts Thursday At 8:05PM Here:

The GMG Tipsy Seagull Ice Cream From Holy Cow Is Being Crafted As We Speak

Pre-Ordering Starts Thursday At 8:05PM Here:

Chris and I offered to donate $100 each to Warren Waugh’s Alzheimer’s Association and a Suicide Awareness program if we sell 100 pints within a week’s time. Not five minutes after our friend Carlton Campbell from @waterscapesofnewengland chimed in with a $250 donation followed by Mike Codair’s $100 donation and then Big Daddy Warren Waugh dropped this bombshell-

Warren and Lyon Waugh Auto Group coming through with $1000 each for both organizations!

Nichole Schrafft is donating $100 and Rachael Refalo chimed in that she will be donating $100 as well!

Late Winter at Halibut Point — pat morss

Last weekend we had a beautiful and uncrowded visit to Halibut Point.

Quarry and Ipswich Bay
State Park Visitor Center at quarry
Clear day – Mt Agamenticus, ME (81 miles) and Isles of Shoals
Rocks to themselves
Resident Harlequin Ducks
View from on top of the quarry tailings; note the “maze” at center
Taking a breather at the maze
The Inuit People build “Inukshuks” like this as navigational markers
Guess who’s coming to dinner

March 17 Legislative & COVID-19 Update

March 17 Legislative & COVID-19 UpdateNews from the office of Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante
Today, the Commonwealth announced the timeline for all remaining residents to be eligible for a vaccine and provided an update on doses that are being received and distributed.

Vaccine Eligibility Timeline

Today, the Commonwealth announced the dates that all remaining residents and certain worker groups will be eligible for a vaccine. The detailed timeline adheres to the original timeline for the three phases announced in December.

All residents can preregister to book an appointment at a mass vaccination site at Appointments will be offered based on eligibility and available appointments nearby. It is expected that more sites will come online as part of the preregistration process in April.

Timeline for remaining groupsMarch 22nd: Residents 60+ and certain workersApril 5th: Residents 55+ and residents with one certain medical conditionApril 19th: General public ages 16 years of age and olderThe full timeline is available at

The Commonwealth has received assurances from the federal government that an increased vaccine supply will be available to states soon. Depending on supply, it could take weeks for people to be notified that an appointment is available at a mass vaccination site.Dose Update

This week, the state is receiving a modest increase in supply of first doses, approximately 170,000. This includes an unexpected 8,000 doses of J&J vaccine.

In total, the Commonwealth will receive 316,000 first and second doses as part of the state allocation. These figures do not include doses provided through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program or to Federally Qualified Health Centers.

This week, first doses and second dose state allocations (total doses), were distributed among providers as follows:Mass vaccination locations: 101,890Health systems and health care providers (excluding CHCs): 99,230Community Health Centers: 27,450Regional Collaboratives and Local Boards of Health: 59,580Regional Collaboratives: 40,370Local Boards of Health: 19,210Retail pharmacies (non-CVS)State allocation: 8,490Mobile Clinics supporting long-term care facilities, congregate care, affordable/low-income senior housing and homebound individuals: 19,180Weekly allocations are subject to change based on federal availability, demand from providers, and obligations to meet second doses. Providers have 10 days to use their doses and must meet specific performance thresholds.

Federal Doses

In addition to the state allocation, the federal government distributes vaccines to CVS Health sites as part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership as well as to certain Massachusetts federally qualified community health centers. These quantities fluctuate on a weekly basis and are not counted as part of the state’s weekly allocation.

This week, 106,440 first and second doses have been allocated to the retail pharmacy program and 9,500 doses have been allocated to the federally qualified health centers.

Individuals looking to book appointments across any of these providers should visit to learn more.

Please read on below for new, updated, and important legislative updates and information surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and see our past newsletters if you haven’t had a chance to read them already for more relevant guidance and directives following Governor Baker’s declaration of a state of emergency on March 10th. Visit for complete information, check the municipal websites for GloucesterRockport, and Essex for local guidance, and text “COVIDMA” to 888-777 to receive COVID-19 text message alerts straight to your phone.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021 ☘️

Since the parade in Boston is cancelled this year, here are a few Boston Globe St. Patrick’s Day stories from the past that mention Gloucester.

1957 Crowd 450,000 strong line South Boston

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: “Roars of 450,000 Rock Old Southie – Throngs in Deafening Tribute

Among the marching groups, a message from Gloucester:

“…Typical of the pure fun of this Irish carnival was the green-clad junkie’s horse and wagon, topped with a dozen members of the Hibernian Student Assn. There was also the usual assorted nags, jockeyed by small boys in green derbies, and a number of other informal entries, like the man with the green-lettered sign, “Eat Gloucester Fish.”

Forman, Ian. “Roars of 450,000 Rock Old Southie,” Boston Globe. 1957 March 19. Front page, continued p.22

1968 Rainy day

South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1968 featured Gloucester youth, St. Peter’s Bagpipe Band, as the bring it home musical act, – were you watching or marching?

“The last musical unit to bring up the parade was St. Peter’s Bagpipe Band of Gloucester. As the boy and girl pipers marched through the rain past the final reviewing stand, they lifted their water-soaked bagpipes to their lips and proudly skirled out “The Wearing of the Green.”

Davis, William. “‘Twas a ‘Soft Day’ for Boston’s Irish.” Boston Globe, 1968 March 8, p.19.

1961 Senator Ben Smith is Irish

Local politics

“the political longshot from Gloucester…He credited Al Smith for his courage in the face of bigotry, starting a job that Jack finished last November.”

“About Time We Knew: Ben Smith is Irish,” Boston Globe. 1961 March 20

Nurses from counties Cork, Limerick and Donegal, invited guests, were “beautiful, young and single.” Because 1961.

1892 How Ireland was Observed in Gloucester

A children’s medley performance at St. Ann’s made the St. Patrick’s Day roundup news. Do you recognize family surnames? (The Church is spelled St. Anne’s in this Boston Globe article.)

“The day of Ireland’s patron saint was fittingly observed here today, the Sunday school teachers of St. Anne’s Church giving an excellent entertainment, consisting of the operetta, “A Trip to Europe,” and readings, tableaux. The entertainment was under the management of Rev. C. W. Regan, assistant at St. Anne’s. The hall was packed with enthusiastic friends of the performers, who generously applauded the finished manner in which the various parts were rendered. The tambourine drill in the second part was a picturesque and pleasant feature…The readings by Miss Maggie Keefe and the tableaux also won high favor from the audience…”

Boston Globe 1892

Names mentioned: Jeannie Dooling, Eddie Fanning, Maggie Fanning, Michael Fanning, Etta Gibbs, Maggie Gibbs, Miss Etta Greenleaf, Hannah Harris, Lizzie Healey, Charles Hennessey, Maggie Keefe, Master George Kelley, Denis Moore, Miss Mary Murphy, Miss Sadie McAuley, Hugh McDonald, John O’Brien, Willie O’Brien, Nellie Nugent, Katie A. Roach, Miss M.E.J. Roche, Clara Smith, Katie Smith, Master Walter Smith, Miss Maggie Wells, Dora West, Clara White. Minstrelsy costumes were part of the program, boys were assigned roles dressed up as “four little curly headed (slur). ” 1892

St. Ann’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day revue was held at City Hall in 1924

“The annual St. Patrick’s Day entertainment of St. Ann’s Catholic parish was held last evening in City Hall auditorium. The hall was filled. overture was by Ralph Handran, pianist Helen Handran, violinist, and Helen Mitchell, drummer. Vocal solos by Mrs. George Adams, Mrs. James Cunningham and Joseph Buckley; violin solo Miss Lucille Rowe; reading, with music, Miss Irene H. Veno; address, “Christian, Citizenship,” Charles S. O’Connor of Boston; selection by the orchestra. There was community singing.”

My friend dropped off her scrumptious Irish soda bread so it feels like a pot of gold already.

What’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this year?

Seasonal Reopenings for 2021

I’d like to compile a list to share of seasonal reopenings for the upcoming spring and summer but I need your help! If you have dates to announce for reopening seasonal establishments or services please share them in the comments or by emailing me to be added to this list which I will plan to update as often as necessary. I’d like to stick to Cape Ann, with an emphasis on Gloucester and the immediate area and include restaurants, activities, ice cream and the like. Thanks!

Meanwhile, here’s what I have so far. It’s not much yet, but if you are as anxious for the season as I am, you’ll understand! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so time to think toward spring and summer.

Shea’s in Essex April 8

Cape Ann Whale Watch April 17

7 Seas Whale Watch April 17

This Week at FEATHER & WEDGE!



special tonight: burgers + sandwiches!

angus beef burgers
housemade veggie burgers

grilled haddock sandwiches
grilled chicken sandwiches
5:00 – 8:00pm

special tonight: oysters! (in-house only)
$1.50 raw oysters
oyster shooters
5:00 – 8:00pm

5:00 – 8:00pm

5:00 – 8:00pm

special today: brunch + prime roast beef!

12:00- 7:00pm
View the menu
To reserve your table,, call the restaurant (978.999.5917) or email us (

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Seals Sunning at Brace Cove

We came across our friends the seals on the rocks at Brace Cove on a recent sunny day. I understand they are not exactly sunning themselves, but rather “thermo-regulating” but that doesn’t have the same poetic rhythm for a post title. I counted at least 17 of them, which is a larger group than I have seen in the past. They are just hard to resist.

Master the Mental Game of Golf

Cape Ann Wellness

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