Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 478 At 9AM Sunday March 14, 2021

Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 478 At 9AM Sunday March 14, 2021


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@gloucesterfire with assistance to @GloucesterPD battled this brush fire at the end of Quarry St. today. Engines 3, 1, Forestry 1, Car 3, and @EssexFD Tanker 1 worked the blaze, and protected nearby houses. No word of injuries.

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Saturday Evening Live GMG Tuna Challenge Nominations Update. Only 15 hours left to vote and there are two slots completely up for grabs!!!

Vote in the comment section on this link:

You can only vote once and anonymous votes don’t count.

Judges should not submit a nomination.  It shows bias and I want the most impartial judges possible. Thank You.

There will also be voting on Facebook which will be added. If you vote twice both of your votes will be removed.

Nomination period runs through Sunday at 8AM (or until Joey deems four joints clear runaways).

Once we tally up the top four sub shops according to your nominations, 4 GMG contributors independently and at the same time order the exact same subs to go from the nominated sub shops.  We pick them up and bring them back to the dock.

Then we place them on the digital scale for the Weigh-In.  We will divide the weight into the price and come up with the best value weight wise. Then we cut it in half and then in quarters to look at the cross section for the equal distribution of tuna.  If a place loads up the sub in the middle and leaves the ends empty they will be exposed.  Packaging and Sogginess Factor will be a new category which will be scored as well.

Then we each take a quarter of the sub and grade based on taste.

We will present the findings in a post to the readership.

I’m pumped for this challenge!

So start sending in your nominations now in the comment section of this post (again if you don’t see words that say leave a comment directly below this post then click on the title of the post and you should see where you can submit a nomination).

Also please share the link through Facebook or twitter using the buttons below the post to get the most nominations as possible.

Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You” Filmed in Gloucester

Check out Kenny Chesney’s most recent Music Video….filmed in part, right here in beautiful Gloucester. (Click on post if video isn’t visible on Facebook.)

In speaking about this video, Kenny Chesney wrote, “One of the things about this video I love is the way you can feel the settings. Whether in Gloucester, Mass. or the Virgin Islands, each location was selected because it feels the way these emotions actually feel. The people who come into your life and then are gone….beyond missing them, you have the opportunity to recognize what they brought to your life and be thankful.

Mom’s Kitchen One Year Later

Where are you having breakfast this morning? May I suggest Mom’s Kitchen on Commercial Street? We stopped by this week in a tribute to having been at Mom’s Kitchen one year ago this week (March 12) after they had just reopened, but, ironically, everything else was starting to shutdown due to COVID 19. We have come a long way this year and it seemed logical to start this “new” post vaccination era with our friends at Mom’s Kitchen.

We podcast from there last March with the Mayor, Gloucester Public Health Director Karin Carroll and Sista Felicia. We didn’t intend for it to turn into such the chaos that it did during the podcast with shutdowns being announced steadily as we broadcast. We just didn’t know then where this was all going. Here’s the link to GMG Gloucestercast 387 in case you are interested from March 12 2020.

In the meantime, we visited this past week in cautious optimism that things may begin to look more normal soon. Jim had a veggie omelet, I had scrambled eggs with homemade salsa (excellent). We had a nice chat with Mom herself. The meal was relaxed, easygoing and satisfying, while maintaining necessary protocols. All our restaurant friends have had a heck of a time and we plan to try to support as many as we can as long as we feel safe…..and we have felt safe in all that I have shared with you all.

Gloucester Education Foundation: Parenting Elementary School Children During a Pandemic

Cape Ann Community

“It’s safe for kids to do a lot. This is not a pandemic of children. It’s not a dangerous illness for kids this age.” -Dr. Brian Orr

To hear more encouraging news from Dr. Orr and panelists, Lisa LaBella of West Parish and Ben Lummis, Superintendent of Gloucester Public Schools, watch Gloucester Education Foundation’s “Parenting Elementary School Children During a Pandemic” discussion below.

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MARCH Drive-Thru Food Pantry!

Cape Ann Community

Let food be one less thing to worry about. The Open Door is hosting a Special Drive-Thru Food Pantry on Saturday, March 13, at The Open Door on Emerson Avenue in Gloucester from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Bags include all the basics and milk, eggs, meat, fruits and veggies, coffee, olive oil, baking mixes and more.

The Drive-Thru Food Pantry is open to anyone who registers–it might be your first time, or you may have already used the pantry. We are asking for a registration so we know how many people are coming. ( 978-283-6776

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