Need Help Getting Your Vaccine Appointment?

If you live or work on Cape Ann and are eligible for a COVID vaccine but are having trouble securing an appointment, help is available. An informal group of caring people calling themselves the “COVID Angels” are working the keyboards in the overnight hours when new appointments are released to help people get their appointments. To get a name on the list the Angels will work from, email (that’s the zip code, so those are zeroes) with the following information:


Date of Birth

Cell contact number



Insurance carrier and Policy number (not required to get a vaccine, but you will be asked)

Please also indicate if vaccine is for a male or female. (some of the appointment sights require this choice, sorry)

Please understand the Angels will do the best they can but nothing is guaranteed. Most (all ) current vaccine sights are out of town, so be aware. You should expect to hear back by email from the appointment sight within a few days.

These wonderful volunteers set alarms to get up in the middle of the night to help with this effort. They have their own families and jobs during the day so it’s a terrific service they are offering. Questions can also be submitted to So, check your eligibility and ask for help if needed.

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