1922 Hon. Percy W. Wheeler Mayor stands with women #GloucesterMA

Mayor Wheeler credited women for his re-election. Highlighted equal rights in his inaugural address in1922.

“…I was re-elected by the largest vote and the largest majority ever given a mayor, and our city has made the best showing of any city in the state…

“…The time has come when the women must be recognized in our body politic. This year I have put on the ward officers several women and anyone visiting the polling places where ladies were working could easily see a cleaner influence was at work. It has been freely said that the women of Gloucester elected me. Very well, I am proud of it and I hope to make them proud of it, too.

“And I will say right here at this time, there are some offices in City Hall that would be better run if the lady assistants were the heads and the heads the assistants,

and the organization of women in this city I predict will do more for the advancement of our city and the cleaning of our politics than a dozen boards of trade or chambers of commerce. Yes, if I am a women’s mayor, I am proud of it and I thank them one and all for their support, and I will turn around and help one of them to be Mayor if you men don’t fight cleaner than some of you do now.”

Hon. Percy Wheeler, Mayoral address following re-election, Jan. 2 1922, Gloucester, MA

Homes for sale: 2010- 2,800 / Yesterday- 451

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Eagle Pair Returns to Magnolia

We were very happy to see an eagle fly into a tree in our Magnolia yard and examine an abandoned hawk nest. We have seen this a few times over the past few weeks but yesterday we got quite a show! The eagle sitting in the hawk nest got actively harassed by a red tail hawk, screeching in protest at the bigger predator. The eagle took off, stick in mouth and I lost it for a bit. Then an eagle landed in another tree at the edge of the marsh then took off in a soaring flight back and forth over a wide area. Pretty soon, another eagle joined up and this couple stuck together as an intruder interrupted their peaceful Sunday flyover. At first we thought the intruder was a hawk, but closer examinations of the photos puts that in doubt for me. The third bird had coloring that suggests it could be a juvenile eagle but I am just not certain. Perhaps someone out there with more detailed knowledge will weigh in?

Anyhow, one of the eagles and the intruder skirmished a bit in mid flight before the second eagle came in as reinforcement. This lasted several minutes overhead and was difficult to photograph so high in the sky so some of these are a little bit fuzzy. It was an amazing sight to witness. After a bit, the eagle couple flew off together toward the harbor and we hope to see them again soon!!!

Cape Ann Museum welcomes Kathleen Cooke Ryan as new Chief Philanthropy Officer

Cape Ann Community

GLOUCESTER, MASS. (February 2021) – The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to welcome Kathleen (Kate) Cooke Ryan as the Museum’s new Chief Philanthropy Officer.

Ryan is a seasoned fundraising professional with deep experience in international program development and relationship management, most recently through her working with constituents around the globe on behalf of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, at Tufts University. Before joining Tufts, Ryan worked for Harvard University, where her leadership positions included Harvard Business School, the Harvard Alumni Association, The Rhodes Trust and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to working for U.S. universities and colleges,Ryantaught English at the Notre Dame Seishin Women’s University in Okayama, Japan.

Most recently, as senior director of development and alumni relations at Tufts University, Ryan helped shape a team of talented professionals and partnered with senior leadership to achieve consecutive years of record-breaking fundraising results,raising nearly $70 million in pledges…

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Museum welcomes Miranda Aisling as new Education Manager

Cape Ann Community

GLOUCESTER, MASS. (February 2021)The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to welcome Miranda Aisling as the new Education Manager. Her mission is to reconnect art to daily life, a purpose she brings to her new work developing programs for the Museum including a new virtual lecture series this month.

“As a practicing artist and community organizer, I believe that creativity is an innate human skill,” says Aisling. “Some people suppress it, others develop it, but everyone has it. In my new role at the Cape Ann Museum, I’m excited to create avenues to celebrate and amplify the incredible creativity in this community, both past and present.”

Among one of her first initiatives, in response to the continued state-wide limit on large gatherings, is to bring the Museum’s gallery talks online with the CAM Virtual Lecture Series. The first such event was held on January 29.

Up next on Friday…

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Miscellaneous — pat morss

Some odds and ends from our walks from home during the last week-plus.

Cooper’s Hawk we unexpectedly scared out of the bushes when walking by
Riviera? Actually, a nice Beauport Hotel overnight getaway
Corner bedroom view for the next St Peter’s Fiesta
Newly cut tree
The deer precede the turkey march in the driveway most evenings
Remaining ice at Niles Pond, like candle drip shields
Do you think they’ll see we’re trespassing?
Crow caucus
The humans are feeding at Niles Pond (not us)
Some of the 18 seals hauled out at Brace Cove yesterday