More Courtship on Niles Pond — pat morss

We got to watch some of the action before the Northeast Storm hit yestarday afternoon.

The Bufflehead guys weren’t having much success with this female
Merganser – maybe I’ll sneak up on her
Nice choreography, but no interest
A couple of Mallards trying different approaches
In any case, don’t make the women mad
Or this will happen
This Mallard has her attention
Perfect execution
Looks like it worked
The birds and the bees are everywhere

Spring 2021 Downtown

Fellow Gloucester Merchants, 

I want to share with you what is happening this spring in our downtown.

  1. 2121 New Floral Beautification initiatives for downtown.  Generous Gardner’s was the recipient of the most recent award from the 100 Women Who Care Cape Ann organization.  Congrats to Generous  Gardeners! 

           The $11,500 donation will support a new hanging basket program on Main Street with self-watering baskets that can hold 2 gallons of water with each watering.  The group has also purchased self-watering inserts for the existing ground planters, with the addition of four new ground planters for the upper end of Main Street.  New watering tanks will allow volunteers to water the baskets from their vehicles.  The plan this year is to  install 27 baskets from Tonno to Sage Floral.  

The donation is still not enough to cover the cost of the Beautification Initiatives for 2021.  We are asking our fellow business owners to help out with a donation to the program.  Gloucester and downtown are very  fortunate to have a group like Generous Gardner’s volunteering to make Gloucester more welcoming with the beauty of flowers.  Please contact Susan Kelly at to make a donation.

 2.  The second item I want to share is Parson Street.  As you know Parson Street is a small street in between  the Dress Code and the Mermaid shop.  The city has won a grant to make Parson Street a more walking friendly, ADA approved entrance to Main Street from Rogers Street.  Plans call for new street paving and sidewalks, new lighting, and possible a pedestrian sign that lights up on Rogers Street.  Parson Street will become a pedestrian  connector from I4C2 parking and downtown.  Completion is expected before May 31 of 2021.  A great improvement for downtown.  Thank you to our Mayor and Jill Cahill from Community development for making the grant possible.  

3. The third item I want to bring forward is the city is in the process of permitting outside dining once again this year.  If you want to do outside dining and serve alcohol once again, you need to talk to the Building Inspector Billl Sanborn .  Bill will guide you thought the process.  It is my understanding that the city is going to expand out door dining for this summer.  
If you have suggestions on how outdoor dining can be improved on Main Stress now is the time to add to the conversation.  

 4. The last item I have is the Sidewalk Bazaar.  We are hoping to have it once again in some form in August.  If the state opens up events like ours than we will move forward.  For now we are in a wait and see mode

Thank You   
Joe Ciolino
Director GMA

You can help a family #GloucesterMA – March is National Kidney Month – Desperately Seeking healthy kidney O+/-🩸 type

Rose (Vitale) Geomelos grew up in Gloucester. Some GMG readers may know Rose and her relatives, including brother, Paul Vitale. You may have seen the sch. Angela & Rose heading out and returning.

That’s Rose’s name on her brother’s boat.

photo caption: Angela & Rose – photo copyright © Paul Frontiero

Rose is reaching out. Her husband, Lenny Geomelos, a hard working, youth sports coaching, North Shore man–with Gloucester family– is in urgent need of a healthy kidney.

If you are O +/- blood type, please consider registering for the kidney donation program for Lenny Geomelos, or the *paired exchange program for kidney donation. You’ll help save a life and family.

The first time I heard about kidney donors was when a friend of my family, who resided in Rockport, registered to be a kidney donor and eventually was a match, some time back in the 1990s. Her generosity inspired all, and helped save a family like Rose’s & Lenny’s.

Before our friend became a donor she read about it in the local paper, long before there was any social media. Who knows? Someone reading GMG might be a good fit or be the connecting share that helps this family meet a just right match. March is National Kidney Month so please share to help spread awareness.

“Sometimes it’s very difficult to do anything outside of your comfort zone for many different reasons. Seeking help is most definitely one that is out of my comfort zone, but I also realize for the sake of my wife and children, I need to take that step and seek help from altruistic strangers or possibly even people that may know me through my wife Rose, who was born and raised in Gloucester.”

– My name is Lenny Geomelos and I am in desperate need of a new and healthy, life-saving kidney. March 2021

How to help

For anyone interested in helping me, or spreading the word to others, the initial contact must come from potential donor candidate by registering with the Living Kidney Donor Center at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Go to Register as a potential donor – Donor Registration (  to register as a potential donor and submit the application.  When asked who you are looking to help, please enter LEONARD GEOMELOS. It’s easy to sign up but it’s not so easy to find a match. We have been unable thus far.

*Paired Exchange Program – If you are not a direct blood type match to the person you are seeking to help, you can enter the program whereby your kidney may match another patient in need within the program; and in turn, another person in the program that might be a direct match to the person you are looking to help, will receive a kidney in exchange for your donated kidney.

Fast facts

  • Name- Leonard Geomelos; I am 55 years old and I am feeling the severely negative impact of my declining kidney functions. Born and raised on the North Shore
  • Wife- Rose (Vitale) Geomelos, Gloucester, Mass. native
  • Kids- daughter in high school; son in middle school
  • Hospital – Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Fun fact: Dr. Joseph E. Murray and associates at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital performed the FIRST successful living donor transplant–a brother for his identical twin.
  • 150,000 transplants in the United States were made possible by living donors

What happened to my kidney?

I have been a diabetic for most of my adult life and have successfully managed my sugar levels.

A few years ago, I lost weight and became healthier which enabled me to get off my diabetes medications, however, my blood pressure and sugar levels inexplicably became quite elevated and landed me in the hospital twice in the span of about 8 months, where unfortunately my kidneys took an enormous hit and since then, my kidney functions have just continued to decline to where I learned in November 2019 that I’m in Stage 5 kidney failure which has forced me to now require Dialysis.

My family

“I love my family and want to continue to be here for them.  I have my wonderful wife Rose by my side and our beautiful children – our 15-year-old daughter and our 13-year-old son that I provide for and love more than anything.

I very much want to continue being here growing old with my loving wife whom I adore, and also continue to watch our children grow up in life and have the opportunity to share many more years of great memories.

I want to walk my beautiful daughter — when the time comes — down the aisle, when she is ready to begin that new chapter in her life. And I want to be there when my son makes that same transition from youth into becoming a family man himself.

A life-saving kidney would also afford me the opportunity to hopefully someday meet, hold, and watch my grandchildren grow up, and I want to do all that with my loving wife right by my side.”


My job – I have worked with the same company for almost 40 years

I was taught at a young age by my parents that to achieve anything, you have to work hard and also give back to your community. I started working at a young age of 10 years old and consider myself a very hard and loyal worker with strong work ethics and strong family values. I have been with the same company for almost 40 years.

My job is extremely physical and my condition is making it harder for me to do my job. I will never quit because I feel that is not an option since I have never quit anything in my life.

My community

Through my years, I have donated my time to youth sports and also various charity events through my affiliation with the Shriners. I am a youth sports coach and have coached baseball, softball and still coach youth football. Thus, I would very much like to continue to be involved in those youth sport programs, especially for my son. It means so much to watch young athletes grow with the sport and help them develop a love for the game, but more importantly, I aim to teach athletes to understand that through their participation in sports, they come to value the importance of family and education, as well as, the importance of teamwork and teaching kids to overcome obstacles in sports that may help them to use those same skills to overcome any potential obstacles in life. And here I face one of those obstacles in my life that I am in turn, reaching out for help to overcome!

“And so, I am hopeful in finding that ‘someone wonderful’ out there — who will find it in their heart to bless my family and I — that beautiful “GIFT OF LIFE!”

No amount of THANK YOUs could ever express the gratitude I would feel in finding that special person out there that is willing and able to help in my quest to find a healthy new kidney for me.”


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Beauport Burger Night!

**BREAKING NEWS: tonight March 29 is the final Burger Night at the Beauport and a brand new GMG burger will be featured!!!*** Be there or be square…….. Gotta show up to see what it is.

If you missed Burger Night at the Beauport last Monday, this is what you missed……I am not generally a fan of fried chicken on a sandwich, but this was OUTSTANDING. There’s also an Artist in Residence Gallery Series to enjoy while you are there in case you needed another reason to stop down. Another night of great service from our new friend Tara. Seating is appropriately spaced and servers are masked. Contact information is taken for seating and several people were on the outdoor deck. Maybe we’ll see you tonight!