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I knew this delay of the whale watching season was coming, but it still hurts. Good to know Cape Ann Whale Watch staff is on top of the sightings and planning for a great season! I can’t wait to get back out there! Here’s the update from the Cape Ann Whale Watch Facebook page:

Happy Thursday, folks! We have some good news & bad news….

The good news first: We have been receiving first hand reports from our fisherman friends that there are plenty of Humpback whales in the area!! Capt. Mike Tupper aboard the F/V Fremantle Doctor, reports “several Humpbacks frolicking around Thachers Island” – just a few miles off the coast of Rockport! Another report from Capt. Joe Jurek from the F/V The Mystique Lady, “Humpbacks & Finbacks feeding up off the coast of Ipswich Bay”, which if you remember correctly, is up toward Jeffreys Ledge! And one last report from our friend, Capt. Mike Ring aboard the F/V Stanley Thomas, reports seeing Humpbacks, dolphins & even some Pilot Whales on Saturday, just 8 miles off Gloucester!!

As positive as these reports are, now we have some bad news…. Governor Baker has just extended the stay at home advisory in Massachusetts until May 18th. That being said, we have again pushed back the start of our 42nd season to June 6th. Even if things start to open up on May 18th, we want to give ourselves and our customers some time to get used to the every day norm of being in public again with friends and family.

In closing, will end positively! If the stay at home advisory does in fact get lifted on May 18th, our six passenger vessel, “Lady D”, which we use for our Ultimate Whale Watch and fishing charters, will be available for private trips up to six people! If you are interested in booking this trip, please call our office directly at 1800-877-5110. This is the perfect opportunity for a family outing to enjoy fresh air and post importantly, the WHALES!

Here’s to everybody’s health & safety! Please know that we WILL get through these trying times and things we be back to normal soon! I try to stay positive in everything I do, because my glass is always half full!

Capt. Jim Douglass

So, I will re-share one of my favorite whale photos from last fall (was is only 7 months ago?) Just a whale calf having a zen moment…..



One thought on “Updates from Cape Ann Whale Watch

  1. TY I grew up in Magnolia Mass and am near 70 now and remember the whales swimming around Kettle Cove We could stand and watch them from Shore Road ,,,,,, I over the years have been out from Gloucester many times and as an Ole NAVY NURSE love every minute w the wonderful Whales,,,, Ty


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