Todd In Isolation

When Kathy Tarpinian and Ginger Ataya of The Cottage on Smith Cove heard about Todd Carlson’s Isolation Chair, they contacted him to invite him to Rocky Neck as a potential sight to add to his “Isolation Chair” photo collection. Saturday he visited with his family Jes and Jackson and we got to see his work in action.

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day so it wasn’t as deserted down on Rocky Neck as it has been recently, but Ginger showed him around the area and introduced him to some potential locations. He found a spot he liked then out came the Isolation Chair and Jes’ camera! The chair is a long time possession of his and when it no longer served a purpose inside his house, he found a purpose for it outside.

His story can be found here or you can follow him on Instagram at @Todd_in_Isolation . The photos are an awesome record of this historic time. Thank you Todd, Jes and Jackson for driving all the way from Southbridge MA and for spending time here in our beloved Gloucester!


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