Mama PiPl stretching her wings before flight

Just a very brief update about the PiPl, more tomorrow–but to let you know, today was heaven on earth for the Plovers. All three were spotted feeding without interruption in the tide pools and in the nesting area. Mama and Papa are still spending some time at the parking lot nest, but not twelve hour shifts as has been the case. I think it will take a few calm days to get them back to the beach full time. And our awesome Officer Teagan was on the job today handing out tickets!

Helpful tip for watching and photographing the Piping Plovers: PiPl are not like Snowy Owls, which unlike our Hedwig, did not mind crowds. PiPl flush much more easily. While we are trying to help the PiPl return full time to the beach especially, if you come to GHB to see the PiPl, please stay a good distance back. The roped off area is much narrower than the past two years. Deeper is better, but because we have lost so much beach to erosion, the nesting area is as wide as possible, but not quite wide enough for the comfort and safety of the PiPl. Approach singularly, quietly, and slowly, stay a few moments and then retreat. Additionally, too much attention to the PiPl draws the crows and gulls as well.

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Piping Plover nest scrape in the parking lot at Good Harbor Beach. The parking lot is not only a terribly unsafe location because of cars and trucks, but because predatory birds perch overhead. Yesterday while Ma And Pa PiPl were in the parking lot on their nest, 4 Plover monitors, including myself, watched a hawk fly very low over their heads and into a nearby tree. Let’s pray they abandon the nest and return to the beach. Hoping so much Mama and Papa Plover can catch a break today and dog owners will keep their sweet pets off the beach, all day all night. As much as I love dogs, the PiPl need everyone’s help. If you see a dog on the beach, on or off leash, at any time of day, please call the dog officers at 978-281-9900 or 978-281-9746. Thank you!

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Look-barrels at the beach-thank you!!!

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