Meet Brandon Blatchford

Bside sat down with 11 year old Musician/Singer Brandon Blatchford to discuss his incredible 2022 summer!

Brandon discusses what it feels like to open for some of Gloucester’s Bands and Musicians; John Jerome, Bob Davis Trio, David Doc, Sam Pallazola and who he would like to perform with next (we’re looking at your Mystery Meat and Chris Fritz Grice).

Listen in to hear what it is like to be an 11 year old with some pretty great inspirations and some awesome bucket list ideas!

We can’t wait to see what is next for Brandon!

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Alicia Unleashed- In Paul’s Closet

Episode 97! (Almost to a hundo). We’re on location again! This time we are in ‘Paul’s Closet’ an eclectic, retro-pop, kitschy, thrift phenomenal shop centrally located in Downtown Gloucester with on of our returning guests Paul!

HOT PLATE- Thanksgiving Wrap up, Ladies Night December 5th, Lobster Trap Tree Lighting Dec 14th, Men’s Night Dec 19th. Did we mention HEELS CLASS at MAGMA?! Paul and BSIDE LIIIIVE for this class! It’s on Dec 20th, get ready!

We sit down with Paul and find out about this magical store that he now has! Find out about how he was inspired to open this store what this store means to him and to so many and what he has in store for Ladies Night (CAN WE SAY DANCE PARTY!)

Paul also gets real about the importance of following up with Mental Health Checks, Power of Dance and Sobriety is what has helped him realize what he has wanted to so and opening the store.

We talk with him on how he as acquired some of his pieces and articles of clothing, which you honestly need to check out for yourself. Listen to the full episode for a PROMO CODE exclusive to our listeners until Dec 24th!

We even meet a delightful 15 year old assistant/intern Catherine Cheseldine, who is nothing short of FABULOUS, and is up on all the trends for you to be in PAUL’S CLOSET from home too! Check him out on Poshmark, Instagram. Etc!


Social Media links

Instagram: @Paulsclosetresale

FB: @Paul’s Closet

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The Return of the Mo’Bros

Episode 95! This is a very important podcast and PSA for men!

We are on location (Thanks Tom, Kim, Luke & Scarlet for hosting again).


HOT PLATE: We hit up Bossman’s Art Collective at Cape Ann Giclee now on display until Dec 1st.

We catch up with New Dads Ben and Tom and we have Alicia too! The Bro’s discuss what the last year has been like and making sure it is important to “KNOW THY NUTS”. We talk about all the incredible events they have lined up this month for fundraising and get the word out.

We promise it’s an important 48 minutes.

List of Events

11/9/19 11:00 AM Brewhouse workout Riverwalk Brewing, Newburyport

11/16/2019 8am, 9am, 10am

Benefit WODS Crossfit Claddagh, Auburn, MA

11/23 10:00 AM Kettlebells for Balls CF Potential, Newburyport, MA

12/7 at 6pm Movember Wrap Party Riverwalk Brewing, Newburyport


Peter Mcdermott-Spotify (a talented Mo’Bo)


MK Benatti Jewelers for Tshirts (

Riverwalk Brewing (

Headstong Mental Health and Sports-Sponsored by Movember

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The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta

Episode 94


We can’t believe it ourselves! We had ‘The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta’ Amy Clayton and Robin Clayton McNair in the yahd! Also how could we not have Samantha Frontiero Barrett, it’s a 4 year tradition?!

We ask them how it all started, why it started, what it feels like to be part of the official unofficial traditions we have come to know and love about Fiesta!

Seriously a MUST LISTEN (we know you are not reading these)!

Of course, you must listen for the special ending 😉

Anyone that would like an additional ringtone from this episode, please find us & DM (direct message) on Facebook to get yours!

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Going Rowgue

Episode 93-IT’S FIESTACAST (1 of 2)!!!!

Did you miss us?

HOT PLATE-RIP Coach Terry Silva

(it was warm out so there is an overhead fan on so there is static, sorry not sorry), I cleaned it up as much as possible- BSide

We sit down with 3 of the FIERCE ladies of ROWGUE, Alex Pizzimenti, Kristen Burnham and return guest Kristina Ribeiro (RIBBY’S BACK)!!!

We ask them what their training schedule looks like leading up to Fiesta (Alicia is SHOOK), what is involved and what it is like to be the Women’s Seine Boat Champions 4 times.


Shout out to their sponsors:
Buckley Tree Care
Crossfit Cape Ann
Rose Marine/Todd Oil

And a little breakfast spot that that feeds them on RACE DAY (that is not a sponsor, but delicious)-Sugar Mags!

Opening Song Credit by Lizzo “Like a Girl”

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The Sunrise Fund


Episode 90!
***Disclaimer***Our original disclaimer is in place; however, we must address that this episode discusses a heavy topic and is not our light-hearted conversation. We discuss Addiction and our guests are very honest and open and we ask that you listen at your own discretion.

If you suffer from PTSD or Suicidal Tendencies, we ask that you listen at your own risk. If you are struggling with addiction you can call the National Drug Hotline 1-888-633-3239
(We apologize for some audio hiccups, unsure what happened, it was a few minutes in).

We sit down with Jackie Latham and Christian Maki of ‘The Sunrise Fund’ a Scholarship program with the goal to provide hope to individuals & families with financial assistance through a recovery scholarship. Fund will be used for sober living placement around New England. Jackie and Christian talk about how they started this, why they wanted to start this scholarship.

Christian discusses his road to recovery and how many times it took before he was able to maintain 7 years of sobriety.
Jackie and Christian discuss the inspiration for the fund (Jackie’s sister and Christian’s friend Jill) and share some stories about what it is like to have someone that is struggling with addiction, the effects on the family. (31 minute mark, especially).

They also talk about their upcoming ‘The Sunrise Fund Golf Tournament’ and they need donations/sponsors! They are looking for people for hole donations, gift certificates. Will you be that person?

We cannot thank Jackie and Christian for giving us the opportunity and thank you for your candor.

Special Thanks to Kristina Ribeiro for Opener.

Music by John Jerome “Friends Forever” Album John Jerome Copyright 2018

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Alicia Unleashed- We got the meats!

Episode 89 on location! (We’re almost there! Where you at homiecast?)

We sit down with Craig Kimberley (special guest Hannah) on the hill to talk about all the things!


Hot Plate:
How is the Island surviving without plastic bags?
What’s in store for Cape Ann Lanes (We’re excited if this goes through)?

RIP James Ingram
Our plans for the Superbowl.
Craig weighs in on his love for Ariana Grande’s new tattoo!
*Annual Superbowl shout out to B’s friend Lamarr for the Halftime Show

WE ALSO WENT LIVE! Were you watching?
We ask Craig about his origin story on how he got in to BBQ’ing and photographing food. Craig talks about some of the trails and tribulations of rubs, meats, grilling in the cold. How his videos are different on youtube than other videos and who inspired him to get going doing his damn thang! He also GOES IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN on the Brisket on his (Humphrey’s Grill box) he is making for Superbowl Sunday for “Mistah Sistah’s” party. We get a little bit of trolling from Mr. Beard’o. Craig talks about some of the IDEAL items you should have on hand for ideal grilling. Also, could there be an upcoming SMOKE OFF this spring?

Listen now to find out all about it!

Social Shoutouts!
Instagram: bbqitshow


Alicia Unleashed- Let’s get loud!

Episode 88

(won’t need the volume up too high for this)

is Alicia engaged? She clarifies?

RIP Penny Marshall

GMG BBQ recap
Shout out to our a Secret Listener Aurelia!

We talk about our favorite guests of 2018 and the analytics.

2019 Guest Goals
BBQit-Craig Kimberly
Ipswich Bay Cornhole
Jessica G-911 dispatcher
Spirit Animals
Pier Ave
Call of Booty
Positive Side Effects
Hat Ladys of Fiesta

We talk about the actual Hiatus and what happened.

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We love you!

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Segðu nafn mitt

Episode 84! For those that don’t speak Icelandic, well you are going to have to listen to the full episode to find out what it means!

The “Other Alicia” is back! She dishes with us on the Hot Plate item of average cost of a first date. She follows up with us about the last time she sat down with us (there’s a lot)! She talks about being towed, Set Up gone weird? Her trip to Iceland and tips you should know!

Hot plate includes FOOTBALL IS BACK (preseason but still), RIP Roller Palace-it’s official this time. Block Party this weekend 6-10pm, Blues Fest this weekend starts at 11am. The Fred Rogers movie at Cape Ann Cinema. B also fighting the return of PSL at starbucks in late August. It’s our longest hot plate yet!

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Alicia Unleashed- Summer Fun

  1. Episode 83: Recorded on location and poolside! Alicia and B-side are joined with the 1 and only Anna B.

You might follow her on Twitter, Insta, or you might be part of little known Facebook Page (you must listen to find out what).

Hot Plate: Lights Downtown, John Jerome at Studio this weekend, Espy Awards, Aly Raisman’s speech.

This episode is an OLD SCHOOL ALICIA UNLEASHED. We talk about so many things and so many circles. Dogs bark, neighbors talking, rando’s with loud mufflers.

We sit down and talk with Anna on how she got involved with this Facebook Page (great for lurking). We touch on a few specific posts that made the page more known. We ask where the line is drawn (spoiler alert…it’s like drawing one on the breakers at GHB), what is the page really meant to be about.

Anna is also a SOLO TRAVELER! She talks about how that started for her by meeting strangers through the BSB pen pal circuit (pre-social media). Anna discusses how she goes about seeing the most of these countries and cities and where she is off to next.

We also get in to Bossman Joey’s favorite! DATING! Anna talks about the troubles and tribulations she has had with dating, dating apps and just regular snapchat! We also give Tyler some straight up life lessons! START ‘EM YOUNG! Tyler also drops one of those Millennial Lines on us.

**Also, if you are a secret listener, that is perfectly fine you can hide in the shadows! We just want a rating on iTunes or Facebook (even a like)

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Alicia Unleashed- Fiesta Cast


The FIESTA CAST with Samo and Sam Frontiero (Barrett)

Epicsode 82: BUONA FIESTA FRIENDS! It’s that time of year again! It’s our 3rd annual Fiesta Cast!

When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast. So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get the GloucesterCast Podcast sent to you for listening at your convenience..


We sat down with LEGENDARY SAMO! The oldest Greasy Pole Champion and the ripe age of 42!

We could have sat and talked with him all night! He told us stories of walking the greasy pole at the age of 10, his first walk at the age of 15. Gave us some history lessons on the Greasy Pole, and some behind-the-photo stories! See if you can catch all the names dropped in this episode!

Whether you’re hearing these stories for the first time, I would like to take a trip back through Memory Lane! We promise this is been the best Fiesta Cast yet!

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John Jerome- Behind the Music

Alicia Unleashed taped 6/13/18 with John Jerome. B-Side and Hostess Alicia


Episode 80!
Hot Plate: Alicia is leaving the Island. Recycle correctly! Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

Skippers of the Hot Plate: Interview starts at 23:43.

WE GOT HIM! After a year of campaining (or stalking, whichever) we have JOHN JEROME sitting down with us!

We get in to his beginnings with a guitar, his newly released album (links below), also his musical inspirations. We get a “behind the music” tour as to what it took to make an album, how long it takes and the process.

Social Media finds:
FB: johnjeromemusic
Instagram: johnjeromemusic
Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music.

Music Calendar:
June 15 7-10-Old Newbury Counrty Club
June 16 6-9pm-Captain Carlos (Gloucester)
June 20-Design of Mine ‘Ladies Night’ (Gloucester)
June 29 9pm Minglewood Tavern-Fiesta Friday!
July 21st 7-9pm Studio (Rocky Neck)
July 28th 6-8pm The Rhumbline (Gloucester)
August 16th Mile Marker (Gloucester)
August 18th 9pm-whenever Opus (Salem)

Alicia Unleashed- Hey Mr. DJ

Episode 78! We’re almost there!

Hot Plate: Free Screening of “A Plastic Ocean” at Cape Ann Cineman-April 19th, Great Gloucester Clean Up and BBQ to follow-April 21, Bikini Speedo Dodgeball-April 28.

Let’s get in to it! We sat down with Austin Sousa AKA DJ SOUZ! Not only is he a DJ of all the things awesome and 90’s Hip-Hop (Alicia’s Favorite), we talk about his Dodgeballing, Greasy Pole Walking AND HE’S BECOMING A MATH TEACHER!!!!!

We get in to how he got started as a DJ, what lead him to become the Karaoke DJ of O’Neils in Salem. He even gives us some “insider DJ details”. He talks about his Future endeavors including attending school to become a Teacher! Alicia also has the wheels spinning for her next party for Austin to DJ! Are you looking for a DJ for your Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal, Business Opening? Are you looking to bring more people to your dance floor or Karaoke, contact SOUZ!

Social Media Finds:
FACEBOOK (don’t worry, we’re not asking for info):
Plugs: Thursdays/Sundays 9:30pm-12:30am @oneillsofsalem

Alicia Unleashed- SUP?



Episode 77- We are on location for this one too! We recorded this 2 Southern Ave also known as The Board Barn and Retail Shop! With Owners Dom and Anneliese with Fila (the paddleboarding dog)
Hot Plate:
How many times does Alicia say Um?
*The Great Gloucester Clean Up-April 21st 9am-11am (check out our girl Donna’s One hour at a time gang page)
**Dom and Anneliese will be down at Pavilion Beach, come help clean!
*Cape Ann Lanes is hosting Unlimited Bowling on Tuesdays in April! $15 (shoes included) 7pm-Close UNLLIMITED BOWLING!
*Pride Stride April 29th
*Check out GloucesterCast 270 with Eric Lorden!
*One Ocean, One Love-OPENING WEEKEND!
We get right in to it with Dom and Anneliese, about the origins and where it all began with 1 spot (RIP Birdseye Building) to now having 4 locations! They discuss the Surf/Paddle/Retail Shop, working with businesses to support the local economy. We discuss the services that they provide, between Kid’s Surf Night (M,T,THR), Military Mondays-a working title (1/2 all services for any Active Duty or Retired Veterans), SUP YOGA (Sundays/Wed), keep an eye out for Wine Nights! Laides Surf Night (Fridays-Jul/Aug). They discuss the growth of the company, the partnerships with the commuinity and HOW FREAKING COOL IT IS!
Season Opener coming soon! Stop by the Barn of the Beach and say HI! AND GET OUT THERE!
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**If you know of someone we you should talk with on the podcast, tag them or put them in touch with us!
Instagram: @capeannsup

Alicia Unleashed- Breaking glass with Hannah

Recorded 3 / 26 / 18 with hostess Alicia, B-side, and Dr. Hannah Kimberley

Episode 76!-We traveled to the Kimberly Compound for this episode! After almost a year of campaigning to sit with her, we are sitting down with PUBLISHED AUTHOR HANNAH KIMBERLEY!

Hot Plate:
**Corrections CORNER!!! We said the wrong date for the Ward 2 Meeting! IT IS April 3rd (not the 4th) at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room.Link at the bottom of notes!

*We talk (briefly) about #MarchForOurLives
* crowdsourcing site for Teachers that need just a little bit more help with classroom materials. (They educate your kids..c’mon).

We talk with Hannah about the life of Annie Smith Peck, a suffragist, Mountain Climber all around badass! Hannah discusses the inspiration behind writing Annie’s Biography and what it took to get her story told. We talk about the amount of research that went in to finding out about Annie Smith Peck, between eBay Sales that never were and reading soooooo many letters! Stay tuned to the end, Hannah even hints about BOOK 2! If you haven’t picked up “A Woman’s Place is at the Top” DO IT NOW!

***More information about Annie Smith Peck and the book:

***Ward 2 Meeting Information:


***Closet Case Event Tickets:

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Alicia Unleashed- The Positive Side Effects


Recorded 1/25/18 with Chrisitna Kalinowsky, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practioner.

Minute 25:01 interview starts

NYE recap, Kyle’s not so surprise 30th Birthday Party (Shoutout to Scottie Mac), B’s Roller Palace Party…It’s not CLOSED! Shout out to Kristie Cakes. DON’T EAT TIDE PODS!!!! We recap B chasing down criminals. PSA Lock your doors and don’t chase criminals. Stay to the end to hear our 2018 manifests!


*Disclaimer: Christina is not a doctor.
We discuss what is the difference between a Nutritional Therapist and a Nutritionalist.
Christina explains “her why”, things she has had to learn in the last year throught this course. We talk Gout, Leaky Gut, Hearburn. Christina has a blog! Her favorite recipe, B’s favorite recipe (she calls it Chrisitna’s Miracle Juice)! How 1 food may work for 1 person and not for another. We talk Cheese, also “Not so healthy” food disguised as healthier.
Chrisitna also discusses the memior she is working on. And learning about Cancer.

Where you can find Christina (On Social).
Instagram: thepositivesideeffects
(Keep an eye out for the facebook page).

Special shout out to photographer
Instagram: rayaonassignment

Alicia Unleashed- 40 days and 40 nights

Recorded 11/22/17

Episode 70-Gobbled til we wobbled


Alicia and B-side catch up on the last 41 days since a recording of the podast. Special appearance by Talia in the beginning.

Shout out to our “Secret Listeners” and “radio magic”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicia Unleashed- Wags 2 Riches


Recorded 10/11/17 with Guests Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, with B-Side and Hostess Alicia


Hot Plate-Yoga for Surfing at Cape Ann Power Yoga October 15 12-1:30pm with Joel Kalinowsky

Scary Pumpkin Carving-Oct 21, 6-9pm Get Outside Center-Browns Mall;

Wellness Workshop at Cross Fit Cape Ann with Christina Kalinowsky October 24-6:45pm.

Briefly touch base on Vegas and California Fires. RIP Tom Petty.

We sit down with Kristie Nicastro and Patty Bonfanti, part of Wags 2 Riches non-profit-organization that helps recuse dogs and now cats from Puerto Rico. What is involved in rescuing pets, what funds they receive, some of the struggles of rescuing pets, including paying out of pocket. They discuss the euthanasia rate in PR. Advice on what a new pet owner should know about adopting a pet. Adopting vs Pet stores. We discuss Puerto Rico Devastation and what they are doing now to rescue animals now.

They are also looking for more people to join their team! They are looking for a Grant Writer! THE PUPPIES NEED YOU!


Social Shoutouts:
PositivesideeffectsKookIsland Search Wags 2 Riches

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#PuertoRicoRelief #dogrescue #grantwriterswanted #animalaid
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Alicia Unleashed- Photo talk with the Porters

Recorded Oct 1 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia.

We sat down with Award Winning Photographer Roger and Patti Porter.


Hot Plate-We discuss Puerto Rico and ways people can help and what some people don’t know.
Hugh Hefner’s passing, Joel Kalinowski’s event Yoga for Surfing event at Cape Ann Power Yoga October 14th.
You have seen their photos. We are CONFIDENT you have! We talk with Roger about his process and his passion for taking Astrophotography photos, camera lenses, filters, Gloucester Area Astronomy Club.

Did you know you can see the Aurora Bourealis here in Cape Ann? They talk about photographing snowflakes and the process behind that. Patti discusses her mixed media art as well as macro photography. We also dive in to photographing the Eclipse that just happened and what it takes to film an event like that. We talk about Roger’s award winning photos at the Magnolia Library art show! Cape Ann Giclee is the best!

Shoutouts (on FB):



Find the Porters on Social Media!
Upcoming Event-

Roger Porter Photography
Patti Porter Artwork
Attempting Patti
Roger Porter