Alicia Unleashed- Breaking glass with Hannah

Recorded 3 / 26 / 18 with hostess Alicia, B-side, and Dr. Hannah Kimberley

Episode 76!-We traveled to the Kimberly Compound for this episode! After almost a year of campaigning to sit with her, we are sitting down with PUBLISHED AUTHOR HANNAH KIMBERLEY!

Hot Plate:
**Corrections CORNER!!! We said the wrong date for the Ward 2 Meeting! IT IS April 3rd (not the 4th) at the Sawyer Free Library Friend Room.Link at the bottom of notes!

*We talk (briefly) about #MarchForOurLives
* crowdsourcing site for Teachers that need just a little bit more help with classroom materials. (They educate your kids..c’mon).

We talk with Hannah about the life of Annie Smith Peck, a suffragist, Mountain Climber all around badass! Hannah discusses the inspiration behind writing Annie’s Biography and what it took to get her story told. We talk about the amount of research that went in to finding out about Annie Smith Peck, between eBay Sales that never were and reading soooooo many letters! Stay tuned to the end, Hannah even hints about BOOK 2! If you haven’t picked up “A Woman’s Place is at the Top” DO IT NOW!

***More information about Annie Smith Peck and the book:

***Ward 2 Meeting Information:


***Closet Case Event Tickets:

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