The Market Restaurant in Gloucester makes GQ Magazine 24 Best Restaurants list!

More restaurant news, this one Annisquam way.
For this best of list, GQ high lights seriously stellar restaurants off the beaten path that are not to miss!
GQ Magazine

The Place on the Docks That Redefines “Place on the Docks”

Gloucester, Massachusetts

In the archipelago of coves and points in Gloucester, a narrow one-way residential street leads to a small marina. On the docks is a weathered old building that looks like it should be serving popcorn shrimp on paper plates out a window. Instead, it houses The Market Restaurant,…”

Open seasonally!



For Joey, because I know how much he would love to encounter one of these beasts while swimming.

Soulful eyes of River Otters.

What a treat to come upon this North American River Otter family foraging along the pond’s edge. They are quite shy and mine was a brief encounter, but I hope to meet up with them again soon.

River Otters are returning to Massachusetts for several reasons, including better wetland conservation, pollution control, and the fact that the remarkable comeback of North American Beavers has also helped NA River Otters. For the few short moments that I saw the otters, the youngsters were playing with each other, while also intently feeding on frogs and tadpoles.River Otter Eating a Tadpole 

Follow this link for excellent information on River Otters in Massachusetts.

Clam Alley | NESN’s Wicked Bites TV visits J.T. Farnham’s, Woodman’s, Village Restaurant, Clam Box!

Wicked Bites TV visited Essex and Ipswich in a big way this month to review “Clam Alley”. Visitors often ask what is the best place for a lobster roll? and fried clams?  “Clam Alley” extends throughout Cape Ann. In Gloucester there’s  Charlie’s, Gloucester House, Lobsta Land (another gorgeous marsh vista), Captain Carlo’s, the Cupboard and Lobster Pool in Rockport to name a quick few…what else?


Wicked Bites is scheduled on Saturdays at 9:30am on NESN. From their sites:

Hey, you better be ready for the next ALL NEW Wicked Bites TV. On today’s show we visit CLAM ALLEY for the very best fried clams in the world. And, we have some special guest: Kim Gilder Carrigan and VB from the WRKOmorning show.”

“Oh, the fried clam! Mike Wendt hits Essex, Massachusetts at J.T. Farnhamsfor fried clams, seafood and some incredible fish tacos.”

Wicked Bites reviewed the Village Restaurant (Sept 2016) and Causeway (Sept 2016)




Lost Dog

Hi Joey,
My name is Mara Cornetta, we live in Anisquam. We lost a brand new dog on Sunday night from our home. He slipped his collar and ran off. We had just brought him home from the airport where he flew in from Puerto Rico.
We have sightings of him from Tuesday 8/22 in Anisquam village. We are working with Animal control and MA missing dogs to try to trap him. He is extremely scared of people and does not know us or our home. I was hoping that you might post something because I know that you have a very large following. I have many flyers in the area but we need as many people as possible to be on the lookout and let us know if they see him and where.
It is extremely important NOT to chase, call, or feed him! We don’t want to scare him and drive him farther away and we want to keep him hungry so that we have a better chance of getting him to go into our trap which is baited with food.
I have attached a picture. He is 20 pounds, small/medium size.  Please ask people to call me or animal control with any information. Anyone in the Anisquam village area should check their garages, sheds, ect. He is likely hiding out somewhere. But- Do not chase him or feed him.
Thank you sincerely,
Mara Cornetta

Coral Reef Man–Artist

DSC07301I met the “Coral Reef Man”, operates Coral Reef Art Studio in Essex MA, Brooklin ME and Key West FL.  He was docked at St Peter’s Landing, stopping by to pick up some ice.  He was kind enough to give me a Glenny’s Caribbean Fish magnets.    Glenny has been hand-painting eclectic colorful fish for 15 years.

Coral Reef Art - Copy


Coral Reef Art

Gloucester Smiles-773 (AB) and Visitors from Chandler Arizona



Visitors from Chandler Arizona

DSC06838.jpgThe group number about 15, they were waiting for the rest of the group

DSC06840.jpgThis couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

Sandy Bay Yacht Club

In many ways this was the summer that wasn’t for us. We officially moved last week and the cleaning, organizing, packing, purging, and planning that had to happen prior to the actual lugging and moving was more than taxing.

As our summer winds down, I was feeling bad that we didn’t do nearly as much with Thatcher and Finn as we typically do…..but then I stumbled upon these photos….and I couldn’t help but smile.  How bad could their summer have been when, after all, they had the opportunity to sail with good friends all summer long.

We’re super appreciative to all at Sandy Bay Yacht Club for helping the boys learn to sail….but more importantly, for the feelings of independence, camaraderie, and responsibility that come along with their lessons.  I have absolutely no doubt that when my boys look back on their childhood summers, Sandy Bay Yacht Club will be a big presence in their happy memories.

CAFM Today! And a special grant presentation from the Cape Ann Community Foundation

Cape Ann Community

CAFM logo vector

The Cape Ann Farmers Market is TODAY!

3:00-6:30 at Stage Fort Park

Come celebrate with us at a special Cape Ann Community Foundation grant presentation at 3:30 under the gazebo (with our friends and fellow grant recipients Backyard Growers and Action Inc.), then grab a treat for yourself or ingredients for dinner.

Don’t forget: CAFM accepts SNAP/EBT, WIC, Senior Farmers Market Coupons, and cash. AND you can now earn bonus SNAP dollars when you buy fresh fruits and vegetables from participating farmers!

Learn more about our SNAP/EBT programs, check out what else is at the market, and look into our CAFM membership benefits at our website!

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