Save the date for the Gloucester City Council meeting to ban the use of plastic checkout bags. The new date is Tuesday, September 12th, at 7pm. Please come and support this important initiative! For our Kids! 

The Plastic: Pick it Up Kids Club


Northern Cardinals have been extending their range for decades and are now a beautiful and beloved part  of the New England landscape, all the year long. Safflowers seeds are a favorite (and squirrels don’t care much for these seeds). At this time of year, we daily place a small handful of chopped peanuts in a bowl to help fatten the fledglings, and they also love the Catbird’s blueberries. Meet our resident Cardinal family!

Papa Cardinal is always first on the scene in the morning, scoping his territory for potential danger. His feathers are mottled because at this time of year, like many songbirds, Cardinals are molting.

Fledgling #1 – The fledglings are shyer than the adults, but also persistently vocal, nonstop actually, especially when hungry. Notice how its beak has not gained its red-orange color.

Splish Splash! Mama Cardinal taking a bath. Oh no, Junior shows up–“haven’t you had enough to eat?”

Hungry Fledgling #2

LIVE from Beauport Hotel Art Show

It’s a scene! This affordable art fair is open till 8:30 Local art from dozens of Cape Ann artists! More photos of artists by their booths coming in a follow up post.

What a fabulous idea and venue for this fair. Congratulations to Cathy at Beauport

20170822_170545.jpgand all the artists!


137 Main Street Gloucester rented again plus other retail rental opportunities

Want to open a street level store on Main Street in Gloucester or buy a building? There are several available ground floor listings. What do you imagine filling these spaces?

A new Nail Salon is opening at 137 Main Street (formerly Koo De Kir and Toodeloos– before Toodeloos! moved across the street) so that space is out.


These open spaces:

242 Main Street – (former A Paine in Al’s Glass space after he moved from Maplewood)




232 Main Street – Animal Krackers space will be available one day as building is for sale




6 Elm Street (former Common Crow space) at corner of Main

20170818_153316 (1)


180 A Main Street A (former Magic Scarf space) William C. Rochford building (Action Inc) Magicscarf 19 Pond Road was having a sale.

180 Main Street A William C Rochford building action


123 Main Street – (Kids Unlimited space closing)



8 Pleasant Street at corner of Main (former J Barrett & Co realtor space relocated to Main Street)



206 Main Street – (not available! former Cameron’s building was sold and will be redeveloped)

20170818_153011 (1)



There are a few tickets remaining for this very special celebration honoring Angela Sanfilippo. For more information visit or call 978-821-1590.

Update: Roads Open After A Portion of Gloucester Roads Closed. Strong Smell of Gas!

We were just coming from Rockport trying to get to downtown Gloucester at the lights by the extension and could not go straight. Lots of police cars and ambulances. We took a left at the lights to go down towards Lee’s and discovered that road to be closed as well. Lots of police action and smells strongly of gas.   Not sure what is going on but plan accordingly.


Fun viewing

I think it was more fun to watch everyone in Facebook land watching the eclipse then the eclipse itself!  It was so awesome to see everyone united in just having some fun!   Thanks to everyone who shared their pics with me!

AND…in case you didn’t get the award winning shots of the eclipse..I share with you these stunners from NASA and Andrew Studer

NASA view of Solar Eclipse 2017
NASA view of 2017 Solar Eclipse
Photo by Andrew Studer Visuals
Photo by Andrew Studer Visuals


Lots of Whales Being Sighted On Cape Ann Whale Watch!