#Chocolate Covered Bacon On The @PKGrills #PK360

Northeast BBQ

First we set up the PK 360 for indirect heat to cook the bacon using cherry wood for smoke.  Line the grill with tin foil for easy clean up.

Once the bacon is done place it on a plate with paper towels to take away excess bacon grease.  Melt semi-sweet chocolate by placing a glass bowl over a steaming pot of water and on medium-low heat.


Once chocolate is melted place a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Using three different toppings- Himalayan Salt, Maple Pepper and Sweet Maple Seasoning.


The bacon will be delicate so the best way to apply it is to lay it against the side of the bowl, get a god glob of chocolate on the spoon and then let it drop down onto the side of the bacon strip.  Turn and do the same on the other side.


Place on the wax paper…

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A postscript to yesterday’s “Farewell Little Chick” ~ 

Thank you to Everyone for your kind notes, thank yous, love, and interest in our Little Chick. 

I thought  readers would like to know that since Little Chick departed Good Harbor Beach Friday morning several friends have shared that they have seen a small flock of Piping Plovers at other local beaches!

Carol Ferant wrote that Friday afternoon she was swimming by Corliss Landing and saw a small group feeding on lots of worms at the low tide sandbar. They stayed for a good long while and then flew off towards the marsh.

Abbie Lundberg wrote that in Annisquam this morning, Saturday, she saw a group of four Piping Plovers, three the same size, and one seemingly appeared smaller, about 2/3 the size of the others.

It makes complete sense to me that the Piping Plovers would move around from local beach to local beach before undertaking the long journey south. Comparing notes from last year, a mixed group of adults and fledglings grew larger and larger in number until one day, nearing the end of August, they all departed.

Today I was looking through the photos, from back in April though yesterday. We have every aspect of our Good Harbor Beach plover family documented–courtship, mating, eggs, all the different stages of development, friends, predators, other species of migrating shorebirds, scenery–thousands of images to organize. And after that, the next step is tackling all the film footage.  Big Project!

 Four-day-old and five-week-old Little Chick

Waiting at Niles


A small group  of fans wait in vain at this morning’s planned dory eliminations at Niles Beach. I believe the competition has been postponed due to the heavy fog until Sunday morning. Can anyone confirm this? An additional round of elimination heats is scheduled for Monday at 6:00 PM.

Boston Globe on Cape Ann Museum Gloucester MA Rockbound art exhibition!

Here’s the link (plus some installation photos) to the Boston Globe Cate McQuaid review of Cape Ann Museum’s wonderful exhibition “Rockbound: Painting the American Scene on Cape Ann and Along the Shore” (on view through October 29) and “The Importance of Place: A Sketchbook of Drawings by Stuart Davis”. 

I’ve included some installation shots of the show that I took in June, and will write more about this must see exhibition. The paintings are superbly displayed and most were generously lent from private collections else we wouldn’t have a chance to see them!

Boston Globe Cate McQuaid review Cape Ann Museum Rock Bound 2017






Treetop’s 200HR. Yoga Teacher Training Starts this Fall

Cape Ann Wellness

You love yoga.  You love how it makes you feel and you notice how it subtly refines your being, inside and out. You want to learn more about this practice that has become such a big part of your life and learn how to share it with others, whether you plan on teaching or not….

Sound familiar? Join us for our 200 HR Teacher Training starting this November!

Annakathryn Carlson, E-RYT-200, is thrilled to be leading our teacher training beginning this fall.  With 8 years of teaching experience, 15 years of personal practice, and intense study with multiple schools of yoga, Anna will be a skillful and loving guide on this quest of deepening your personal practice and developing your voice as a teacher.

For more information including Tuition and training schedule, be sure to check out our website.


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Festival by the Sea Postponed to Sunday

Cape Ann Community

Due to the weather forecast for Saturday, Festival by the Sea has been postponed and will be held on Sunday, August 6! Sunday looks to be a GORGEOUS day – we look forward to seeing you all in Manchester-by-the-Sea on SUNDAY!

Visit the Facebook event for details HERE.

FBTS_Poster 2014

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