GloucesterCast 236 with Lesley Davison, Randy O’Neil, Corey Ricci-Munn, Corey Marshall, Charlene Delaney, Karen Pischke, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/6/17

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GloucesterCast 236 with Lesley Davison, Randy O’Neil, Corey Ricci-Munn, Corey Marshall, Charlene Delaney, Karen Pischke, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/6/17


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Topics Include:
Happy Birthday To Alicia Cox- Of Our Alicia Unleashed Podcast
Thanks To Lisa Templeton Who Sent A Couple Of Old Calendars Of Gloucester
The CPAP Machine- I Just Can’t
41st Running of The Magnolia 5k Road Race  August 26th to register-
Kay Ellis Memorial Fundraiser
Sidewalk Bazaar
Rocky Neck Accommodations Actually Has Availability This Summer and It’s Awesome.  Call 978-381-9848 or 978-804-0562 for more information and to reserve a room or email at
Danny Diamond- Diamond In the Rough
Downtown Gloucester Block Party This Saturday
When you ask your significant other if they want anything just before you place an order and they say no and then proceed to eat your food once it comes.-  The worst.
Annisquam Village Players Singing In The Rain Opens Tuesday Through Sunday For Tickets-
Carrilon Bells At Our Lady Of Good Voyage Church Every Saturday 5:15-5:45PM With LuAnn Palazolla
Painted Lady Butterfly Irruption
Plover Update


Have you noticed the beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly flitting about your garden, in the meadows, along roadways, and even at the beach? I think we are having a Painted Lady irruption. The wave of Painted Ladies began appearing in large numbers this past spring, with reports of a dramatic increase in sightings in the midwest.

Seeing Double

The Painted Lady is the most successful butterfly in the world. It lives some part of the year on every continent except South America, where it is rare or absent. Despite the fact that the Painted Lady is the most widely distributed butterfly, not a great deal is known about its migration. In North America the annual spring migration is thought to originate in the northwestern region of Mexico, where they can be found all year round. Heavy rains in late winter in that region trigger an explosion of northward migrating Painted Ladies that establish the spring brood.


I watched this little torn and tattered Painted Lady fly south over the Essex River, from Crane’s Beach to Wingaersheek Beach. She rested on a rock briefly, and then headed to the wildflowers in the dunes.


Diamond in the rough…

but not for long! Danny Diamond is completing the monumental Cape Ann Brewery mural wrap on the Rogers Street side today.


Cape Ann Brewery is located at 11 Rogers Street on the water by St. Peter’s park. If you’re in town it’s a gorgeous day for a harbor walk to check the painting out LIVE! I’ll post more info and photographs of the mural in progress.

If you miss seeing him in action today, you’ll have another chance as he’s signed on to paint LIVE again at the Harvest Festival. You can follow Danny on Instagram @pyse117 and




Danny Diamond in action mural Cape Ann Brewery



Top notch GPS O’Maley & Veterans teachers engage Cape Ann Museum, Backyard Growers, and Black Earth Composting thanks to Essex Heritage | North Shore Magazine spotlight

Gloucester Public School teachers shine through the North Shore Magazine September 2017 issue with exemplary projects helped in part by one of Essex Heritage grant programs: “A Park for Every Classroom”.  Essex Heritage supports local initiatives in a big way.


Congratulations to Gloucester Public Schools dynamite O’Maley Innovation Middle School 6th Grade teachers: Pat Hand, Mary Beth Quinn, and Jessica Haskell!

O’Maley 6th grade students collaborated with the Cape Ann Museum and a local cartographer to create maps of their diverse Gloucester neighborhoods. Part of an effort to get the entire 6th grade community to come together as they experience their first year of Middle School, the project aligned with the curricular focus on geography.  A collection of the students’ maps, called “Gloucester Through My Eyes,” is on display at the Cape Ann Museum.” 

Congratulations to Veterans Memorial Elementary School teachers Laura Smith and Mary Housman!  Their “students worked with Backyard Growers and Black Earth Composting to understand the benefits of composting, created posters and presentations to share their knowledge, implemented and monitored lunch-time cafeteria composting, and used the compost they created to enrich the soil in their school garden.” We were lucky to hear about this project during a pitch night at Awesome Gloucester.


Gloucester Lobster for Chef Kyle McClelland Great American Seafood Cook Off 2017

Since 2004, Competing chefs from all across the country battle to win the annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off.  Only one chef for any state is selected to compete and they must serve up native fare. Chef Lionel Uddipa of Salt from Juneau Alaska brought home the King of American Seafood Cook Off 2017 crown with an Alaskan king crab dish.

Chef Kyle McClelland of Saltie Girl Restaurant, Boston, MA was runner up with “his dish of Modern New England Clambake with Gloucester Lobster and Corn Puree.”


from the Great American Seafood Cook Off site:

chef Saltie Girl

Competing chefs:

Chef Brody Olive, Alabama (Voyager’s Restaurant at Perdido Beach Resort)

Chef Lionel Uddipa, Alaska (SALT)

Chef Jason Perry, Florida (The Fish House)

Chef Ryan Nelson, Indiana (Late Harvest)

Chef Bonnie Breaux, Louisiana (The St. John Restaurant)

Chef Kyle McClelland, Massachusetts (Saltie Girl)

Chef David Dickensauge, Mississippi (Corks & Cleaver Wine Bistro)

Chef Amber DiGiovanni, Missouri (Cookbook author and culinary teacher)

Chef Jay Smith, New Hampshire (Copper Door)

Chef Marc Quinones, New Mexico (MAS Tapas y Vino)

Chef Jennifer Behm-Lazzarini, Rhode Island (Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen and MasterChef winner)

Chef Ryan Coffindaffer, South Carolina (The Alisa Pub)

Chef Joe CervantezTexas (Brennan’s of Houston)

Sidewalk Bazaar 1986

Joe–Since it’s Sidewalk Bazaar weekend, I thought your readers might be interested in these pictures of the same weekend event from 1986.  One of them depicts the waitstaff races, which I recall was very amusing.  They aren’t the best pictures (I like to think my photography skills have improved since then) but I think the buildings in the background are very interesting.  Perhaps others will agree.  Missing you all!  Pat and Jim D

1986 Street Fair in GloucesterGloucester street fair 1986

Last Call for Cape Ann Animal Aid and North Shore Arts Association presents A Silent Auction of Original Artworks by NSAA Artist Members.

Cape Ann Community

Bids are being accepted now through August 5th. View all works online by clicking here: North Shore Arts Association, believing in the importance of community involvement, continues its “Art In Action – Connecting Communities” philosophy for 2017 – our 95th anniversary season! Our collaboration continues with an art exhibition developed in partnership with Cape Ann Animal Aid. We support the mission of CAAA and want to do our part to help. “Cape Ann Animal Aid is a non-profit, no kill organization dedicated to facilitating appropriate placement of adoptable animals and enhancing the lives of all companion animals by promoting respect and well-being through education and outreach.” Visit their website to learn more. “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanuel Kan

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