Piping Plover Flight Dance

Eclipse Day was a dream day filming wildlife on Cape Ann. I did the usual early morning stops at my “migrations stations,” but because I had taken the afternoon off to see the eclipse, I got to film in the afternoon, too, which I don’t often get a chance to do. First stop was Good Harbor Beach to see a beautiful subdued and rosy-hued sunrise.

The Tree Swallows were everywhere, in dunes, on the beaches, lined up on telephone lines, in meadows, and marsh. I filmed and photographed that hullabaloo for a bit, along with a dozen other species of migrating shorebirds and songbirds; there are simply too many images for one post. I’ll share these migration photos in the upcoming days.

Tree Swallows Biting and Fighting

The most wonderful of all was coming upon a tiny flock of Piping Plovers. Initially I thought only two, then a third joined the scene, and then a fourth!

One was definitely a juvenile, about the same age as would be our Little Chick. The PiPl were bathing, grooming, and foraging in the intertidal zone while also being dive-bombed by the Tree Swallows. This is behavior that I filmed last year as well. Tree swallows, although beautiful, are the fightenist little tuffies you’ll ever see. They’ll fly straight at other birds, biting one of their own kind, Barn Swallows, and plovers alike.

PiPl bath time

The PiPl that looked just like Little Chick also did the funny flight take-off dance that we all observed of LC. He flew around in a circle, backwards and forwards, spreading and unspreading his wings, and hopping up and down. It’s very comical and I can’t wait to share the film footage and storybook. Anyway, the little traveler I encountered on Eclipse Day was doing the PiPlover flight jig for an extended period of time.

Doing the Jig!

I stayed to watch the Plovers for a bit longer and then finished walking the length of the beach. On my return walk I was surprised from a quiet reverie to hear a flock of Plovers piping. I looked up and before I could turn my movie camera back on, a group of a dozen Piping Plovers flew past. Happy Day!

Tree Swallows Massing
Eclipse Day Sunrise Good Harbor Beach

 Backlogged with wildlife photos, more to come. Some wonderful surprises!


The simple answer is that it is a moon-shaped lens flare! The flares in your image are crescent, or ellipse, shaped because the source of light was shaped like that. Had it been an ordinary day when the sun was not obstructed by the moon, the lens flares would have been circular. A lens flare is the phenomenon where light is scattered, or flared, in a camera’s lens system, often in response to a bright light. 

The crescents in my Fujifilm camera photos are pale violet; the crescents in my iPhone photos are aqua blue-green.

Participating artists Cape Ann Art Show Beauport Hotel Gloucester

Here is a digital who’s who catalogue with portraits of the participating artists and scenes from the inaugural Cape Ann Art Show at the Beauport Hotel Gloucester, MA. The art fair and the hotel were jumping on this gorgeous evening. Original works of art (not reproductions) were priced under $100 and up from there. The artists and the hotel were so well prepared and joyous, I was compelled to record their effort. Apologies if I missed anyone. I jotted down contact information and linked to artists when possible.



Suzanne Brailey 



Donna Caselden (978) 381-3576



Katherine Coakley (781)789-3696


20170822_170611 (1)

Dan DeLouise Studio 53 (978) 282-1540


Terry Delpercio-Piemonte (978)290-1726



Kevin Ellis 


Jeannette Steele Esposito



Read more continues to participating artists (F-Z)

They’re in alphabetical order. Please let me know if you or your contact information was missed. I tried to capture the complete installation. Congratulations to the artists and Beauport Hotel! It was a great fair.

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Beauport Hotel Supports the Arts

Not only was it a beautiful night last night but Beauport Hotel was the site of a terrific art show.  Thanks to the hotel for sponsoring this event.  How lucky we are to live on Cape Ann were the community turns out to support not only the Beauport Hotel but lots of very good artist.

Liz Frame tonight! Wednesdays with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 8.23.2017

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, August 23rd – 7pm
Special Guest: LIZ FRAME!

Sharp lyricist, great singer and performer.  Have you seen Liz Frame?  This is your window of opportunity!  Don’t let it pass you by.  Also featured: a special cameo appearance from Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Peter Hamon. ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest*

The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!

8/30 – Down Home Swing

9/6 – John Rockwell

9/13 – Allen Estes

9/20 – Quentin Callewaert

Looking forward……to seeing you there


Is There Anyone Who Hasn’t Been to the Cape Ann Museum?

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Cape Ann Museum with a great group of students and the phenomenal West Parrish art teacher, Mrs. Paula Morgan. I was reminded, yet again, how lucky we are to have such an amazing museum on “the island.” If you haven’t been recently, you really need to go.  Honestly, to raise your children here on Cape Ann and not share the museum’s beautiful history and art is a shame.  I already can’t wait to go back.