GloucesterCast 239 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/27/17

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GloucesterCast 239 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/27/17

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Speculation about the two big yachts in the harbor all week-
Squeezing the last bit out of summer- Beaches will have minimum 75% less people the first weekend in September then the last weekend in August despite whatever the weather is.
Captain Gary Connell and crew, F/V Tuna Hunter, & angler George Horensky, for this exciting Tag a Tiny recovery, after 8 years (2,976 days) at liberty! F/V Tuna Hunter released this 55″ bluefin tuna off Stellwagen Bank on 8/17/2008. At recapture it was 91 ” (471 lbs), in 52 deg F, by Japanese longline vessel F/V Chokyu 1, Captain Shuji Shibata, on 10/10/2016
Flooding in Texas from hurricane Harvey -Prayers Go Out
Local peach trees Are Ready To pick and Early apples Are Ready
Cafe Brew and Spirits Opened In Former Space Of Cafe Dolce In the West End 3 Main St
Toad Hall is closing- very sad
Amazon Buying Whole Foods


Cape Ann’s wildlife rehabilitation expert Jodi Swenson released a Mute Swan fledgling Saturday at Niles Pond. Jodi worked with Eastern Point resident Lyn Fonzo, where they set the young swan free from Lyn’s beach access to the pond’s edge. Lyn reports that the fledgling immediately headed to the reeds. Niles Pond is dense in vegetation, most notably at this time of year, and almost immediately, it was difficult to see her hiding, although easy to hear, as she moved through the phragmites and cattails.

Jodi, from Cape Ann Wildlife, shares that the Mute Swan baby has been in her care for several months. The cygnet came from Tufts and she/he appears to be about four months. Jodi raised the swan purposefully with minimal human contact so that the animal would remain wild. The now fledgling is very, very shy of humans, so please be respectful while the swan is becoming acclimated to her new environment. Cape Ann’s Mr. Swan is at least 27 years old and it is everyone’s greatest hope that he will “adopt” the new one, perhaps guiding her to maturity.

The above photo, although out of focus, is included here to show that the young one is foraging for food on her own. Look closely and you can see the pond vegetation dangling from her mouth. This is a great sign, that she can feed herself!!

Please visit Jodi’s website, Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. I am sure we can all imagine how costly and time consuming it is to rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife. If so inclined, please think about making a tax deductible donation. Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Jodi for all the care and love she gives to Cape Ann’s most vulnerable animals. Until recently, Jodi was Cape Ann’s only wildlife rehabilitator. Jodi would like to give a shout out to Erinn Whitmore, who has been working with Jodi for many years, and who recently earned her state wildlife rehabilitator’s license. Erinn has founded GROWL: Gloucester Rehabilitation of Orphaned Wild Life, and will be specializing in caring for small mammals.

Boston Globe on T.S. Eliot family home in Gloucester MA at last a writers retreat

“…UK-based T.S. Eliot Foundation purchased the home for $1.3 million, announcing its plan to transform the residence into a writers retreat. Two years of planning and construction later, the foundation has made good on its promise, quietly welcoming its first cohort of poets, writers, and editors this summer…”

Link to Malcolm Gay article



Pet of the Week- Lola

8.28.2017 Pet of the Week--Lola

Are you looking for a partner in adventure?  Someone  wiggly, fast to make you laugh and full of enthusiasm?  Lola at your service! I am a sweet and affectionate 1 year old. I love learning new things and I am a huge fan of getting love and attention from my human friends. I have been to some obedience classes and I know sit, lay down, and paw and I am working on more ! Sometimes when I get excited I don’t realize how big and strong I am so I am looking for a family that can handle a larger dog .

I like toys or all kinds, playing with other pooches and spending time outdoors. I have been known to chase squirrels or outdoor cats but hey that could be the hound in me. I was originally rescued in Puerto Rico and I have lived in a home with children and did well, I am also crate trained. I can be nervous around new men but if they are patient we can become good friends. I am eager to please and looking for a family. I am a very sweet girl ready and waiting for a second chance.

To see all of the dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our



Doug Brendel’s new book


North Shore humorist releases a deadly serious novel

Long-time friend of GMG Doug Brendel is known as “The Outsidah” for his funny commentary at about life in small-town New England.

But now he’s released something completely different: a fast-paced 208-page “domestic drama” called Unintended.

The novel is being sold locally in paperback at Betsy Frost Design, 4 Market St., Ipswich, and online (paperback and e-book formats) at

The story, set around 1950 in Ohio, involves the intertwining lives of a slick white salesman, the conservative woman who falls for him, and a black teenage girl trying to protect her brain-damaged sister. There’s also a vengeful spurned lover, a hateful whisky-swilling father, a medical administrator desperate to keep her job — and the mysterious guy blithely assaulting a beautiful mental patient.

“Oh — and don’t forget — a shockingly violent twist at the end,” Doug adds. “If you have a secret love of revenge, this is the book for you!”

Questions or comments about the Unintended novel can be directed to the author personally via

Unintended back cover3

Find Your Inner Teacher – Volunteer Opportunities!

Cape Ann Community

Find Your Inner Teacher

By Linda E. Saris and Glenn Burns

Perhaps you have raised children and, like most parents, helped them with homework and surrounded them with enriching extracurricular opportunities and lots of wanted (and unwanted) advice. Or perhaps you are working, studying or retired and have an interest in passing down you expertise to the next generation.

As students yourselves you knew which teachers were great – the ones that sent home interesting projects – the ones that stimulated you (or your child) to think and explore new ideas.

So now is your chance to bring out your inner teacher and translate your skills and experience as a professional (or parent) or a hobbyist with a particular expertise and get a group of middle schools excited to learn more.

LEAP for Education and the Salem Public Schools are partnering to provide all the 6th and 7th

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Saturday night with Chelsea Berry on the Rooftop!

Saturday night in Gloucester was a terrific time for a large group of Cape Ann residents that brought the Evening with Chelsea Berry at the Love Cape Ann Auction.

The rooftop party was held at the beautiful home of Catherine Schlichte and Shawn Henry.  WOW, what a night, the beautiful voice of Chelsea Berry, terrific views, great food and beverage and a terrific group of people.  Thank you Catherine and Shawn and especially Kerry McKenna at the Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce for making it all possible.

Joe Higgins (@FishPrinter) Lumpfish Printing On Madfish Wharf

I’m doing some fish printing demos in Gloucester this Saturday and maybe Sunday am on madfish wharf on Rocky Neck – might print some lumpfish t shirts – skate – tuna tails – just gonna have some fun – starts at 5 pm at my fish print Shanty on Rocky Neck- bring your own shirt – have dinner at studio, rudder or have an excuse to come to Gloucester and eat at Tonno- #original #originalsmileyface#monkfish #monkster #madfishwharf #smile#smilesfordays #smiley #rockyneck#gloucester#fishedimpressions#joesfreshfishprints #gyotaku #fishprint#jellyfishwithteeth @captjoe06 @tj_hottuna@captmarciano@tonnogloucester


Friends . . You are invited To a reception and opening of a two person show “Two Artists . . . Two Points of View” With artists, Michele J Kenna and Kathleen Staab Sunday, August 27, 1pm – 3pm North Shore Arts Association 11 Pirates Lane , Gloucester Ma 978 283 1857 Come and meet the artists, enjoy appetizers and beverages, And delight in the lovely harbor views.