Our Little Chick is growing stronger (and plumper) everyday. He will most likely leave Cape Ann by the end of August, based on the Plovers that I filmed last summer. His voyage is a long one for a little bird weighing only about six ounces. Like all migratory species of birds (and butterflies), he must build his lipid, or fat, reserves before undertaking the journey.

Where will Little Chick spend the winter? Perhaps along the Atlantic coastline of South Carolina or Florida, or possibly even further afield to the Caribbean Sea, to the Bahamas, or further still, to Turks and Caicos.

*Note to Friends of Little Chick ~ While walking toward the enclosure yesterday, I was slammed in the back with a football. It was very startling, painful, and wholly unexpected. I was under the impression that there are guidelines about not playing ball in densely populated areas of the beach, whether football or volleyball. This occurred after five, after the lifeguards had left, but the beach was still crowded. Facing toward the enclosure, the ball games were taking place just to the right. If the ball had hit the chick, he would have been killed instantly. I am hoping folks can help Little Chick keep safe by taking their ball games to less populated areas of the beach, away from the roped off area. Just hoping 🙂

Piping Plover Chick Day Forty



This morning we awoke to find a sleepy Little Brown Bat, as opposed to a Big Brown Bat, fast asleep in the dining room curtains. It’s a mystery how he got in and why it took so long to wake him up. Once outdoors, he spread his wings and flew over the fence and into our neighbor’s trees.


The Mass Audubon website has a page on the most commonly seen bats in Massachusetts:

Bats, our only flying mammals, are truly remarkable animals. It’s too bad their unwarranted reputation has prevented many people from appreciating how beneficial and unique they are.

Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, which means “hand-wing.” Their wings are composed of two thin layers of skin or membrane, attached to elongated finger bones. Each membrane has four fingers and a thumb, which control the wing’s movement. The thumb, located at the top of the wing, acts as a hook with which the bat is able to crawl on flat surf

The two most common bats found in Massachusetts are the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) and the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus). Both have short, soft fur covering their head and body and rich brown bodies with slightly darker brown wings.

The body of a little brown bat measures 4½ to 5½ inches long, including the tail, and has an 8½ to 10½ inch wingspan. The big brown bat’s body ranges from 5½ to 8 inches in length with a 12 to 13 inch wingspan.

In the spring and summer, females of little brown bats form colonies consisting of hundreds of individuals. Big brown bats, which prefer the more urban areas inside Route 495, are usually found in colonies of less than two hundred bats.

Read More Here.

Learn more about Bat species in Massachusetts.



The new guest station at the footbridge end of Good Harbor Beach is progressing right on schedule, with today’s work entailing masonry and setting a granite stone border.

John Trupiano and Noel Mitchell

In response to a GMG readers’ recent inquiry, Joe Lucido shared that the shower spigot will be set to a timer, with time set to roughly 5am to 9pm, to take into consideration the early morning surfers and late day beach goers.  

Magnolia Farmers on Monday

Monday’s Magnolia Farmers Market tables and chairs were set outside for el fresco dining.  Classic Cooks and the Magnolia Library had hamburgers, hot dogs, corn and the yummy food from Classic Cooks.  Fun time for all.  There was also music.  Marshalls Farm Stand and other vendors all participated in this fun event.



great breakfast on the Boulevard with dazzling harbor view at Morning Glory Restaurant

Nancy, owner, Morning Glory Restaurant, Western Avenue, Gloucester, MA. Work by local artists changes frequently– a welcome venue option for display and sales.





Music at the Beach, Rockport

Don’t forget that tonight is the second of the new and phenomenal Music at the Beach concert series at the bandstand on Rockport’s Back Beach!  Pack a picnic, bring a blanket and some chairs, and settle in for a night of great music!  Tonight’s performance is by Mari Martin and the Lucky Boys….and promises to be fantastic!

6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.26.02 PM

Join Us for Festival by the Sea!

Cape Ann Community

Join us this Saturday, August 5, from 10 AM – 6 PM for the annual Festival by the Sea. Festival by the Sea is a celebration of the things that are synonymous with Cape Ann in the summertime: Art, Music & Food! Over 100 vendor booths will be spread throughout downtown Manchester-by-the-Sea. Your senses will be inspired by the beautiful art, extraordinary live music and the aromas of delicious, local foods. This annual festival is brought to you by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

CLICK HERE for more information, including a list of participating vendors.  We hope to see you there!

FBTS_Poster 2017.jpg


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