GloucesterCast 224 With Paul Russo, JD MacEacheran, Elise Jillson and Tucker Smith, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/28/17

GloucesterCast 224 With Paul Russo, JD MacEacheran, Elise Jillson and Tucker Smith, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/28/17

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Topics Include: Paul Russo’s Blog
Maine House votes to join Atlantic time zone, if New Hampshire and Massachusetts do the same
The change would put an end to resetting the clocks each spring and fall and keep Maine on the equivalent of daylight saving time year-round.
Rocky Neck 5K with JD MacEacheran Free t shirts for registered if you register by May 1st.  After Party and Food Provided by Dennis Dyer at The Studio for Registrants
Ruddy Turnstone Piping Plover Lecture at Parker River National Refuge- Spoke about GHB piping Plovers
Passports Putting In Twelve Tap Beer System



Photos submitted by Ward One Councilman Scott Memhard

Gloucester Times

Times Staff

The North Atlantic Fish storage building at 88 Commercial St. in Gloucester has collapsed, taking part of the wharf with it.

The property at 88 Commercial St. is home to Neptune Marine, and was formerly known as the FBI Wharf. According to officials at the scene, the storage building was already cordoned off because of its condition.


Last chance: Saturday party and performance at Trident Gallery for Political Body exhibit

Saturday, April 29, 5-7pm, with performance event commencing at 7pm

Installation from “The Political Body”, group exhibit at Trident Gallery, 189 Main Street, Gloucester, MA (triptych by Gabrielle Barzaghi: Cephalic Frieze2014, Pastel, Charcoal, and Ink on Paper, 50 x 129 inches overall, Three 50 x 43 inch sheets)



2017 Call for Applications for Gloucester’s 5th POET LAUREATE is OPEN!


Links for: 2017 Poet Laureate application (digital format) or 2017 Poet Laureate application (PDF format submit 5 copies).

The City of Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts announces the release of the 2017 Call for Applications for the four year position of Gloucester Poet Laureate. 

The position of Gloucester Poet Laureate is dedicated to building community through poetry and encouraging a love of poetry among people of all ages.  The position was most recently held by the late Peter Todd, appointed in 2014.  During Peter’s time as Poet Laureate, he generously shared his talents with his beloved City of Gloucester. 

Under City Ordinance, the process to select the Poet Laureate is administered by the Committee for the Arts and will involve a Selection Panel including representatives from the local literary community thanks to Eastern Point Lit House and The Gloucester Writers Center.  A recommendation from the Selection Panel will be forwarded to the Committee for the Arts for review and then forwarded on to the Mayor for nomination, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The Call for Applications is available for download at the Committee for the Arts page on the City website:  Copies also are available at the Sawyer Free Library, the City of Gloucester Mayor’s Office, Eastern Point Lit House, the Gloucester Writer’s Center, and other locales.  Applications must be submitted by 12 pm on Friday, June 9th , 2017. Contact Judith Hoglander, Committee for the Arts with any questions.

gloucester CFTA City Hall WPA mural


The Annisquam Exchange opening soon

Another sign of summer The Annisquam Exchange is opening soon.

The Annisquam Exchange
32 Leonard Street
Annisquam, MA 01930
Tele: 978- 281- 0358

The Annisquam Exchange offers Consignors 70% of sale amount. The Exchange donates 30% of sales to local organizations and charities. Consignment is open to everyone. Items must be clean and ready for the showroom floor with completed paperwork. A $10.00 administration fee is due with completed contract and consignment listings.

We have been very successful in the sale of jewelry, both costume and designer; antiques and collectibles; estate pieces; small furniture; lamps; linens; china; clocks; prints and paintings are welcomed, subject to available space.

Larger pieces of furniture are welcomed at our one-day Fall Furniture Sale on Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 9 am to 12 pm.

2017 Dates & Information
May 3-4, (W, Th) 10-2 Pre-Opening Consignments Accepted
May 9-11 (T, W, Th) 10-2 Pre-Opening Consignments Accepted
May 19 (F) 10-4 Opening Day

May 19-June 3 10-4 Fridays and Saturdays ONLY
May 25 (Th) 10-2 Consignments Accepted
June 5-September 9 Mondays-Fridays 10-4 / Saturdays 10-1
September 15-October 7 10-4 Fridays & Saturdays
September 16 (Sa) 9-12 ONE DAY FURNITURE SALE
October 6-8 (FF, Sa, Su) 10-4 Final Weekend


EVERY Backyard Needs These!

Spring is here…summer is right around the corner….and, in my humble opinion, every yard needs Cornhole.  And, if you’re going to have a set, why not have a set cooler than your neighbors’?

Really, if you’re being honest, the only question to ask yourself is, “Exactly what do I want painted on mine?”

Should you go with the Team Spirit vibe, school colors, favorite vacation spot, favorite band, monogrammed as a wedding or anniversary gift, totally custom and off the chart? There’s absolutely a blank slate (or two) calling your name!

I recently ordered a set of Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations with our school logo painted on them.  First of all, they were done so quickly….secondly, they’re awesome. They are going to be such a perfect addition to campus for both the students and the faculty/staff alike.  Friday afternoon Faculty Fun will surely be centered around some friendly games of cornhole in the very near future!

If you own a company and have a logo, you need these.  If you, say…for example…run a pretty successful blog and have oh, I don’t know maybe a seagull for a logo, you need these.  Just saying.

If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift, a house warming gift, or a birthday gift…here you go.  If you have a friend with a sweet yard and want to ensure you score a few invites over the course of the summer, you might want to consider ordering him/her a set.  The possibilities are endless, the beers are cold, the bean bags are waiting to be tossed.  Make the call.

Check out Dan’s Custom Cornhole Creations at his Facebook page HERE

If you’re not on Facebook, absolutely email Dan at

Or call/text Dan @ 508-981-1530

image2 5

First Cape Ann Farmers Market of 2017 this Saturday at the Cape Ann Sustainability Fair!

Cape Ann Community

greens header.jpg


Come join us for the first market of the season – our farmers will be there with the first greens of the season, plus seedlings, soup, sandwiches, scones and other special delectables!

CAFM is excited to join forces with TownGreen2025 to promote conversation and education about a more sustainable future for Gloucester.

Join us for a special day with a fabulous live music line up🎶 , great food and lots of demos and information on how to live sustainably on Cape Ann!

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