Present Gloucester Artists Jess Damargin, Amanda Cook, Britton Davis, Mary Rhinelander, Liz Gramnas, Michele Del Vecchio, and Pam Lally

Beautiful, beautiful handmade wonderments can be found at Present Gloucester. Located this year at 186 Main Street, the open, sunny space is perfect for showcasing the whimsical, and often nature-inspired, gifts. You’ll find holiday ornaments, clothing, jewelry, original prints, hats, mittens, dolls and doll clothes, tree toppers, colorful yarn, teacup-sized decor, seahorses, and much, much more. Come do your shopping at Present Gloucester and be swept into the holiday spirit with magical fancy and imagination.


Ruby Wolf between double oriels

“Ruby Wolf” in big script

Cool sign on ground floor space below double orieole windows adorning W.G. Brown building on the 7-11 Pleasant Street side.  What’s coming?

Ruby Wolf

The building dates from 1882.

William Glover Brown was born in 1854 and emigrated from Scotland in 1872. He worked in Providence before building a business in Milford which he brought to Main Street in Gloucester in 1885. In five years the William G. Brown & Co drygoods moved to a bigger Main Street space.  From Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, ed. William Richard Cutter ©1908 from Harvard College Library collection (digitized by Google), and one ad from Polk’s 1960 directory. 




W. G. Brown’s Department Store

I was in the Cape Ann Historical Museum on 27 Pleasant Street, doing a project and came across a painting I had not seen in years.  W. G. Brown’s Department store was the place to buy that special gift, and hanging on the wall was this massive painting of the owner.

In the museum library, there it was on the wall where I was taking photos of old Captains Courageous books.  I extend many thanks to Rhonda Faloon and Stephanie Bucks who have helped me so much the past few days.

I thought I would share with your readers.