GloucesterCast 223 with Nicohle Schrafft, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped April 23, 2017

GloucesterCast 223 with Nicohle Schrafft, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped April 23, 2017


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Topics Include:

Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz staying at Rocky Neck Accommodations
April is Fire season throughout Ma through May- Be careful burning Joey’s Burn Barrel DIY post
Greenbelt is purchasing Woodland Acres (50 acres)
April the Giraffe Pregnancy Cam
Our Gloucester BBQ Delegation Group On Facebook– Craig Kimberley came up with the name and we designed a logo for our new Facebook Group for people that love to grill.
Restaurant round up from

The GMG Stencil From Fiverr Came In and It’s Glorious!

I just used Fiverr to hire someone to create an 8×8 GMG stencil for me and ship it to my house for $10. @Alicia Cox used Fiverr to pay a guy $5 to create a musical intro for The Alicia Unleashed Podcast. There are a ton of services that you might think were too costly for you to have done but there is probably someone on Fiverr that can get the job done for you for $5. I highly recommend it!

Here’s the 8×8 hard plastic stencil I paid $10 which included design and delivery to GMG HQ-

2017-04-21 18.10.40


Check out the bazillion or so things you can have freelanced for you for $5 or $10, Here’s the link- Fiverr




We love hearing from our readers. Please feel free to ask questions about, and to share your photos of, Cape Ann’s beautiful wild creatures. GMG FOB Susan Larosa shared the extraordinary news that a Vermillion Flycatcher was spotted in Maine, the first recorded sighting EVER. Although they are known to wander, these birds are native to the southwestern region of the United States, and southward. Click on this link to continue reading the full story: The National Audubon Society says a web camera has captured the first confirmed sighting in Maine of a colorful species of bird typically seen in the southwestern part of the country.

Range map of the Vermillion Flycatcher–no where near New England!

Facebook Friend Linda shared the next two photos, wondering what bird? Linda, I think the photos are of the Greater Yellow Legs. Where was the photo taken (general area, you don’t have to be super specific) and approximately how big do you think it was, compared to other birds, for example. Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs are often confused. I have seen far more Lesser than Greater Yellow Legs on Cape Ann but the bill seems extra long, which would indicate a Greater Yellow Legs.

Range Map of Greater Yellow Legs showing it is a passing migrant through our region


Kathleen writes,

For all of you who have been sending prayers and well wishes to me and my daughter Brooke, after her serious Uber driver car crash, I have an update. I am writing from beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, as I was finally able to get out and see her. Some may remember that Logan Airport was closed when the accident occurred and I was not able to get out to see her and help out. She is on the mend, with a broken nose and considerable neck and back pain (to be expected), but she is in Physical Therapy and will have plastic surgery once all the swelling has subsided. Most important, we expect her to make a full recovery. It will just take time. I am back at Savour bright and early Tuesday morning.  I’ll see you there. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


Papago Park (just outside Phoenix Airport)

1938 no-nonsense classroom film New England Fishermen shows Gloucester, schooner, steam, and diesel trawlers

At the dawn of talkies, ERPI (Electrical Research Products Inc) sought to “bring the world to the classrooms” via 16mm A/V equipment and a catalog of films. ERPI was a subsidiary of AT&T and a forerunner of Encyclopedia Britannica Films.

They produced GLOUCESTER FISHERMEN (under 9 min) in 1938 with backing from Clark University. The film’s narrator was James Brill. There was also a 1938 film titled Shell-Fishing. 

from the A/V Geeks archive youtube channel

1938 ERPI film

Here’s James Brill narrating and before the camera in the 1946 film: FROM DEMOCRACY TO DESPOTISM, 1946, Encyclopedia Britannica Films.

A New Garden Grows in the Heart of Gloucester

Garden photo 1

(photo caption: Victoria Martins, Gina Briguglio, City Councilor Melissa Cox and Lara Lepionka cut the ribbon of the second Burnham’s Field Community Garden. Photo by Anna Swanson).

I don’t know the first thing about planting a garden but I know there’s a park in the center of Gloucester where people used to be afraid to send their kids and a few years ago some neighbors started a community garden in the park and now families play on the playground and kids learn to ride their bikes and there are kids playing and running in the park all the time soccer and basketball and baseball and football.

Burnham’s Field — 7 acres of grass, ballfields and playground across Pleasant Street from St. Ann’s Church — was once a landfill. True story. They took the fill from building projects in East Gloucester and other parts of the city and dumped it in Burnham’s. It was more marsh than field in those days.

Eight or nine years ago, some neighbors met with the City because they were tired of what Burnham’s Field had become. Tired of the drug use and graffiti and drinking and other bad stuff. Tired of being afraid to send their kids to play there or to walk there after dark. So they decided to make the field safe for families and kids again. They decided to take Burnham’s back.

It all started with a community garden.

There’s this idea that when lots of people are in a park doing positive things, there’ll be fewer people doing bad things. That was the idea behind the Burnham’s Field Community Garden, which opened in 2011 (see the GMG story here). After the garden opened, all of a sudden there were people working in the 20 new garden plots and keeping an eye on the field at all hours of the day.

Since then, neighbors and the City have continued to renovate Burnham’s Field. Two new playgrounds. Softball backstops and bleachers. Basketball backboards. A lighted paved walkway around the field. Trees and benches. Burnham’s Field is now full of kids and families playing at all hours. Families are no longer afraid to go there. It’s become a huge gathering place for families in central Gloucester.

So it was a big deal this weekend when the Backyard Growers and Burnham’s Field Community Gardeners held a ribbon-cutting celebration to open a second garden of 16 plots in Burnham’s Field. That’s 16 new families who’ll have their own plot to grow vegetables and herbs and flowers. And 16 new families who’ll be part of the good things happening in Burnham’s Field.

I don’t know the first thing about gardening but I know the number of people who care about a once tired old park in the heart of Gloucester is growing just as surely as the tomato plants and strawberry vines. And that’s a good thing.

Garden photo 4

Garden photo 2Garden photo 3


Lara Lepionka, Backyard Growers executive director shares,

WE ARE THE $35K WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!! And we won because of YOUR VOTING POWER!!!!!! A huge thank you to the b.good Family Foundation for giving us this opportunity (stay tuned for pics of us receiving our check next week), and thank you to Backyard Growers Program staff, service members, board members, partners, and supporters who worked on our voting campaign. WE DID IT. THANK YOU.



Cape Ann Community

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