Bevan Worell, winning the “Awesome Gloucester” challenge at GHS on Monday night

Hi Joey. This is my son, Bevan Worell, winning the “Awesome Gloucester” challenge at GHS on Monday night, the 10th. He presented a project idea about creating a classroom with Virtual Reality headsets where students can “go” to all different places they may be studying about, like Africa, the Louvre, or even ” visit” a college choice, all through Virtual Reality. He won the challenge and received $1000 which will go toward the purchase of VR headsets. So proud of my son!!Thank you, Wendy Worell


Survey shared by Bo Abrams ~

Isn’t Cape Ann Amazing?

We have such a unique community. People here do so many interesting things for work. We are researching the economic ecosystem of how and where you work to create a state-of-the-art coworking space for Cape Ann.

Do you live here? Take the survey. Do you visit? Take the survey. Do you work from home? Take the survey.

Thanks in advance for being awesome! 

~ the CoWorkGloucester Team 

P.S. Share this survey with your friends, your neighbors, your network, your community!


At a time when cities and states across America are working hard to eliminate the scourge of disposable plastic bags, our own Stop & Shop on Thacher Road has taken a flying leap into the past by installing a new bagging system in the checkout lines. My husband and I patronize Stop and Shop regularly and we are both dismayed and left wondering why they have changed to a system that actively encourages the use of disposable plastic bags.

At each checkout line, the old chute that extended beyond the cash register to the bagging area has been replaced by a cramped six-sided carousel preloaded with those horrible disposable plastic bags. The idea is that as an item is paid for, the person doing the bagging can put it immediately into a plastic bag, and when the bag is full they give the carousel a quick spin, bringing around the next plastic bag to be filled.

It’s true that this new system makes it possible to fill bags more quickly and may have been a nifty idea in 1977. But this is 2017, and most of us are avoiding disposable plastic bags. This new Stop & Shop system promotes the use of disposable plastic bags and makes it more difficult to use your own canvas or reusable plastic bag. Additionally, although paper bags are available, they are kept well out of sight.

Perhaps the corporate parent of Stop & Shop – the Dutch supermarket operator Koninkliijke Ahold N.V. – isn’t concerned about the terrible damage done by disposable plastic bags. If you patronize Stop & Shop, please continue to bring your own bags, and ask the baggers to use them. Please don’t take the disposable plastic bags.

A plethora of plastic 😦 😦


How exciting to share that the new C. B. Fisk Opus 148 organ will be available to view at the Fisk open house on May 13th. The organ is being installed at my mother- and father-in-law’s church, Christ Church, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was so exciting to be at the first meting with my in-laws and Greg Bover. Our daughter Liv has performed at the cathedral and my sister-in-law Amy was married there. I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing it on our next visit to Ohio!

If you have never been to a Fisk open house you are missing a truly exceptional Gloucester experience. The instruments are stunning up close and the artistry and workmanship exquisite.

The first photo is of the scale model of the Cincinnati organ, Opus 148, which has 2 manuals and 22 stops. The second photo is of Opus 150, with 3 manuals and 49 stops and that is headed to Christ Church in Philadelphia. Both organ models are scaled at 1:16 and both will be at the open house.

Aren’t the scale models beautiful and fascinating? I love looking at them nearly as much the real thing.



Celebrate with us

Join us in Gloucester to celebrate the creation of two new pipe organs.
See and hear Opus 148 and 150 standing together in our workshop.Saturday, May 13
2 pm – 6 pm
C.B. Fisk, Inc.
21 Kondelin Rd.
Gloucester, MA  01930
978 283-1909
www.cbfisk.comLight fare & refreshments served

Greg Bover, Vice President for Operations, towards the center, back with his arms folded.

Paprika Grill wants to feature local Gloucester artists


Emrah Arslan the owner of Paprika Grill wants to help area artists by featuring solo exhibits. He and his customers will have the chance to see what’s happening in the community, sip some tea and appreciate art in this  casual new hopping Mediterranean spot. Arslan’s art is…the food.

Paprika Grill will select the art. Exhibits will change every few months. Three months is a nice long time to have your work on display. To be considered for a sign up sheet rotation, interested artists should email Arslan with 3 or 4 examples.  He’ll let you know if you’re in the queue. “I keep hearing Gloucester has a lot of artists.”

photo caption: Interior views of Paprika Grill and approximate 14′ length of available wall space. (The mirror and items can be rearranged.) 



IMG_20170410_185729IMG_20170410_185719 (1)

Paprika Grill,  185 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA

Alicia Unleashed- Jenny of all trades

Alicia unleashed episode 57 taped 4/11/2017 with B-Side and Jenny Greeke

We sat down with Fashion Designer, Jenny Greeke of Harpy Fashion. In this podcast we discuss her being a Roller Derby Girl, Fashion Designer/Costume Designer, Tangoing with Tom Hanks and being a Welder. She breaks down some rules of the rink for Roller Derby, Her new direction for her Fashion Line, Wearable Art and Alicia is buying a coat! Jenny also discusses some pretty incredicble run ins!

Also a brief recap of Bikini Speedo Dodgeball, Frankie is the man (but does he know Drake)?

Websites for the following: Schedules and Locations



Opening Credits (provided by Guest):
Under Pressure-Queen & David Bowie
Dirty Water-The Standells

The Goddesses Tonight! Dave Sags’s Blues Party 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 4.13.2017

sam-and-tony-rl-dave-sag-5-2-2016It’s Thursday, Dave Sag is at The Rhumb Line with the musical guest of his choice. He must have woken up on a funny side of the bed when he invited The Goddesses (along with Steve Chaggarisand John Cameron) to fill the bill for three sets of old-timey rock and soul this Thursday, April 13th starting at 8:30. Join the fun.

The Rhumb Line

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA



Greetings from the Pond Team…

We had a great field trip last night to Ravenswood Park. A few spotted sals seen migrating – even though it wasn’t raining the ground was still wet from the afternoon rain. Lots of peepers calling and breeding, good wood frog chorus. Lots of congressing sals in the pool. Spermatophores and eggs. Fairy shrimp, caddisfly larva, red-backed salamander and a predaceous diving beetle. What else do you need really?

Still need volunteers for next week’s snake shows.

I’m expecting some good action at the pools tonight, so there will be a field trip. Meet at Walgreen’s at 9 pm.
See you there, Rick


We are adding more photographs from the nighttime field trips so check them out…

Nighttime Vernal Pond Field Trip Photographs 2017

“The Venice of America”

The boys were dying to see of the gorgeous homes and yachts along the intercoastal waterway during our two day pitstop in Fort Lauderdale.  They have a thing for boats of all sizes and are blooming wharf rats.  Seeing some of these large “mega yachts” up close was super fun for them.  And the homes… goodness.  No joke.