đź‘Źđź‘Ź A Mayor that ❤️ arts: Sefatia Romeo-Theken shares Ruthanne Collinson #pocketpoem âśŤď¸Ź

It’s free and simple to participate in National Poem in Your Pocket Day.  From Mayor Romeo-Theken:

“I’ve selected a poem by former poet laureate, Ruthanne “Rufus” Collinson, “Jumping In”. The view from my City Hall office is the building Collinson writes about, and the poem’s span of time and special moments –celebrating kids, seniors, connections and kindness– are music to read.”- Mayor Romeo-Theken, Gloucester, MA


I was 12 years old
dreaming already
of the life within life,
writing plays and poems,
clumsy beyond description
when I arrived at Central Grammar School,
to a daily journey over the bridge,
learning about the universe of Gloucester
from my new friends,
learning art and history and language
from my new teachers.
What I will never forget
is the lesson I learned from the kind eighth grade girls
on the playground.
In elementary school, I fell down everyday at recess,
playing jump rope, trying to jump in.
My new friends at Central Grammar
taught me to look up,
to wait until the rope swung high,
to wait for the thin shimmering line
to reach its highest arc,
to enter then
and begin to keep the rhythm.
And here I am today.
The school has become a residence for the elders
and, once again,
I am learning to jump in


Reminder- kids poetry contest is closing soon. Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Libraray childrens services Poetry Without Paper 2018 contest And send them to the Mayor’s office– she promises to read them!

2017 Call for Applications for Gloucester’s 5th POET LAUREATE is OPEN!


Links for: 2017 Poet Laureate application (digital format) or 2017 Poet Laureate application (PDF format submit 5 copies).

The City of Gloucester’s Committee for the Arts announces the release of the 2017 Call for Applications for the four year position of Gloucester Poet Laureate. 

The position of Gloucester Poet Laureate is dedicated to building community through poetry and encouraging a love of poetry among people of all ages.  The position was most recently held by the late Peter Todd, appointed in 2014.  During Peter’s time as Poet Laureate, he generously shared his talents with his beloved City of Gloucester. 

Under City Ordinance, the process to select the Poet Laureate is administered by the Committee for the Arts and will involve a Selection Panel including representatives from the local literary community thanks to Eastern Point Lit House and The Gloucester Writers Center.  A recommendation from the Selection Panel will be forwarded to the Committee for the Arts for review and then forwarded on to the Mayor for nomination, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

The Call for Applications is available for download at the Committee for the Arts page on the City website: http://gloucester-ma.gov/index.aspx?nid=102.  Copies also are available at the Sawyer Free Library, the City of Gloucester Mayor’s Office, Eastern Point Lit House, the Gloucester Writer’s Center, and other locales.  Applications must be submitted by 12 pm on Friday, June 9th , 2017. Contact Judith Hoglander, Committee for the Arts with any questions.

gloucester CFTA City Hall WPA mural


New Gloucester Poet Laureate!

We have special inside info! Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson has been officially recognized as the Gloucester Poet Laureate! A hearty congratulations to her and to us! We are looking forward to getting updates as to the poetic movement and happenings in Gloucester!

“Joey! I am honored to be a part of Good Morning Gloucester today. I absolutely love it and read it every night. Thank you! My poet laureate-ness was made official at the last council meeting. I hope that we can do some collaborating…


Excerpt From Water Over Stones
…I hear the haul
of water
over a hundred thousand stones…

Check out more of her poetry here…

Check out her book, Traveling to You by Folly Cove Books at the Gloucester Public Library here…

or pick up a copy at one of our fine Gloucester bookstores…

“May you slip a little, drift a little, swim way out…”

As you pass through
the seasons of yourself…
May you slip a little,
drift a little,
swim way out,
lose yourself occasionally
in the fragrance
and the fire,
be a little blown away,
be a little certain,
find the hearth that waits for you
in every kind of weather.

Congratulations to Ruthanne Collinson,
leading contender for Poet Laureate of Gloucester!
Ruthanne (Rufus) Collinson is the leading contender to succeed John Ronan as the city’s next poet laureate with approval by the Committee for the Art’s Poet Laureate Selection Panel.

She has worked as a journalist, photographer, bookkeeper and turkey farmer. Her poems have appeared in various journals for the field of experiential education. Two books of her poetry have been published by Folly Cove Books, Turning the Stones (1997) and Traveling to You (2008). Rufus is currently Manager of Communications for Project Adventure and lives in Gloucester. Read more of her poetry…