If You Couldn’t Go Another Second Without a Coffee, Which Line Would You Get Into?

I was traveling from Boston to Las Vegas the other day and passed on a coffee at 6:30 a.m. when leaving “the island” because I wanted to savor a large hot coffee while sitting at the airport.

This is what I found waiting for me when we finally checked in, checked our bags, cleared security, and found our gate.

Such a bummer.

Which line would you get in if you were about to depart for a cross-county flight and hadn’t had a coffee yet?



5 thoughts on “If You Couldn’t Go Another Second Without a Coffee, Which Line Would You Get Into?

  1. My husband and I went to the Dunkin Donuts drive-through by the Gloucester train station over the weekend. While we expected a longer wait than if we had gone inside, this time it bordered on ridiculous. We ordered a small Macchiato and a small Snickerdoodle Latte. Despite there only being 2 cars ahead of us, we waited at least 15 minutes before we were able to pull up to the window. There were three people working and while we waited for 5 minutes for our order to be completed, we watched as one of them spent time on their cell phone and two of them hitting each other in a modified version of tag. We finally got our coffees and pulled away from the window only to find that the order was completely wrong. I have yet to find a Dunkin Donuts that provides the same superior service as Starbucks and will choose Starbucks every time.


  2. I’ve stood in line at that Dunks many times. Refreshing my Facebook and IG feed over and over and over and texting anyone who’s awake (Joe). A few months ago, I stood behind the entire Holy Cross men’s soccer team for a medium ice French vanilla. Problem is, you can’t bring liquids through security so forget about stopping before and I hate Starbucks. But come on Boston, one small dunks in each terminal….in Boston…home of Dunks. Totally unacceptable. Not to mention the slow as you know what employees that work there. A few weeks back, heading to Vallarta, I had the best iced coffee I’ve had at dunks with the best service…in Dallas. Go figure.
    Rant over.

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  3. See, you’re doing it wrong. Find the place where coffee orders, when completed, are put up on the counter. Swoop in and grab one and run. You may get something you like, or you may not. But it will be faster than standing in line, and you’ll get some exercise as you escape.


  4. Stop at Cape Ann Coffee before you leave. Then the money stays on this side of the bridge.

    I like D&D coffee but only when I make it at home. They don’t put enough coffee in their coffee when they make it in their shops. (probably the “bean counters”)…(I crack myself up)

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