Summer’s simple pleasures: beach towels on railings, sand rinse foot baths on Long Beach, paper lanterns, beach games, and cloud rolls

Description- Late summer photos. Series around town. Gloucester and Rockport. Good Harbor Beach and Long Beach. Aug-September 2022. Simple pleasures of summer: beach towels on railings hung out to dry; sand rinse foot baths at Long Beach cottages; beach games; paper lanterns; clouds

Beach towels on the railings hung out to dry

Sand rinse foot bath tubs on Long Beach cottages

Beach games – volleyball, beach baseball

Cloud roll

Paper Lanterns

downtown tree in Dock Square and for the playhouse too

Thank You, Santa!

In Rockport, Santa comes to town twice.  He comes once, by lobster boat in early December, to help light the town Christmas Tree.  He comes back Christmas morning, after a very long night, so that the town’s children can say “thank you” for bringing Christmas into their homes.


Rockport: Bearskin Neck, Dock Square and on up the hill for those last minute Christmas Presents.

There were carolers this weekend but most of the stores I hit were going to be open all the way to Christmas Eve. So that pair of earrings or feather boa, salad bowl, or nutcracker, or that weird gift, the big stone thing to put in the garden and put a candle inside.

Bearskin Neck is a must but make sure you make it all the way down main street because there are gold mines of goodies all through town.


The best part is easy in and out. Rockport meters are all covered and plenty of street parking available.

The little drummer boy said barampuh bu bum.

Nichole’s “Family Picks of the Weekend” for December 6th and 7th

Pick #1

This event has already received some press here on GMG and I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of weeks.  

The Beauport Princess will welcome Santa aboard on Saturday (twice)!

Reserve ASAP for the evening Santa Cruise to enjoy cocoa, cookies, a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, partying with some elves, and of course schmoozing with the big guy Himself!  The afternoon cruise has already sold out, so if you’re interested in sailing with Santa, book now for the 6:00-7:30 pm trip.

Beauport Princess

Pick #2

Because we call Rockport home, we’ve yet to miss Santa’s arrival into Rockport Harbor.  Each year it is a big day in our household and I’m guessing that, years from now, it’ll be one of those days that our boys treasure from their book of childhood memories.

Santa is scheduled to arrive on Rockport’s T-Wharf at 3:45….by lobster boat, of course.  Santa is always escorted into the harbor by the Rockport Harbor Masters, as well as, the Coast Guard.  You can never be too safe when it comes to the Big Guy after all.

Once disembarking the boat and climbing the ladder up towards Motif #1, Santa will hitch a ride on one of Rockport’s Forest Fire Trucks to Dock Square for some caroling and the lighting of Rockport’s Christmas Tree.  The tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to get under way at 4:00 p.m.

Dressing warmly and packing a thermos are never bad ideas 😉

Read more here




Pick #3

In my humble opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with a trip to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary….and this weekend is no exception!

Saturday’s programing includes “Gifts from Nature” for 4-12 year olds @ 10:00 a.m. and “Map and Compass Treasure Hunt” @ 2:00 p.m. for ages 7 and up!

On Sunday, from 1:30-3:00, you can join a “Sense of Wonder Walk: Nuts about Squirrels” for ages 3 and up!  Come on….how can you resist that?

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Program Catalog 

Pick #4

Get your laugh on!  The Improv Asylum in Boston’s North End will be home to “No Rest for the Wicked Funny” again this year.  The event is 24 straight hours of comedy to benefit Globe Santa.  While 23 hours of the event is not child friendly (and, really, who would want it to be!!!), the 10:00 a.m time slot on Saturday, December 6th is!

Family Time! Children 13 and under can improvise with The 24 hour cast for some family friendly fun. (Kids get in free)”

So, if you have a child who loves the limelight or who is outgoing and funny, this may be just the ticket to let them shine!  And…it is for a great charity.

You can read more about the entire event here

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 7.57.23 PM


Rockport’s Harvestfest is Almost Here!!!

Check it out: Rockport’s Harvestfest has it all: fantastic local food & drink. Live music. Activities for families. A Seafood Throwdown…

But wait! There’s more! A Doggy Parade sponsored by Cape Ann Animal Aid, a contra dance in Dock Square sponsored by Cape Ann Contra Dance, the Scarecrow Chase — the annual Harvestfest costume parade for children, the Make-Your-Own-Instrument event sponsored by Rockport Music…I could go on and on…Click HERE for the Schedule of Events.

Put it on your calendar! Rockport Harvestfest on October 19th, 2013!!!!

2013HFposter 2

Santa in a Lobster Boat! Rockport December 1

Thanksgiving is still two days away but we have to get ready for Santa’s arrival now because it will be the earliest in history! Rockport will be visited on Saturday, December 1st by Santa Claus! That is only eleven days away. Dock Square today was adorned with the most perfect Christmas Tree ever. The little Christmas trees up and down the street are already up. Rubber Duck and I have our Santa hats all dry cleaned. Are you ready?

Last year’s lighting:

Please Welcome New Store To Dock Square–Stone Angel

Mention GMG when you visit Stone Angel Boutique and enjoy a 15% discount on your total purchase!

Stone Angel Boutique

6 Dock Square

Rockport, MA 01966


Open Daily 10am to 5pm

Stone Angel Boutique offers an array of stylishly eclectic home accents to satisfy the needs of every creative decorator. Our unique products include items designed with wood, metal, glass, wrought iron, ceramic, canvas, and resin. Most of our products are of a rich, rustic, weathered hue that is sure to add grace, charm and personality to every environment.

Mention GMG when you visit us and enjoy a 15% discount on your total purchase.

(Now through Christmas)

Many Blessings, Pam Orlando

Dock Square Yesterday and Today

Cape Hedge of SandyBayDay (just “hedge” here I believe) posted an old photo, possibly circa 1963 of Dock Square back in January. Last weekend I took the same photo. Surprising how little Dock Square has changed. But then, not really. I grew up on the other Cape. When I visit Falmouth I am not so peasantly surprised as to how much has been built. I love Cape Ann because although a lot has been rejuvenated it seems like no one has forgotten why it is a special place.

Almost 50 years and a roofline or two has dormered out and the cars have seat belts. Not sure about that telephone pole …

Send me your old photo and I will retake the shot today.

Where Zat Answer-

DSC_1372 [640x480]

Whoa! Everyone got it right! Paul, humble as he is :),identified it first. Are you accepting the prize, Paul??

Here’s what people said-

capeannpainter:”Rockport Harbor either that or Lanes Cove. ;]”

Robert Blazewicz: “Location: Rockport, boat launch off of Mt Pleasent St, between T Wharf and Bearskin Neck looking toward Bearskin Neck and one of my grandparent’s Rockport residences, the squat one.” (Hey, this must be Jessica’s dad!)

capeannpainter: “I know where it is but I Ain’t saying.
It’s not Lane’s Cove. And it’s not in Gloucester.
Sharon will yell at me for winning another prize.”

Jade: “Is this in the little cove off of Bearskin Neck?”

Kelly Howard:”Hi! I know the location of “Where’s Zat” #30.
It is Rockport Harbor, along Bearskin Neck.”

Hedgie:”Dock Square Boat Ramp in Rockport looking toward Bearskin Neck.
Recognized Sharon watching the parade near Dock Square as we were marching by. Thanks for supporting Rockport!”

Dana:”That looks like a view from Rockport boat ramp at Dock Square looking toward Bearskin Neck”

Well that was fun! See you next week! —Sharon