Students Set Sail Aboard SCHOONER ROSEWAY for Southern Waters

World Ocean School, in partnership with Proctor Academy, will depart Gloucester on Thursday with twenty-one students bound for nine-weeks of education at sea.


It’s year number two of a partnership between New Hampshire’s Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom and the Boston-based World Ocean School. On Thursday, after schooner Roseway will board twenty-one high school students at Maritime Gloucester to begin a nine-week expedition culminating in San Juan, Puerto Rico late November.

Juniors and seniors from Proctor will step aboard Roseway prepared for a fall semester of nautical history, maritime literature, marine sciences and navigational mathematics all underway. Along the journey down the eastern seaboard and into the Caribbean, Roseway will make port stops where students will engage in community service projects. Students will practice “ship, shipmate, self” as they face and overcome numerous challenges.

Not only does the revenue from this partnership fuel World Ocean School programs for underserved populations throughout the rest of the year, but it connects Roseway with a school that is renowned for its commitment to experiential education for students of all backgrounds, fostering a collaborative and productive community.

“As a mission-driven organization that believes strongly in effective community-building, we are thrilled to be working with Proctor”, says Abby Kidder, President of the World Ocean School. “We have a lot to learn from them and at the same time, a lot to share from our own experience with education at sea.”

To follow the students’ experiences at sea, keep an eye on Roseway’s Ship’s Log


Thank you!

World Ocean School Aboard Roseway

PO Box 51091

Boston, MA 02205




Schooner Green Dragon Gloucester Schooner Festival Al Bezanson ©Kim Smith 2015Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon Schooner is in the foreground with the Schooners Mystic and Roseway in the background. Click to view larger. I’ve been too swamped and neglected to post Schooner Fest photos and will try to schedule this weekend although there have been so many gorgeous photos posted, more may be redundant.


Today is the 123rd anniversary of James Merry’s unfortunate encounter with a neighbor’s bull, Jack. It is recounted in Charles Olson’s renowned poem and is permanently memorialized in Dogtown, where it all occurred.

Thanks to Paul Morrison for the reminder.


Charles Olson

Originally posted October 18, 2010

Reception: This Sunday at North Shore Arts Association

“Artists Greats” Exhibition

North Shore Arts Association celebrates its “Year of The Artist” with a spectacular and historic ‘best of the best’ “Artists’ Greats” artist member exhibition with Opening Day on Thursday, September 3rd. ‘Meet the Artists Reception’, Sunday, September 20, 2-4 pm. Show runs through September 26th. Open free to the public.

Phyllis Feld Solo Show “The Way of the Landscape”

NORTH SHORE ARTS ASSOCIATION presents one of Cape Ann’s extraordinary landscape artists, Phyllis Feld, in her exciting new Solo Show, “The Way of Space in The Landscape.”  Opening day is September 3, and the show runs through September 26.  All are invited to a “Meet the Artist Reception” on Sunday, September 20, 2-4 pm.  Free and open to the public.

Members Retrospective

NORTH SHORE ARTS ASSOCIATION ARTIST MEMBERS’ RETROSPECTIVE.  OVER 200 MASTERWORKS ON EXHIBIT!  All are invited to a “MEET THE ARTISTS” RECEPTION on Sunday, September 20, 2 – 4pm, at the North Shore Arts Association’s stunning harbor side galleries on Smith’s Cove in East Gloucester.  North Shore Arts Association’s Artist Members have selected the work that best reflects their evolution as artists, and which they consider representative of their best work.  Considered Masterworks, many pieces have won awards from the most highly regarded and prestigious national art societies and academies like the National Academy of Design and the American Watercolor Society, and have never before been shown together.  This special exhibition runs through Saturday, October 10th.  OPEN FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Rockport artist John Terelak Solo Show

North Shore Arts Association is honored to offer the work of internationally acclaimed Rockport artist John C. Terelak in a stunning solo show of his masterworks.  Entitled “50 Years at The Easel,” the exhibit’s Opening Day is September 3rd and runs through September 26th.  “Meet The Artist Reception” is Sunday, September 20, 2-4 pm.  All are invited.  Free and open to the public.

John C. Terelak in his studio
John C. Terelak

“Painting is a personal love affair!” declares Cape Ann’s own John C. Terelak.   His love affair with painting began when, working at his easel during his last year of art study at Vesper George school in Boston, Terelak experienced a moment of  epiphany.  “In that one moment I knew I would make painting my life’s work.”  After completing his studies he was invited in 1963 to study on Cape Ann with revered artist and teacher Don Stone, and never left what he describes as “an artist’s paradise.”

The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m. More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting  their website at, and by email at, or by telephone 978 283-1857.

Perfect Weather for tomorrow’s HARVEST MOON MUSIC FESTIVAL (SAT 11-5:30)

Bring blankets and chairs and enjoy a day in the sun filled with music, dancing, art, food and drink! (Cape Ann Brewery Beer Garden and Ryan & Wood Distillery Spirits Tent!)
Tickets for Police, Fire, active service and veterans are free!  See lineup here. Tix here.


Oil Paintings by the Late Paul Frontiero for Sale through the Week

Oil Paintings by the Late Paul Frontiero for Sale through next Week

Sizes range from; 5″x7″, 9″x12″, 16″x20″ and up.

Price’s start at $75.00

Email for an appointment at

Some Examples Below

Helping eliminating plastic

FOB Henry Allen submits another way to eliminate using plastic water bottles.


Dearest Community,

One of our beloved and very generous theatre moms very kindly offered to purchase a butt load of bottled water for the cast for the wetting of our whistles during rehearsals. While I do feel it is necessary for us all to stay well-hydrated, I’ve lost much sleep over the issue of plastic bottle waste in Gloucester and Cape Ann. Here is my concern and what I have decided to do about it.

I am greatly disturbed by the amount of plastic bottle trash we Americans generate and accumulate at work, school and at home, not to mention the refuse we see in our beloved oceans, beaches and forests. Last summer, the theatre kids counted no less than 40 pieces of plastic trash in the water as we walked down the boulevard toward Stage Fort Park… and that was BEFORE we even reached the Fisherman at the Wheel! Much of it plastic bottles. Oy…

So I am OFFICIALLY forthwith, BANNING bottled water from the theatre forever. The Magnolia Library has a bubbler in the lobby, we have a sink upstairs, and plenty of washable cups. I am on a mission to vastly reduce or even eliminate as much waste as possible in this company.

That said, I have also decided to invest in durable stainless steel water bottles with our beautiful triple spiral logo to sell as a benefit for the theatre. For a $20 donation, you will receive an elegant, 26oz, BPA and aluminum free, environmentally-friendly bottle. They are available now at the Magnolia Farmer’s Market, and at the Magnolia Library.

Yes, I know eliminating plastic water bottles is a pain in the tush, but here is the deal. I’ve done my homework, and bottled water is just bad news all around, and that is the truth.

The good news is that Gloucester’s tap water quality is likely not as bad as it might seem (or taste). There have been major improvements and upgrades to Gloucester’s water system in the last couple years, and the most recent report states in bold that “Gloucester’s water supply is currently in compliance with all federal and state primary drinking water standards.”

Thank your for understanding. I believe that once we make quitting plastic bottles a regular practice, it might cause us all to think a little more deeply about the issue, about our beautiful Cape Ann’s natural beauty and animal habitats. Teach your children well.

The North Shore Folklore Theatre Company hopes to become a model in our community that other organizations will want to follow.

Thanks for hearing me out, folks. Let me know if you want to order the NSFTC Bottle of Steel and how many you’d like. (Great holiday stocking stuffer!)

This video is a great overview on the issue. I checked the facts personally and they are all true. Wouldn’t it be amazing for your kids to someday tell their grandchildren stories about the Ghosts of Plastic? I think it would. Viva!

More info about the NSFTC Bottle of Steel and upcoming shows and events at:


September 14, 2015 Water bottle





September 18 Meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club


The September GAAC meeting will be this week, on the 18th, not the second Friday as is usual. In October we will be returning to our regular meeting schedule.

In the sort of colorful and engrossing presentation we’ve come to expect from Gary Meehan, at our September 18 GAAC meeting Gary will discuss his ongoing efforts to image the solar system. He will explain the equipment he uses in some detail, and will run through some of the issues that need to be considered in order to obtain the best results. 

Gary’s presentation is, of course, loaded with images, especially his new pictures of the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. And those of you who want to give it a try are in luck: in addition to leading us on a tour through his recent astrophotos, Gary will also demonstrate the series of procedures that he uses to convert video data into a final image product. 

And there’s more! At this meeting we’ll be celebrating what looks to be the upcoming decision to replace Gloucester’s streetlights with lower color temperature 3000k astronomy-friendly LED’s, and we’ll be thanking the principles involved in advocating for this decision. There will be cake.

The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets on the second Friday of the month (usually), at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street in Lanesville. Everything is always free. For more info, see, and see our Facebook page at You can follow GAAC on twitter, @gaacster.

    GHS Football Team -Thursday Night Dinner


    Gloucester High School Football Team enjoys a Thursday Night Dinner at one of the parents home every week.

    This week Gloucester Hosts Beverly High Friday Night